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December 12, 2021| Issue 18

ECETI News December 12, 2021
Challenges, Sleepless Nights, Psychic Attacks, Planetary Liberation
We have spoken frequently about the awakening and healing process yet people are being challenged like never before. To overcome these challenges, we need to fully understand them. Just as we need to follow the basics, right thinking, right eating which includes drinking plenty of fresh clean water, right actions in service to others and the Earth there are other challenges. There are unseen challenges, negative influences affecting our daily lives. The planetary liberation is a multidimensional event. It goes far beyond most religious understandings, it is a bit more complicated and we have to realize the word of God was written mostly by men who were not infallible. The censorship of women’s stories is a whole different subject addressed in other newsletters and books.
We also have to take into account due to the archeological findings, the history of advanced humans on the Earth goes back millions of years. Most of our ancient authors never fully understood what they were experiencing. If you read Ezekiel with today’s knowledge you would have a completely different understanding. Job as well when they talk about the Pleiades, loosening the bands of Orion and the Sons of Arcturus. Wheels within wheels, massive craft landing with bronze feet like calves, fire and brimstone coming from them sounding like a thousand rushing rivers. Fiery chariots taking the prophets into heaven. Statues of Mary and Michael standing on a serpent or what looks like a reptilian. Of course, let’s not forget the pillar clouds that were afire by night parting the Red Sea.  
That knowledge of the other civilizations, planes and dimensions is necessary to fully understand what is unfolding. Let’s go from the bottom up, from the controlling most oppressive to the most loving, service oriented beings. At the lowest levels in the 4th dimension we have the fallen ones. The most powerful in the lower levels are fallen Annunaki, Djinn, Demons, etc. They are influencers, manipulators, and it always turns out bad if you align yourself with them. They are recorded in the Nag Hammadi and on ancient temple walls. They cannot generate their own light so they feed off yours. They also feed off the chaos, pain and suffering necessary to maintain their world. They are the ones who use flattery, telling you that you are the chosen one, master manipulators preying on the ego making promises of fame and riches. Those who fall victim to their influences go from spiritual ego to narcissism eventually losing all connection to the soul. They are the dividers.  There are also several levels of malevolent reptilians and greys which use the same tactics.
There are the shadow people and poltergeists in the lower astral or 4th dimension, the old hags, hat man etc. The poltergeist in most cases are children, pranksters trying to get your attention that have crossed over and need help getting to the light. On this level are malevolent humans trapped by their own lust for power and wealth, greed, manipulation and control patterns. They have attachments and unfinished business keeping them in the lower 4d. They are often seen as disfigured because they look as ugly as their consciousness.
 The good news is most of the real nasty off world groups have been cleaned up. The Ascended Masters, Spiritually and Technologically advanced beings, our off world brothers/sisters have been very busy with this. The fallen Annunaki, reptilians, greys and some other groups have been removed. What we are dealing with now is the malevolent reptilian and grey hybrids and their human counterparts known as the cabal or deep state. Because they are part human they fall under a different category in Universal Law and off world interference. There are the ones who have fallen under control of these malevolent beings through Satanic/Luciferian rituals. Unfortunately, they hold major positions of power in the political, music, movie, mainstream and social media, business, even religious institutions. They are very involved with human trafficking as well as child sacrifice, adrenochrome manufacturing through torturing children, decadent acts beyond most people’s comprehension. You will see much of this come out in the Epstein and Maxwell trials but this is just a glimpse into a very dark and deep tunnel of decadence. Politicians and CEOs will be fleeing like rats off a sinking ship to their islands and countries without extradition agreements after being named in these trials. They cannot hide from what they have done, their karma will be amplified and accelerated. Their removal is a global and multidimensional event. Many will say why have I not heard of the arrests, CEOs stepping down, take downs of powerful people involved in these heinous acts. Most could not handle the answer. The mainstream and social media will not cover it. Look at the massive demonstrations happening globally, Hilary’s servers, Hunters laptop, Anthony Weiner’s lap top, the false Russian hoax just to name a few examples. They are owned by the very same people involved. The white hat operation is tight lipped and there are actors, clones, CGI, even silicon AI involved. Again, most cannot comprehend the magnitude of this event due to social engineering and being critical thinking and research impaired.
