Volume III; issue i | July 2021
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Grant Opportunities
EDA invites applications for economic development grant opportunities
The U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) invites applicants to submit applications under its Public Works program and Economic Adjustment Assistance (EAA) programs. Through these programs, EDA invites applications to request grant assistance for clearly defined construction or non-construction assistance projects that will advance job creation, job retention and private investment or enhance economic development decision-making, respectfully. 
Through EDA’s grant programs construction may support the construction of new public assets or the renovation of existing public assets, which include but are not limited to water/sewer lines, tanks, systems, pumps; incubators; access roads; workforce training facilities; commercialization centers; port improvements; and other similar projects. EDA’s non-construction projects can support a wide array of activities, including highest and best use analysis, cluster and supply chain mapping studies, and regional technical assistance projects. Matching share funds are required and must be committed at the time of the project and for the same scope of work. For Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Programs the match is generally 50 percent, although communities may qualify for a higher grant rate. To learn more and to discuss potential projects, please contact Hillary Sherman at hsherman@eda.gov. To access the funding notice and application forms, please go to: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=321695.
National Endowment for the Humanities accepting applications under Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants
The National Endowment for the Humanities is accepting applications to strengthen the institutional base of the humanities by enabling infrastructure development and capacity building.  Applications are due May 18, 2021 and September 28, 2021.   To learn more, please go to: https://www.neh.gov/grants/preservation/infrastructure-and-capacity-building-challenge-grants
This three-morning online program will cover fundamental aspects of local government in North Carolina, including the legal structure of cities and counties, the general ordinance power of cities and counties, open meetings and public records, the budgeting process, public employment law, zoning regulations, local government contracting and conflicts of interest.

How do you influence others to join you in working on the issues you care about? Does your community face challenges that cannot be solved by any single organization? Do you struggle to listen to those with whom you disagree?  
Leading the Way to Board Excellence is designed to help you better understand yourself as a leader and provide you with tools to work more effectively with others towards a common goal. This unique four-part course is open to county commissioners, municipal elected officials, school board members and tribal council elected officials. 
Regional Happenings
The Area Agency on Aging Ombudsman Program is looking for volunteers to serve on our Community Advisory Committees (CACs).
Community Advisory Committee Volunteers-Who are we?
  • Advocates for residents who live in adult care homes and nursing homes
  • Appointed by the Board of County Commissioners
  • Trained and supported by the Ombudsman
  • Volunteer about eight hours per month
  • Make unannounced official visits to homes quarterly, make friendly visits, and activity visits
  • Have no conflict of interest such as have a family member in a facility, serve on the board, and/or employed by a facility
If you are interested in serving seniors in your community, please contact Colby Smith or Angelia Pridgen at 252-638-3185 to discuss membership on your local Community Advisory Committee!
Elder Abuse Awareness Events Across the Region

June 15th is designated as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. North Carolina recognizes from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day each year as Elder Abuse Awareness Month. Various events and education campaigns are held throughout the region during the months of May and June. The goal of the Elder Abuse Awareness Events is to educate the community on what constitutes Elder Abuse, how to prevent abuse, who to report allegations of abuse to, and to provide national and state statistics on abuse.

This year, ECC’s Katie Bordeaux, Carly Francis, and Angelia Pridgen participated in the Lenoir County Council on Aging’s Elder Abuse Awareness Walk on June 15th at Pearson Park. There was approximately 50+ people in attendance. Guest speakers included Jeff Harrison, Director of Lenoir County Department of Social Services and Chad Rouse, Lenoir County Commissioner who both discussed the impacts of Elder Abuse on our most vulnerable citizens and how to prevent, stop, and report abuse and exploitation. 

ECC/AAA staff then traveled to Greene County to attend the Elder Abuse Awareness event held at the Greene County Senior Center. Preston Craddock, Adult Services Supervisor with Greene DSS presented on elder abuse signs and symptoms as well as how to report suspected abuse and exploitation. Lenoir County Sheriff, Lemmie Smith, discussed SCAMS targeted at seniors and Sharon Harrison, Senior Center Director discussed Medicare fraud. Angelia Pridgen, ECC Regional Ombudsman spoke about visitations rights and the reopening of LTC facilities after COVID. There were approximately 30 participants.
Kim Baker, Colby Smith, and Angelia Pridgen attended the Wayne County Services on Aging Elder Abuse Awareness Symposium. Guest speakers included Detective Sgt. Kit Walston with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, Nina Williams with the Department of Social Services, and Ann McNellis Elmore with the NC Department of Secretary of State. Mr. Walston presented on cases of fraud, scams, and exploitation. He discussed what to look for, how to avoid scams, and who to report to. Ms. Williams presented on the types and signs of elder abuse, role of Adult Protective Services, and how to file a report. Ms. Wilmore discussed the tools to achieve what you want with investments, charities, cost savings and advance directives while avoiding problems and scams.
The Ombudsman Program ran an Elder Abuse Awareness commercial throughout the month of June. Click on the following link to view. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nu7q6pdxuljxnb8/EECOG%20These%20Hands%2030%20v2.mov?dl=0
If you or someone you know has experienced abuse, neglect, or exploitation, contact the Adult Protective Services at your local department of social services. You can also contact Eastern Carolina Council’s Ombudsman Program for assistance with reporting at 1-800-824-4648

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