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The Conduit
Edition # 9
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 Upcoming Meetings
Board Meeting & Strategic Planning Session
May 4, 2016 
ECAS Office 
1275 Albert st.
Regina, SK 

 All members  are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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2016 Board of Directors
Congratulations and welcome to the 2016 ECAS Board of Directors. Thank you for the time, energy and dedication you devote to our association and on behalf of the industry. 
Allan Gibb President Amtech Electric Saskatoon
Come Prefontaine Vice President Alliance Energy Regina
Randy Lovegrove Vice President
Aim Electric Saskatoon
Barry Iles Vice President
Iles Electric Regina
Ken Pickering Director Globe-Elite Electric Regina
Garnet Connolly Director
Triad Power Saskatoon
Glen Gerow Director
Humboldt Electric Saskatoon
Brent Timmerman Director
Tech Electric Saskatoon
Wes Saworski Director
Concept Electric Saskatoon
Rob Istace Director
Alliance Energy
Joe Mignon Past President Joe's Electric Regina

ECAS Members receive recognition
Congratulations to the following member companies and individuals 
who have been recognized for their achievements.  Please inform our       office of other awards/recognitions or major contributions your 
company is involved with so we can feature your company/business in a   future newsletters.  

  Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trades Commission  Fall Awards

Employer Award
Outstanding Employer Award, Over 50 Employees - Alliance Energy     Ltd. Regina
Journeyperson Award
Wendy Davis Memorial Scholarship - Taya Richardson,  Concept Electric Ltd.
Saskatoon Electrical Contractors Association
Keenan Kohut, Saskatoon, 4th year
Jordan Goldade, Saskatoon, 1st year


Outstanding Instructor Award 
Blake Gustilov, Construction Electrician Instructor at Saskatchewan       Polytechnic, Regina Campus
Saskatchewan Safety Association AGM Awards

Safety Practitioner Award
Brian Hilderman RH Electric Yorkton 

Corporate Leadership in Safety
Colin & Jason Hrywkiw RH Electric Yorkton 

Membership Drive 2016
Our 2016 membership renewal and new member program is now complete.  We are once again experiencing significant growth, a reflection of the interest in our association and the desire to be more actively involved in the welfare of the industry.  Welcome to the following new members:  
A.C. Dandy Products Ltd.  Wetaskiwin supplier
Age of Electric Ltd. Sasktoon contractor
All-Brite Electric Co. Ltd. Saskatoon contractor
Aspen Electrical Services Ltd. Regina contractor
Beam Electric Ltd. Carnduff contractor
Black & McDonald Ltd. Saskatoon contractor
Choice Electrical Supply Regina supplier
CL Electric Ltd. Saskatoon contractor
Coeus Electric & Controls Ltd. Moose Jaw  contractor
Construction Fasteners & Tools Ltd. Saskatoon supplier
Eaton Industries (Canada) Saskatoon supplier
Gould's Electric Ltd. Assiniboia contractor
Graham Industrial Services LP Regina contractor
Impact Energy Services Ltd. Rosetown contractor
Jebco Agencies Saskatoon supplier
MAA Infosys Inc. Saskatoon supplier
Mid City Electric  LaRonge contractor
MW Construction and Electrical Inc. Brandon contractor
Ouellet Electric Heating Winnipeg supplier
PCL Intracon Power Inc. Edmonton contractor
Pentec Energy Ltd. Saskatoon contractor
Pro1 Services Saskatoon contractor
Sabtronic Systems Inc. Saskatoon contractor
Sask Oppotunites Corporation Saskatoon affiliate
Team Power Solutions Saskatoon supplier
2015 AGM

The Board of Directors held the 2015 AGM on February 23, 2016  in Saskatoon. Thank you to Glen Gerow and Humboldt Electric for hosting the event at their beautiful new office/board room.   Minutes of the meeting and year end financials are posted on the ECAS website members only section.  
ECAS Scholarship Recipients
The Board approved two scholarships for current apprentices employed by member companies, one each for a third and fourth year apprentice. The scholarships are $500 each and will include a $500 Klein Tool credit, compliments of Jim Modjeski at Titan Marketing.  The scholarships were awarded to apprentices who have achieved a very high standard in their course work and testing. Congratulations to the following indivduals and member companies:

Level 3
Evan Kernohan -- Asiil Enterprises Prince Albert

Pictured left to right Clayton Clark (owner),  Evan Kernohan,  Ryan Court (owner)

Level 4
Monty Scherr -- Jet Electric (2014) Ltd. Saskatoon

Pictured left to right Clint Hounjet (owner), Monty Scherr, Shaun Timmerman (owner)

The 2016 awards will be presented at the annual SATCC Awards dinner in October.  
Affinity Program
For complete details on any of these programs go to: and click on the Activities tab then Affinity.