Many are having sleepless nights, nightmares, crazy scenarios, feeling off energetically and attacked at times by unseen negative influences. This is part of the last stages of the awakening and healing or planetary liberation. When you go to sleep you are susceptible to these influences in the lower 4th dimension and many are battling out of body with these entities. When you are in the hypnogogic state just before deep sleep these influences can enter. Those who are sensitive can feel them in the awakened state. A developed inner sensitivity can be a gift and a curse especially if you do not know how to heal unseen negative influences. The good news is if you can feel it, you can heal it. If you do clearings before you go to bed and ask for protection much of the influences and attacks will end. Many are still doing rescue work in the 4th dimension and wake up tired, feeling beat up a bit. Some are undergoing the last of releasing unhealed wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. These side effects can be cleared in a morning or evening meditation. Start out with clearing any unseen negative influences and ask the higher dimensional beings to restore and rejuvenate your physical, mental, emotional and astral body. You can clear your family, your home, your business, yes your leadership. The unseen negative influences are already trespassing so they are fair game. Some have willingly or in ignorance chosen to work with these unseen negative influences yet their handlers are being removed and you can be a part of this. There is a saying if you don’t like what you are feeling do a healing. It is also wise to clear often and make this a part of your daily lives. Here is the link to do the clearings. Remember love is the ultimate power in the universe and we have that ultimate power, the love of God/Creator/Great Spirit within us. We can channel that love into every challenge. Gather with others there is strength in numbers.  
Here is another link to help. Time in nature is imperative outside of the psychic and technological turbulence.

On the lighter side before you give up hope there are benevolent beings assisting in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth what some call planetary liberation or ascension. At the top we have what many refer to as Creator/God/Great Spirit. The is that is all that is, the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the Universe. There are beings up to the 13th dimension involved in this process. They are known as the Seeders, referred to as the Laka or Jasia, other names referring to them as a collective with no need for personal identity. We have the Andromedan Council in the 7th dimension most enlightened people are aware of who are orchestrating this event which are mythologically known as Archangels. They are 8 to 10 feet tall, have magnetized light bodies and energy fields around them that feather back resembling wings when they enter our awareness. There are other blue skinned races coming from Andromeda system. There is the Orion Council of Light in the 6th dimension not to be confused with the Orion Grey Alliance which are malevolent. The Orion Council of light are planetary liberators and initiators into the higher realms. They have had their wars with the malevolent beings in their system, gained the wisdom from the experience and are best suited in planetary liberation from malevolent ETs. We also have Arcturians and benevolent Annunaki assisting from the 6th dimension. These are the Annunaki, the bearded Gods often referred to as the ancient temple builders that did not fall and continued to evolve spiritually. There are feline beings in the Sirian System that also live in Lyra and are a part of our ancient cultures. Sekhmet, the Sphinx in Egypt, Narisimha and Narshringa in India refer to them, their bones are found in Anartica underneath the ice. They reside on the 5th as humanoid felines, the 6th as upright panther beings and the 7th as lion beings. They were known as the protectors of the Gods. We have a vast history of contact physical and dimensional with other civilizations which cannot be contained in one article. There is always more to the story.
Read Annunaki Return by James Gilliland for more information.
 The Pleiadians reside mostly in the 5th yet there are Pleiadian master teachers in the 6th and 7th. Some are also in the 4th assisting us in the cleanup. The Pleiadians have more investment or genetic stock in the Earth than any other race. The ancient Lyrians referred to as the Annunaki, the tall ones the Pleiadian’s  ancestors were the tera formers of Earth. The demigods were the offspring of the ancient Lyrians who mated with the daughters of Earth. They were the first colonies and their last attempt was the Pleiadians with Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu. These were joined by other races, Star Nations. The Lyrians were the pyramid builders and the pyramids we see today are the second attempt after pole shifts, floods with extreme rise in sea levels. There are more ancient pyramids and temples underneath the oceans and buried under ice at the poles. This has all been hidden due to controlled narratives by governments and religions designed to control and enslave the masses.
The good news is the ancient ancestors, those who did not fall are returning. We are about to join the rest of the universe in peace and experience a quantum leap in evolution. The spiritual and technologically advanced off world and higher dimensional beings are assisting in the ascension or planetary liberation of Earth. The Earth has been under draconian law due to malevolent beings occupying positions of power for over 450,000 years.
This began with Marduk who made a pact with the reptilians and grey alliance for total supremacy of the Earth. He was what we refer to as fallen Annunaki. Leaders have continued to make packs with malevolent beings which led to the fall of Atlantis and are doing their best to again do away with the present civilization. How do you know who is benevolent or malevolent? Not by their words, not by the images generated by the extremely compromised corporate owned main stream and social media. By their deeds.
