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March 8, 2022 Issues #29.5
It’s Been A While

We have been offline due to various projects where we are off grid. My Iphone had a nervous breakdown and started randomly calling people while sitting on the table. The internet folks can’t find us and everything is solar on 12 volts. Nonetheless we have switched to another phone carrier, the only bug left is to get messages working, apple just won’t let us go. The show last night had a lot of glitches in the system we are working the issues out. For those who have not figured it out yet we are in Hawaii working on ECETI Hawaii at an undisclosed location due to it being in the beginning stages. Sorry no accommodations yet, working on that. On the farm I am working on the water, the pump burned out, it is all a catchment system, the solar is on and off, the hot water was intermittent and basically, I am living in a barn. Most of that is remedied by a lot of hard work which is why you have not heard from us due to the lack of water and power, working on solving these problems. We are still limited as to how many we can accommodate. We have been up at 5am working till 6 or 7pm. Some call it work, I call it creativity. We do have some access now and again. I apologize for not getting back to people due to lack of service on the phone and internet. I must admit however being in nature and being creative without all the interruptions has been nice. My two new best friends are the wild pig and the duck along with the Spirits of the land.

As far as the ships here in Hawaii we are seeing multiple ships nightly. Large golden ships with smaller ships coming and going. At about 4:30am this morning I saw two large power ups and one flasher. The neighbors are also seeing the ships. Heavenly support for the project. After September I will be doing Ambassador/Self-mastery workshops on the Island. There are others doing workshops as well, we will get their information out soon.

There are two topics, current events we want to address. The lame stream fake news has been showing photographs, videos, some staged that have nothing to do with what is happening in Russia. Wrong location, wrong time, wrong tanks running over cars etc. Some clips go back to 2018 they are claiming are current of gas explosions where people were harmed etc. They were caught staging people running from fake explosions with the producer with a megaphone yelling action cameras rolling. The last images are boy bags with people rolling around inside one guy with a fake bloody head getting up thinking the filming was done. It Sounds familiar. Remember the covid body bags where one guy was smoking gets up and walks away. This is disgusting journalism. Ask yourself who owns the mainstream press and social media? How can you expect anything else but lies and social engineering? Yes, war is bad, occupying other countries is not good yet let’s take a look at that country. It is a deep state stronghold, it is where the Cabal have fully taken over. Velenski like Trudeau and Biden are sock puppets for the global elite and CCP. The cabal or deep state planned on making the Ukraine their home base to carry out their global depopulation and world domination programs. There are several biological weapons labs and the corruption was epidemic. Some are calling this the Biden, or Hunter war due to their family being knee deep in corruption. Putin has always waged war on the globalist, the Satanic/Luciferians engage in unspeakable acts. Child and sex trafficking is rampant. Google Putin’s Christmas speech.

Edgar Cayce said Russia would be the cradle of Christianity which will come to pass. Let’s be honest America is not doing so well in that regard taking our present leadership and affiliations. Judging by their performance one would think the present administration was working for some hostile foreign government of which they took massive bribes trying to smoke and mirror it’s citizens to look away from them in another direction. Orange man bad, Putin Bad, CCP good.

Let’s go back to the days of Kennedy. What would he do if a hostile government took over the government of Texas? It became a hotbed for anti-American factions. It wanted nuclear weapons to point at the capital. It became so corrupt he had to do something to protect the United States, kind of like California. Seriously not kidding. WWKD, what would Kennedy do? Probably the same thing Putin is doing.

Ask yourself why is Russia being demonized by the Biden’s who are fully in bed with China and the extremely corrupt Ukrainian government? Is he using Russia like the democratic party has been doing as a distraction making up false stories and accusations as a diversion? Everything Biden has done, fits perfectly with the N.W.O, the global elite’s and the CCP’s plan to destroy America. The race wars, gender wars, destroying the family unit, destroying the economy, defunding police, removing all first responders, refusing the clot shot, this was all pre-planned by the global elite. Is it a coincidence Biden is following the plan to the letter? The release of the virus, the heavy- handed lock-downs, mandates all of it was pre-planned. There is no science behind his actions, just political profit driven junk science. They did everything wrong. Now 90% of the deaths from covid are people fully vaccinated. Let that sink in along with the athletes, in top physical condition dropping like flies after the jab. It is an orchestrated biological attack, the elite made billions at the expense of the people and the media was fully complicit. Why would they go after the children who are not at risk? Profit and depopulation are the only reasonable explanations. How about the unborn and astronomical rise in miscarriages? Why do they force children to wear masks? Conditioning? Did you know during the Spanish flu more people died from bacterial pneumonia from wearing masks than the flu? Now they are finding the masks and tests are laced with deadly carcinogens and the tests never worked properly showing 80 to 90% false positives. Hospitals were being paid up to 100,000 dollars to declare a patient had covid and terminate them with barbaric methods and drugs proven to be deadly. Look up Remdesivir and ventilators the side effects and complications. It was the wrong approach.