ECAS members are eligible to take advantage of our business client discounts:
*   30% discount off the current retail price of all cellular hardware accessories (or at cost if discount is below cost)
*   10% off speakers, boosters and headsets (or at cost if discount is below cost)
*    $20 discount on Comerco handset protection program for coverage against physical or liquid damage
*  $10 discount on AppleCare+ handset protection plan
SIM cards will be provided free of charge ($10 value)
*  No charge Service Fees ($25 value)
*   No charge for same day delivery within  cities where we have retail locations
Please note that your company could qualify to be considered for additional benefits on your SaskTel Monthly Plans. Please contact Whitney Lupastin @ 306.529.5135 or for details and an account analysis.

Image Wear, a division of Marks, offers 10% on a variety of clothing items including: work wear, gloves, and CSA approved footwear.  All company employees are eligible for the program.  To qualify contact the ECAS office to request employee cards .  

Factory Optical
We are pleased to announce the addition of ECAS to our growing list of safety corporate clients effective March 2016.
The program works as follows:
  • ECAS members come in and announce their affiliation with the association then they have options to use their second pair as safety glasses, receive discounts if only purchasing safety glasses and receive an additional 5% on all dress eyewear. 
For more information click here

Saskatchewan Hotel Group
Atlific Hotels

When booking your reservation indicate you are an ECAS member. 

Sask Power Offering Code Renewal Seminars

Following Bulletin 02-2015, Sask Power will be hosting  public code renewal sessions throughout the province.  These sessions will review the changes to the Canadian Electrical Code, the 2015 Saskatchewan Interpretations and the Saskatchewan Electrical Regulations.  For a complete list of dates, times and locations   click here.

Minister Approves Code Updates
Following letters of support  from our office, we were informed on February 3, 2016 that Minister Boyd approved the amendments to the regulations under The Electrical Inspection Act, 1993.
He approved the proposal to replace several existing regulations under the Act with a new comprehensive regulation, The Electrical Code Regulations, which will adopt in force the 2015 edition of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1, the 2011 M421 Use of Electricity in Mines Standard, and the Sask Power published Code for Electrical Installation at Oil and Gas Facilities Fourth Edition, 2015.  The changes are in effect and will be enforced by inspections on June 1, 2016.
Member Benefit Plan 

Aurora Financial Services has developed a Health and Dental program unique to ECAS members.  ECAS members can custom tailor the program to suit the needs of your employees and company.  The plan incudes: short or long term disability, various levels of prescription drug coverage and vison.  The plan features preferred pricing exclusive to ECAS members.  Participation in the plan also helps support ECAS value added initiatives to you its members.  For full details click here, go to: and click on the Activities tab then Benefits or contact:
Collin Willms
Aurora Financial Solutions
306.649.4000 EX 105

Electrical Liaison Committee Report
The Electrical Liaison Committee will host our Spring meeting on April 12, 2016.  Topics on the agenda will include:
-Sask Power CLI program
-Preferred Contractors Status with Inspections 
-Apprenticeship Harmonization
-Code renewal seminars
-Member issues
-consistency of inspections interpretations across the province
-home owner permits
-volume of site inspections
-out of province contractors 5% PST bond
ECAS meets quarterly with the Inspections Branch of Sask Power,  Licensing (Building Standards Department Ministry of Government  Relations), Association of Contracting Engineers and Apprenticeship.  
ECAS members represent you to address 
concerns, legislative policy, practices  or interpretations that affect contractors.  
If you have items, concerns or ideas for the committee, please forward to our office. We will add them to future agendas and report back directly to the sender and via the newsletter to all members.   Complete minutes from  all meetings are posted on our website (members only section).
Local Associations News
ECAS staff have been meeting with the local associations (Saskatoon and Regina) to discuss and plan for ways to better communicate and facilitate operational and governance models to meet the mandate and current ECAS bylaws.  Any changes will require board approval at all levels and will be communicated to the respective memberships.  

SECA will be hosting their annual golf tournament May 26th at Moon Lake Golf & Country Club.  For information or registration contact Jessica:
Canadian Electrical Contractors Association (CECA)  Report
As a member of ECAS you are automatically entitled to membership with CECA. You can access the members' only section on their website for publications, conference information or training opportunities.  To register call 1.800.387.3226 x 315 and they will set you up with a login and password. If you have any trouble getting set up please call us. We are working with them to ensure this is an easy process. Also, as a registered member you should be receiving regular updates and newsletters from CECA via email. 

Below are a few excerpts from the current newsletter.  For complete stories and much more  click here:  Current CECA Newsletter

February 14, 2016 

Electro-Federation Canada is conducting a study on the future needs and opportunities of Canadian electrical contractors. The results from this survey will be used to develop an industry report and will be made available to Canadian electrical manufacturers and distributors - and to all survey participants.
All answers will be kept strictly confidential unless you provide explicit permission for use. The survey is brief and will only take 10 minutes to complete.

