July 2014
Letter from the Editor
Pritpal Singh, Villanova University
Dear ECEDHA Members, Industry Partners, and Colleagues,

Welcome to the July 2014 issue of the ECE Source. I hope that you are taking a little time to decompress during the summer and reflect on the past year as well as start planning for the new academic year.

I am pleased to serve as the editor for this issue of the ECE Source which is focused on the topic of Cybersecurity and builds on the well-attended breakout panel session held at the ECEDHA Annual Conference in March.

Current Views
Barry Sullivan
Barry Sullivan, ECEDHA
Break It Before You Make It


A couple articles selected for this issue's ECE in the News brought back memories of old radios and other household items in pieces on my father's workbench. These were not scenes of his attempts to extend the life of something likely beyond repair, although as an inveterate fix-it guy they might well have been my father's handiwork. Rather, they are memories of my mother's indulgence of her son's curiosity, as she would save worn-out appliances for me to take apart and discover their inner workings.


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Featured Articles
The Villanova Cybersecurity Graduate Program

By R. Perry, ECE, Villanova University
Villanova's Cybersecurity graduate program started in Spring 2000 with one course on Cryptography and Network Security, which has been offered every year since then and has always had high enrollments. A few years ago we added an Ethical Hacking course and a course on Cybersecurity Threats and Defense, which enabled us to offer a graduate certificate in cybersecurity, which required those three courses plus two non-security electives. More recently we added courses on Trusted Computing, and Security Risk Assessment and Management, and created a plan to phase in an additional six courses to form a comprehensive graduate program in cybersecurity.


University of Maryland's ACES Cyber Security Program

By Pamela R. Morse, Director of Communications, University of Maryland

As the first honors undergraduate program in cybersecurity in the United States, the University of Maryland's Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students (ACES) program is a unique multidisciplinary living and learning program within the University's Honors College. Launched in fall 2013 and catalyzed by a philanthropic commitment from Northrop Grumman, ACES is designed to educate future leaders in the field of cybersecurity through rigorous, hands-on learning experiences, an intensive interdisciplinary curriculum, collaborative projects, and professional insight from industry and business leaders.


Securing Airline Information: Managing Information System-Related Security Risks 

By Robert Rencher, Boeing Associate Technical Fellow, and Faye Francy, Boeing Commercial Airplanes 


The ability to understand and effectively prove information security services to protect an airline's operational capability, inclusive of aircraft, information, and technology assets, has become an operational requirement for all airlines. Working with the aviation and security industries, Boeing has established a cyber security trajectory to develop and deploy information security solutions for our airlines and the aviation sector.

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Make your own Job with Open Source Hardware

By Lynnette Reese, Mouser Electronics

When jobs are scarce, open source hardware (OSHW) is opening doors for young engineers to gain experience, offering an alternative to simply waiting in between job searches. In slow economic times, engineers (and non-engineers alike) can go straight toward working for themselves, designing custom electronics systems for low volume applications such as vending machines, environmental data logging, drones for police, or designing custom solutions as consultants.
ECE in the News
Why High School Students Should 'Dissect' Power Tools - Not Frogs
By Harold L. Sirkin (May 19, 2014, Businessweek.com)
How do we develop the next generation of tinkerers who will produce the innovative new products and processes that will enable the U.S. to maintain its standard of living and economic leadership? We can start by requiring that students "dissect" power tools in high school.
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Maker Faire Meets Silicon Valley 
By Rick Merritt (May 19, 2014, EE Times)

The chief executive of ARM came to Maker Faire Bay Area where the company had a small booth for the first time this year. Intel had a much larger tent, starring its Quark processor and a young man who demonstrated a marshmallow gun to President Barack Obama.

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Bell Labs Restored to Former Status
By R. Colin Johnson (May 20, 2014, EE Times)

Bell Labs has been reborn, once again aiming to solve the industry's biggest challenges with focused basic research associated with application development. It's celebrating this turnaround on the anniversary of its discovery of the cosmic background radiation from the Big Ban while pioneering satellite communications applications.
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Why Engineers Make Great CEOs
By Yasser Al-Saleh, Senior Research Fellow at INSEAD Innovation & Policy Initiative (May 29, 2014, Forbes)

Corporate titans leading Australia's top 50 companies are as likely to have degrees in engineering as commerce or economics, a LeadingCompany analysis has found. And, it's not just Australian mining conglomerates where engineers are rising to the top. Around the world, a combination of sound engineering acumen with an MBA from a top business school tends to be a common path to the corner office. >> Read more


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Corporate Features
ECE Spotlight

Captured live at the 2014 ECEDHA Annual Conference, ECE Spotlight Sessions offer the opportunity to view short corporate presentations and to learn more about what these companies can offer you.

Featured ECE Spotlight Session:

Mentor Graphics ECE Spotlight: Teaching Using State of the Art Design Tools

Presenter: Ian Burgess, Higher Education Program Development Manager, Mentor Graphics 
ECE Perspectives
ECE Perspectives offer in-depth interviews with leading industry executives.
Featured ECE Perspectives:


Ken Hansen 
VP, Senior Fellow and Chief Technology Officer 
What single thing could universities do to encourage greater collaboration between universities and industry?

Sam Fuller
VP, Research and Development and CTO
Analog Devices

Upcoming ECE Webinar
Semiconductor Device Simulations with COMSOL Multiphysics

August 21, 2014         2:00 pm ET

The Semiconductor Module, an add-on to COMSOL Multiphysics�, is desi gned to aid the modeling and design of semiconductor devices. The module uses the standard drift-diffusion formulation to solve the semiconductor equations, has options for predefined and user-defined boundary conditions, and allows users to modify the equation systems. This webinar will introduce modeling methods, show a live demonstration, and conclude with a Q&A session.


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