University research has proven masks are causing brain, organ and psychological damage. The re-inhalation of expelled toxins and the lack of oxygen are extremely hazardous. This is not conspiracy, this is fact and virtue signaling idiots are carrying out the depopulation plans of the globalists causing extreme harm to themselves, their families and the children which is where the line was drawn. It is time to end all mandates and go to the source of the bioweapons, hold those accountable for funding them, those who accepted big pharma bribes to promote the madness and put an end to this. Which brings us back to Putin. That is what is unfolding in Ukraine which devolved into a heavy handed extremely corrupt dictatorship posing as a democracy.

The last subject I want to cover is the serpent being, grey/reptilian hybrids and royal reptilians which are a royal pain in the arse. Many have succumbed to their influences, some being fully possessed. Beware of flattery, considering yourself special, the chosen one or using past life experiences as badges. These are traps and limitations. Also the abuse of ceremonial plant medicines and other drugs including alcohol open doors. Many shamanic journeys are done in nature once a year at most with a highly trained shaman. Abuse of plant medicine, drugs even excessive anger, depression and denial of wounds and traumas this life and past life open doors to unseen negative influence. Many of these unseen negative energies use flattery to get in. They will also use flattery through the one they inhabit. Telling others they are the chosen ones above all others. It is like the series People of Earth where they tell the abductees they are special. News flash no one is any more special than another. Identities in the higher realms are unimportant so promoting one’s self importance is establishing one’s character and spiritual evolution. This is all spiritual ego, chinks in one’s armor where upon unseen negative entities can enter. Do you think all the dictators of the world past and present thought they were special, the chosen ones? Did they seek power over others rather than serve and empower? Were they themselves trying to regain their power from those who made them be lie ve they lost it?

The tyrants were groomed through abuse and rule through fear of losing their power again. They can only manipulate externally yet when one has their own internal connection to Creator/God/Great Spirit they realize the real power comes from within, the ultimate power is love and love serves and empowers. When one is truly connected to Creator they see the Creator within all Creation, including themselves, the oneness of life. They realize settling for a lofty title only separates them from the whole, they are humble and at peace. The external warring stops. Why settle for a blip in history when you can be one with all history, all life on all planes and dimensions. How can you be special, the chosen one when you see the Creator in all Creation and are one with all Creation? What happens when you see God in everyone and everything? Can you see how limiting being special is, how separating it is to be the chosen one? There are many stealing power and resources from others by playing these roles. They are also dividing by playing the victim, race and gender cards. Who would they be without their story, their identity? Who would you be without your story? What if your new story was all inclusive. What if love and service to the Creator in all Creation was your new story? What if no one did the bidding of the tyrants? Refused to fall for the perpetuated divisions, religious, cultural, gender, political etc. It would create Heaven on Earth. We would return to Universal Law which is best described as Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. In the Cherokee tradition there is a saying if it is not good for everyone it is not good. Why not apply this in ever institution, in everyday life taking the next generations into account? The unseen negative influences feed off the divisions, the wars, the pain and suffering. They love to sew seeds of disunity, create division and chaos. Best not to participate. So when those come to you telling you how special they are and how they are the chosen ones and you too are the chosen one might want to remind them they are talking to God and the God within you refuses to take a lesser position. Be the God/Goddess you are. You have everything you need within.

Be well,
James Gilliland AKA nobody
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Laser beams over Hawaii

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On Line Pharmacies for IVM
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On Line Treatment

James' Clearing Technique
1. Close your aura by visualizing a white or /
gold light around you.
2. Call upon your chosen cultural
representative of God, be it Jesus, Buddha,
Babaji, Mary, Mohammed, White Eagle or
another one of the Beautiful Many Christed
3. Tell the entities they are healed and
forgiven, lifted and enlightened.
4. Tell them they are healed and surrounded
with the Christ light and the Christ love.
5. Ask your chosen representative to take
them to their perfect place.
6. Ask that all negative thought forms and
limiting mental concepts be dissolved and
lifted in the light of truth.
7. Ask that all psychic bonds be severed, and
close their auras to all but spirit of the
highest vibration.
Repeat this process until you feel clear. There
may be more than one healing to do.
Remember your word is very powerful, and
what is spoken on their level manifests
instantly. Many enlightened ones use this
process before opening.
It creates a clear and safe environment, and it
also lifts the one who is doing the healing. Intent
is nine-tenths of the law. If you intend to serve
and heal, you will draw to you entities of like
mind. If you intend to coerce or manipulate, again
you will draw entities of like mind. It is the law of
At times, discarnate spirits will come to your
light like a moth to a flame. Do not judge
yourself, simply heal them. They are the ones
in trouble, not you. They are seeking your

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