September 25th, 2023

Universal Preschool Colorado

With school in full swing many slots have been filled for the

23-24 school year valley wide! While there are not many slots still open with center-based providers, our home childcare providers still have availability! Families can contact

719-214-6202 or [email protected] for assistance in finding a provider for this year!

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PAT- Family Engagement

Family engagement is a collaborative and strengths-based process through which early childhood professionals, families, and children build positive and goal-oriented relationships. It is a shared responsibility of families and staff at all levels that requires mutual respect for the roles and strengths each has to offer. Family engagement focuses on culturally and linguistically responsive relationship-building with key family members in a child’s life. 

How to use positive language to improve your child's behavior

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Professional Development - Career opportunities and financial supports for you! 


High quality early childhood settings begin with well-trained and well-prepared educators. The Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance (ECCLA) currently offers several state-wide scholarship and grant opportunities for students who would like to earn a degree, certificate, or credential in early childhood education, and for home-based providers who are seeking funding to start up, expand, or maintain consistent operations for their family child care home facility:

  • ECCLA’s Back to Work Scholarship Program provides 1:1 career and college navigation and scholarship awards up to $2,500.00 that can be used for several different types of expenses (like books, supplies, child care, and more!)
  • ECCLA’s Concurrent Enrollment Scholarship is for high school students interested in earning college credits and experience in Early Childhood Education.
  • ECCLA’s Early Childhood Coach Credential Scholarship is available to help recipients complete the training requirements to earn a Colorado Coach Credential.
  • ECCLA’s Family Child Care Home Improvement Grant is available to help home-based providers start up, expand, or maintain consistent operations for their family child care home facility. 
  • ECCLA’s Rural R.U.N. Scholarship Program provides career counseling and tuition support to early childhood professionals in rural communities seeking to earn early childhood credentials like ERS®, CLASS®, National Director Credential, Coaching Credential, and any of the ECE College Certificates.
  • ECCLA’s T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Colorado Scholarship Program offers early childhood professionals a pathway to pursue higher education. 
  • ECCLA’s  Early Childhood Coach Credential Scholarship, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Early Childhood (CDEC), ECCLA offers a scholarship opportunity for early childhood professionals seeking an Early Childhood Coaching Credential. 

The Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance (ECCLA) is committed to the process of ensuring equity, dismantling systems of racism, and supporting young children, families, and early childhood professionals to have a voice as their true selves in our early childhood system. ECCLA’s Justice, Equity, and Belonging (JEB) Collaborative has created a Resource Collection that can support you in creating inclusive environments for children, families, and educators. We have resources created by ECCLA, resources for caregivers and educators, administrators and program leaders, and other community and state stakeholders, along with a list of Equity Trainings and Trainers. Check out ECCLA’s JEB page to see how you can create inclusive environments for children, families, and educators!

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Resource and Referral


The Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance has announced a new grant for Family Child Care Home Providers. The Family Child Care Home Facilities Improvement Grant. Below are the eligibility requirements.

  •  Must be a licensed home-based child care program.
  •  Funds must be used to serve children from birth to five years old.
  •  Funds must be utilized to address health, safety, or licensing issues through physical improvement to a facility’s learning environments or maintain or increase capacity.
  • Funds cannot be used for retirement of debt, salaries, or consultants and cannot be used as a reimbursement. If you complete the project before being awarded the grant, grant funds cannot be used as a reimbursement for the project.
  • Applications that request $2,500 or more must own the facility or provide a letter of landlord support.
  • The maximum amount requested is $5,000.
  • Applicant must complete all fields of application and submit all required supporting documentation including “before” photos.
  •  A child care program may receive only one FCCH Facilities Improvement Grant from ECCLA during a 12-month period.
  • Applicant must submit a six-month progress report and a 12-month completion report that includes “after” photos of the funded project.
  • Applicant must submit copies of at least two bids for the project. If your project does not require bids, you will need attached pictures of what you wish to purchase.
  • If opening a new family child care business, must be in the pre-licensing stage or completed pre-licensing.
  •  If application is not selected, the applicant may resubmit in the next round.

Click on the link to learn more on how you can start up, expand, or maintain your family child care home.

No-Cost Small Business Development Center Business Training

  • North Metro Denver SBDC is offering a few 6-week course designed to help child care providers (centers or homes) in the state of Colorado improve their business practices to both better serve their customers and promote their business sustainability with increased revenues. No prior business training required, all are welcome! The class will meet online via Zoom, and participants are also invited to meet online one-on-one with an SBDC business consultant during and after the course for specific and continued training and support. This course will be held from October 5- November 9 on Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Click on the link below to register.



  • East Colorado SBCD is hosting a 3-week online course for child care centers to learn strategies to successfully manage the operations, finances, and marketing of you business. The training series includes interactive group works, discussions with subject matter experts, and confidential one-on-one consulting with certified SBDC consultants. This free online course will be held from October 25- November 8 on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Click on the link below to register.

Child Care openings in Alamosa and Rio Grande Counties

Are you looking for childcare? Is your child over two years old? We have family child care home providers who want to hear from you! There are multiple spots available in Alamosa County as well as Rio Grande County. Please contact Amanda Atencio at [email protected] for more information.

Opportunities with deadlines


Colorado Shines Quality Improvement Funds


Colorado Shines Quality Improvement funds are now available for licensed childcare programs that are rated at a Colorado Shines Level 1 or higher. Quality Improvement funds are allocated based on program type (center or home-based), the number of classrooms and Colorado Shines quality rating level.

If you need additional information please contact Monique Bosch at [email protected]

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