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September 2023

Letter from the Guest Editor

ECE is #1: Branding and Student Preparedness Initiatives Will Keep Us There and Take Us Further

Badri Roysam

University of Houston

Dear ECEDHA Members, Industry Partners, and Colleagues,

Welcome to the new semester! We hope that the transients have settled by now and the departmental machinery is humming away.

A September 7th article on CNBC ( was stunning in its clarity they listed the ten college degrees that offered the highest salaries, according to a recent Bankrate analysis of the Census Bureau's American Community Survey data. This survey listed Electrical Engineering at #1, and Computer Engineering at #2. For our EECS department heads, Computer Science ranked at #5. This is a message that we can share with prospective and current students to good effect.

As we know, salary is not everything, and I am yet to see a nicer exposition of our discipline's many other facets as in our Featured Article on Branding. This emerged from the ECE Communicators' discussions at the ECEDHA conference earlier this year. Kathleen Meehan, Sid Deliwala, Tony Maciejewski (now at NSF), Jane Halpern, and Priscilla Capistrano have done a marvelous job of arming chairs with a Crash Course on Branding, replete with words and images that we can all use to promote ECE.

The most salient aspect of our discipline is technical rigor, and this has been a long-standing barrier to entry for many students. This issue goes beyond the completion of pre-requisite course requirements. Indeed, we discussed the Looming Crisis of Student Under-preparedness a year ago. It is time to discuss it again.

One of the long-term strengths of ECEDHA is our robust engagement with the corporate community. In this issue of the ECEDHA Source, we are delighted to feature a conversation with Hayne Shumate at Mouser Corporation. Finally, we are delighted to spotlight Bella Keute, an IEC 2to4 Scholar at Howard University. IEC 2to4 is an initiative aimed at supporting students from underrepresented groups to complete their ECE degree programs in a timely manner.

Do you have an initiative in your department that would be worth sharing? We would love to feature your efforts in the Next ECEDHA Source newsletter. Increasingly, our articles are in the form of ECE COnversations video podcasts. It is friendly, authentic, personal, and natural.

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Featured Articles


Kathleen Meehan, California State University, Chico

Sid Deliwala

U Penn, Philadelphia

Tony Maciejewski

ECCS Division DIrector, NSF

Jane Halpern


Priscilla Capistrano


Branding: A Crash Course for the ECE Community

A summary of the session that was presented at the 2023 ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo

Branding has continued to be a critical issue for electrical and computer engineering. ECE often works behind the scenes, making it less visible to the public. In addition, the general population may not fully understand the role of ECE professionals in developing and maintaining the technology they use daily.

The challenge we see as practitioners in the field is, how do we create communication that engages students and perceives what practicing engineers and educators know to be exciting? Participants at the 2023 ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo opened their eyes to this challenge in an engaging panel led by ECEDHA academic members and ECE communicators working group members.

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ECE Conversations
Hayne Shumate

A Conversation with Hayne Shumate, Mouser

Barry Sullivan, ECEDHA Program Director, shares a conversation with ECE Corporate Member, Hayne Shumate regarding Mouser.

Tell us a bit about yourself and Mouser's mission, people, range of products, and history.

Is Mouser looking into generative AI and how this can play into your business?

At Mouser, you have a unique perspective on the industry. What advice would you give to a student about entering the workforce?

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IEC 2to4 Student Spotlight

Bella Keute

IEC 2to4 Scholar

Meet Bella Keute, IEC 2to4 Scholar

The IEC 2to4 program is an IEC initiative focused on supporting first-generation, underrepresented minority community college students in their transition to completing four-year ECE degrees. In Fall 2023, the first cohort of 2to4 students received scholarship funds. We invite you to share in their academic journey. Learn more about the IEC 2to4 program.

Name: Bella Keute

Community College: Montgomery College

College/University: Howard University

"During freshman/transfer week, I was fascinated with the campus and how nice everyone was. The first day, I had Electronics in the morning, and I was surprised to see so many black women in the class. It was inspiring and it was everything that I was looking for, seeing other black women taking these engineering courses other than myself. I finally felt like I belonged in engineering.

From there, the shift happened, and I was passing all of my courses by collaborating with my peers, implementing better study strategies, and developing a closer relationship with the professors. I also took on leadership roles for many of the class projects. I finished my first semester at Howard with a good GPA, and in Spring 2022, I had to take 19 credits. I also joined the VIP team with Dr. Ahmed and we worked on creating a testbed."

The IEC 2to4 program is made possible by the generous support of the U.S. Department of Defense Research and Development Division and the DoD STEM Community College Consortium Award.

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Perhaps the greatest value of the conference is the unique opportunity to network with fellow HKN students to build collaborations, meet future colleagues, and share best practices from their chapters.

With generous support from the Samueli Foundation, HKN is able to offer each chapter one hotel room for two nights for up to four students and one hotel room for two nights for your Chapter advisor. The conference fee is greatly reduced to $40/person which includes all meals.

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