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May 2021
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Research. Technology. The Future of ECE.
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Throughout this series, host Barry Sullivan sits down for casual conversations with thought leaders in ECE – across both academia and industry – to hear their perspectives on the latest in research, technology, and their vision of the future of ECE.

Episode 3: A Conversation with Jay Alexander and Ee Huei Sin
Jay Alexander
SVP & Chief Technology Officer
Keysight Technologies

Ee Huei Sin
SVP & President,
Electronic Industrial Solutions Group
Keysight Technologies

Featured Articles
Georgia Tech ECE Launches New Threaded Curriculum Model
By: Ashlee Gardner, Anna Holcomb, and Elliot Moore, Georgia Tech
Electrical and computer engineering are vast and diverse areas of study—a huge strength in providing students with opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and ample job prospects in a variety of fields. But this same strength can seem daunting for those just beginning an undergraduate program in one of these majors. Selecting the right courses, understanding career trajectories, and even uncovering the fundamental differences between electrical and computer engineering and other engineering disciplines can be problematic to a freshman or transfer student.

The Impact of Diversity and Inclusion
By: The University of New Mexico's Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers

I have had the honor and privilege to lead a group of amazing, diverse, and underrepresented engineers in STEM over the last year as the chapter president of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). At the University of New Mexico (UNM) within the School of Engineering (SOE), SWE is one of the largest, active student organizations supported by the Engineering Student Success (ESS) Center. SWE was created to represent women in engineering but our members are not only women and we represent more than just engineers.
SWE encourages our members to volunteer in the community to motivate and excite passion for STEM in New Mexico students. Through workshops and conferences, we help our members expand their professional network and technical skills. Above all, however, SWE is a resource and platform for students to develop as engineers and succeed in their academic and personal lives through connection and engagement with others in the UNM SOE community.

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Greg Stitt, associate professor, University of Florida

Greg Stitt, associate professor, University of Florida

Houman Homayoun, associate professor, University of California-Davis

Yan Luo, professor, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
A Conversation with Our Board Members
We sat down with Stephen and Mark to tap into their mindset on career paths, the future of ECE, and life in general. Here is what they shared...
Stephen Goodnick
Professor, ECEE,
Arizona State University
ECEDHA Foundation Representative,
ECEDHA Board of Directors
Q. Why is ECEDHA important to you?

A. ECEDHA has always been at the forefront of Electrical and Computer Engineering representing the leaders of almost all the ECE departments in the US and Canada in terms of current issues, research, and education trends in the field.

Q. What have you found to have been most rewarding in your experience with ECEDHA?

A. There have been many, but perhaps the most rewarding was serving as vice president and president of ECEDHA from 2003-2005, it was a very exciting time, in which we first formed a partnership with the National Science Foundation which continues today. 

Mark Easley
University Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments
Corporate Advisory Council Member, ECEDHA
Q. What are your future plans to assist in virtual learning, knowing it will be around for the foreseeable future?

A. TI University Program has been very supportive of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) since the early days of their popularity. In particular, we have been looking at ways to support lab-based courses that provide hands-on experiences to reinforce the course concepts. We’ve been helping pioneer some of these activities for remote classwork with faculty partners, pairing low cost and portable TI microcontroller boards with the lab exercises students can use to get real-world training and practice. The best practices learned in MOOCs has been very translatable to how TI is able to help faculty as they are adjusting their courses for fully remote teaching and hybrid classrooms.

Q. If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's...

A. You have to treat your pace through life as a marathon and not a sprint. If you put in positive progress day-by-day, you can achieve the results you want before you know it. You will need determination and focus and sometimes personal courage to achieve your goals.

Association Announcements
Now Available On-Demand!
Virtual Programming from the March ECEDHA Summit

Last month, ECEDHA members gathered for the second installment of the ECEDHA Summit Series. Led by Susan Hagness, University of Wisconsin - Madison, the March Summit gathered peers to discuss Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We are pleased to share that all sessions are now available on-demand!
ECEDHA Member and Partner News
2021 ExCEllence in Senior Design Showcase
May 21, 2021 | 9am - 5pm CT

You're invited to attend the (virtual) 2021 ExCEllence in Senior Design Showcase! The first showcase took place in May 2019 with 13 universities taking part from TX, NM and AZ. The team from UT El Paso was awarded the inaugural “Best Engineering Design” award. Major corporations supported student participation and judged their submissions. This year, even more schools are planning to send a team and even more people (from corporate engineers to parents and siblings) will see the amazing projects accomplished at those schools. The word is getting out: ECE is the place to be.

Rising Stars in EECS: A Virtual Event
October 14-15, 2021

This intensive workshop at MIT brings together top graduate and postdoc women in EECS for scientific interactions and discussions about navigating the early stages of careers in academia.

The program includes invited presentations on targeting the academic search process, giving effective job talks, and developing and refining research and teaching statements. Panel discussions will focus on the first years of an academic career. There will be time for participants to get to know each other and form lasting connections.

Deadline: June 16, 2021

CRA/CCC Announces CIFellows 2021 Program

The Computing Research Association (CRA) and Computing Community Consortium (CCC) are pleased to announce a new Computing Innovation Fellows (CIFellows) cohort for 2021. This program recognizes the continued disruption to hiring in academic institutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As before, this program aims to provide a career-enhancing bridge experience for recent and soon-to-be PhD graduates in computing to support maintaining the computing research pipeline.

Applications are due by May 17, 2021, with decisions being made by July 1, 2021 for positions beginning this fall or next winter.

Please check the website regularly for application requirements and submission details.

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