November 18, 2019

Welcome to Construction Updates

Watch for this e-newsletter to provide periodic updates on progress, schedule changes and what’s happening next with the Edina Community Center construction project. It will be delivered via email to occupants of the ECC building: District Office, Community Ed, Early Learning, Enrollment, Normandale School, and ECC tenants. While there is nothing convenient about construction, we’ll try to keep our eyes on the prize — it’s going to be great when it’s done!
ECC up next for mechanical improvements

One of the goals of the district’s Long Term Facilities Maintenance plan is to improve all buildings to the same levels of indoor air quality, lighting, and temperature control, to provide learning and working conditions that is equitable district-wide. This work has been completed at all school sites and now it’s our turn!

The process for mechanical upgrades is invasive (involving work inside walls and ceilings) and extensive (including replacing all steam heat components and upgrading light fixtures). In addition, some remodeling construction will occur:

  • Space will be created for Community Education offices to relocate to third floor
  • First floor CES space renovated for some tenants and community organizations, providing easier public access 
  • Some third floor office spaces will be reconfigured to accommodate staffing changes
  • Board Room will be re-oriented for space efficiency and technology upgrades

The district has worked with construction partners Wold Architects and Kraus-Anderson Construction to strategize an approach to this complicated building. Given the size and number of programs happening in the ECC year-round, the work will be phased over a 22-month period. Plans continue to be refined and revised and will not be final until contractors are under contract and all are in agreement with the approach.

What we think we know...

At this point, the plan is for construction to begin on the east side of Third Floor. This will necessitate the relocation of the DO to temporary space on the north and west side. It is estimated that this relocation would last 4-6 months.

A specific move date has not been set. The plan, however, will be to move the minimum amount of furniture and files, only what you must have, to continue your work during the relocation time period. The rest will be labeled, stored and moved to your improved space upon completion of work on the east corridor. DMTS is working on a plan to ensure connectivity with little or no interruption.
No meeting space at ECC during construction

Beginning in December, all meeting rooms in the ECC will be “off line” for the duration of construction, through Summer 2021. Meeting rooms will be used to temporarily house offices and there will be limited additional parking due to construction vehicles and supplies. 
Read more about ECC construction project

The fall issue of the district’s print newsletter, Experience , features a story about the ECC construction project, geared toward community interest. The newsletter is mailed to every resident within school district boundaries and should be in homes before Thanksgiving.
Looking ahead

Here is a peek at a preliminary phasing plan for the ECC construction project.

  • Winter/Spring 2020 - Third Floor, east side
  • Spring/Summer 2020 - Third Floor, west side
  • Summer 2020 - First & Second Floors, east side
  • Fall/Winter 2020-21 - Locker room (closed after football season/open for 2021 season); Board Room/Third Floor, north side; Gymnasiums & Woodshop
  • Winter/Spring 2021 - First Floor (current CES space)
  • Summer 2021 - First & Second Floors, west side
Pre-construction staff meetings to be announced

Watch for a meeting invite to come a month or so before your phase of construction occurs. Those meetings will provide detailed information on your relocation move, timing, packing, labeling, etc. DO Staff will have a meeting in early December to cover this information. Early Learning and Normandale School/East Side will have pre-construction meetings in the spring.
Stay tuned...

The next issue of Construction Updates will come your way when there is more information to share! Please let us know if you received this email in error or if we missed someone. We will update the email list as needed throughout the construction process.