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September 2021
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Featured Articles
Khalil Najafi Honored with Robert M. Janowiak Outstanding Leadership and Service Award
By: Catharine June, University of Michigan

Khalil Najafi received the Robert M. Janowiak Outstanding Leadership and Service Award, the highest award bestowed by the ECE Department Heads Association.
“Khalil was one of the finest academic leaders we’ve worked with,” said John Janowiak, who not only established this award with his father, Robert, but helped formalize the ECEDHA organization itself in the 1980s. “He has a way of leadership that’s powerful. He leads by example, and he’s very insightful.”

Fairer AI for Long-Term Equality
By: Hayley Hanway, University of Michigan

The National Science Foundation, in partnership with Amazon, has awarded the University of Michigan a Fairness in Artificial Intelligence (AI) grant for research on identifying and mitigating bias in AI and Machine Learning systems to achieve long-lasting equitable outcomes.
“There is an increasing awareness in the AI research community of the issue of bias,” says Mingyan Liu, the Peter and Evelyn Fuss Chair of ECE and principal investigator for U-M. “There’s a lot we need to learn if we want solutions that achieve equity in the long-term.”

Sponsored Article: Mouser Electronics Explores Sensors in Fourth Installment of 2021 Empowering Innovation Together Series
Mouser Electronics, Inc. has released the fourth installment of the 2021 series of its award-winning Empowering Innovation Together program. The new installment examines the wide range of sensor types and applications through a new episode of The Tech Between Us podcast, as well as blog and infographic content.
In the latest podcast episode, Dr. Jay Esfandyari, Director of Global Marketing Strategy for STMicroelectronics, joins Mouser’s Raymond Yin for a lively discussion about the crucial role sensors play in the industrial and IoT sectors, and how they’ll shape the future of these markets.
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Rising Stars in EECS: A Virtual Event
October 14-15, 2021

This intensive workshop at MIT brings together top graduate and postdoc women in EECS for scientific interactions and discussions about navigating the early stages of careers in academia.

The program includes invited presentations on targeting the academic search process, giving effective job talks, and developing and refining research and teaching statements. Panel discussions will focus on the first years of an academic career. There will be time for participants to get to know each other and form lasting connections.

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