Submit your survey responses today for your chance to win an Apple Watch®
Thank you in advance for your time and input. If you have questions,  contact the CECA office 1.800.387.3226.

Board Strategic Planning Session 
Spring Board Meeting and Strategic Planning Session
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
9:30-12:00 BOD meeting
1:00-4:00 Strategic Planning Session
ECAS Office
1275 Albert Street 

In order to effectively plan for the future of the association and to respond to the evolving needs of the membership, the Board will be hosting a strategic planning session on May 4, 2016. If you have ideas or thoughts you want to have included, please contact any member of the board or the ECAS staff.  If you are interested in attending either the BOD meeting or the session, please inform Howard Jesse and request a meeting package.  
Executive Director's Report 
2016 will be an important year for our organization to solidify the ECAS infrastructure and communicate our services and programs to members. The synergy and independence that our Association has created in the past few years has put us is in a much better position to grow and establish ECA of Saskatchewan as the voice of the electrical industry.

Office Space
  • Independent office space at 1275 Albert Street at the Regina Trades and Skills Centre
  • Potential to host training programs and industry events
  • Opportunities in Saskatoon at the Saskatoon Trades and Skills Center and Gordie Howe Bowl
Bylaw Renewal (completed)
  • Re-write the section on Branch Associations
  • Determine our working relationship with the local associations in Saskatchewan
  • Maintained and updated
  • Assured all members have their log in information
  • Liaison with and maintain member's status for CECA
  • Establish a position on Canadian Electrical Installations Standards (CEIS)
  • Published a quarterly newsletter for better communication with members
Management Contracts
  • Contracts are secured with staff to January 2018
Social Networking
  • Hosting a major networking event by delivering a golf tournament in Regina on August 17th.  
  • Advocated with the government on behalf of contractors to expedite the acceptance of the new Canadian Electrical Code - Minister Boyd approved the new code for Saskatchewan in March
  • Advocated with the government to pursue the Priority Saskatchewan Initiative
  • Advocated changes to the Commercial Lighting Program to provide less administration for contractors utilizing the Program
  • Advocated for Prompt Payment Legislation with SCA advocacy committee
Branch Associations
  • Attend and present at local electrical associations meetings and social event
  • Reviewing current relationship to better serve both assocations
  • The Board and staff have actively participated on 6 industry committees including:
  • Saskatchewan Electrical Liaison Committee
  •  Saskatchewan Construction Association Advisory     Council Saskatchewan Bid Depository (SBDI)
  • Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission
  • Canadian Electrical Contractors Association
  • Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association
  • Membership on the Boards of Saskatoon and Regina Trades and Skills Centers
  • Appointment as Chair of the Regina District Industry Education Council
Electrical Liaison Committee
  • Working with the Electrical Liaison Committee to further the concept of preferred contractor status and mandatory code renewal in Saskatchewan
  • Advocate and prevent the further erosion of the scope of the electrical trade
  • Quality of Construction Documents
  • Plans review and Pre-Inspection of construction documents
  • Apprenticeship Harmonization of electrical apprenticeship programs in Canada
Affinity Program
  • Marriot Hotels
  • Mark's 
  • Factory Optical/Safety Glasses
Membership Promotion
  • Annual mail out to over 1100 contractors
Health and Benefit Program - Aurora
  • ECA of Sask., Health and Benefit program was launched in partnership with Aurora Financial.
Training and Education
  • Code renewal seminars to be hosted in Regina (May 3) and Saskatoon (May 6)
  • On line arc flash training program (summer)
Suppliers Event
  • Host a one-day trade show event to promote their products and increase the value of their membership
The work of our Board and management team during 2015 has resulted in a significant growth in membership:
  • 2012           38 members
  • 2013           52 members
  • 2014           77 members
  • 2015           116 members
  • 2016           129 members
As we move forward the Board and staff will continue the work at growing our membership, expanding our member services to include training programs, strengthening our committee work, completing the Bylaw renewal process and securing additional funding to meet our growth objectives. Most importantly we will be guiding and advocating for the efficient delivery of electrical services in the province in 2016.  
The true strength of our organization will depend on our ability to secure and maintain new and existing members. With additional strategies such as a sponsorship package, affinity program, benefits plan, training programs and initiatives to encourage suppliers to join the Association the Board feels that active measures have been put in place to achieve our membership goals.
Please use your influence to encourage other contractors to join the Association with a special emphasis on distributors, manufacturers agents and suppliers.   
Thank you for your past and future support of the Electrical Contracting industry in Saskatchewan. 

Doug Folk
TIN CUP Golf Tournament 2016
ECAS will be hosting the 2016 Second Annual TIN CUP Golf tournament on Wednesday, August 17th at the Murray GC in Regina. Last year we sold out so get your entries in early.  Bring clients, bring colleagues, bring friends for great prizes and great comradry!  Support your association.  Members: $150.00 per player Non Members: $165.00 per player.  For copy of the tournament entry form and details, click here