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January 2020
In this issue of the ECE Source , we are pleased to feature an ECE perspective from Michigan’s ECE Chair, Mingyan Liu, and ECE Communicator, Catharine June. Our discipline is clearly on track for unleashing yet another step change in human lives, on a scale comparabl e to the printing press, electricity, the automobile, and the Internet, as described by Mingyan. As we go about transforming humanity, our discipline is set to reinvent itself yet again. This is a good time to ponder how this revolution should impact the ECE curriculum .

We look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting. The 2020 ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo will be held March 18 – 21, 2020 at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. Make sure to invite your ECE/College Communicator to also attend the popular ECE Communicators session!

ECE in the News
ECEDHA Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting Update
The 2019 Mid-Atlantic ECE department head meeting was hosted by the ECE department at Lafayette College on November 2nd. The meeting sta rted at 9 am with nine representatives from seven institutions in the mid-Atlantic region attended the meeting. During the morning sessions, the group shared ideas and strategies to recruit and retain a diverse group of faculty and students in their programs, to keep competitive levels of salary and startup package for new faculty, to support research grant applications, and to implement faculty annual performance assessment in their programs.

5G and ECE: Connecting the World
By: Mingyan Liu and Catharine June, Department of EECS, University of Michigan

5G, with its combination of ultra-low latency, high speed, high reliability, high capacity, and potential for ubiquitous use, will usher in a multitude of highly anticipated applications, while dramatically improving the functionality of existing wireless services. It is a technology built on the work of electrical and computer engineers, and reliant on ECE research to fulfill its promise.

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These modular kits can be customized by faculty or used ‘as is’ and cover key curricula subject areas:

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  • Internet of Things
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Conference Corner
Registration is Now Open for the
2020 ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECE xpo!

March 18-22, 2020 at the Renaissance SeaWorld
in Orlando, Florida
Registration is now open for the 2020 ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo, the largest gathering of ECE department heads, faculty members, lab professionals, communicators, students and leaders from industry.

Join us  March 18-22, 2020 at the  Renaissance SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.

This year's program is hosted by: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of Central Florida, University of Florida, and University of Miami.

The 2020 program committee has assembled a world-class educational program focusing on the most pressing issues facing academia and ECE today. This year's Conference and ECE xpo includes the following features:

  • A fantastic lineup of keynote and panel speakers from both academia and industry

  • Specialized workshops, including brand new workshops on Makerspaces, AI, and Quantum Computing

  • Sessions focusing on the future of ECE - including Next Generation Computing, Revolutionizing ECE Curricula, Flipped Classrooms, Robotics and Makerspaces

  • Ample networking time to connect with old friends and new acquaintances 

  • The ECExpo, with more than 40 industry leaders on hand to show the latest technologies in the field
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