It is said a man’s/woman’s deeds determine their character, the Global Elite, the CCP, any other socialistic/communist dictators are aligned with the malevolent entities. Even democratic governments miss the mark. A constitutional Republic where the power and the rights rest in the individual are most aligned with advanced civilizations. Those who want to establish a socialistic/communistic government where the power and wealth is centralized are ignorant to the past history of the Earth. The freebies always come to an end, it is unsustainable. The genocidal tyrants which were responsible for the genocide of millions were socialist or communist leaders.  The power must remain in the individual or the end result becomes the elite few abusing their power the end result is abject poverty, a loss of freedom and genocide. This same scenario is being played out today. The global elite, the communist party of China, billionaire eugenicists, the morally challenged, have all teamed up in a global depopulation agenda. The socially engineered, critical thinking, research impaired are carrying out their agenda willingly and in ignorance participating in their own enslavement and demise.
The awake, the white hats, those who have maintained a level of integrity and moral character are exposing and taking out the dark hearts backed by the higher benevolent beings all the way to Source. It is really quite simple.
The war and disease profiteers, the plague makers, decadent morally and integrity challenged leaders who have sold their souls for power and wealth who are hell bent on destroying this civilization, diminishing your freedom and health will be and are being held accountable. The masses are awakening, millions are flooding the streets which will eventually insure their loss of position and power, eventually their demise.
All you have to do is ask where did the epidemics originate, who is profiting from the epidemics and what is in the jabs. Why are they hiding what is in the jabs and want to suppress the knowledge of the ingredients for 75 years? Why are they censoring Noble prizewinning scientists, frontline doctors, nurses, the very lead researchers within the vaccine companies screaming do not take these vaccines, it is a toxic, carcinogenic witches brew, designed to destroy your immune system and shred your red blood cells, the clot shot with an operating system that can be externally regulated? Why have they lied about safe effective inexpensive FDA approved drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine along with high doses of vitamins D, C, zinc, magnesium and selenium which have been highly successful in preventing and treating the “bioweapon created in China financed by Fauci and Friends?” These therapies have created covid free zones in India with populations almost the size of America. Why have they ignored herd immunity and those who have overcome the virus having an immune system 13 times stronger than the vaccinated? Why are they demanding they get vaccinated when the hospitals are filling up with fully vaccinated people?
The next question should be with an average 99.98% recovery rate from the virus why would anyone subject themselves to the ever increasing, crippling side effects and deaths again censored by the mainstream and social media? Did you know the “fact checkers” are heavily invested in the vaccine companies and Farcebook admitted their facts are just opinions, not facts based on science protected by freedom of speech? Why are the opinions of others based on real science not profit driven science censored by Farcebook?
The last question is where is the logic and the legal foundation in forcing mandates on anyone, especially the children putting them in danger of crippling and deadly side effects when they are not at risk with an almost zero percent chance of succumbing to the virus. The children are a category on a spread sheet upon which the vaccine companies can make billions. This is pure evil and any parent or leader that goes along with this is either paid off,`evil or ignorant, no other option.
They have now declared war on the children and when the ignorant see the consequences of their actions, the crippling side effects and deaths they will fall to their knees. The evil will rejoice because their god loves the pain suffering and death. Who will be left to virtue signal in the future? It will be a walk of shame. Rise up humanity, educate yourself, do not comply with tyranny. You have the spiritual and legal right to do so. Be on the winning side because we all know in the end God/Creator/Great Spirit wins.
There is a wave of higher consciousness and energy awakening the masses, it is coming on high, activating the soul and we will enter a new age minus a few tyrants. Transcend all political, religious, cultural, and gender boundaries. Unite under Universal Law choose service to others, honor your oaths to God and Country, the Hippocratic oaths. What would happen if everyone chose to forgive, end the perpetuated divisions, stopped playing the race cards and united. What if everyone stopped participating, stopped complying, used critical thinking.  It would be game over for the tyrants, they would have no home. Heaven on Earth awaits yet you will not be alone in the universe.  
This knowledge has been extremely suppressed in the Religious, Spiritual, UFO even Academia communities. Do not seek their approval for this message. It is time to rise above the controlled narratives, awaken to the fact that Creation has no boundaries. It is far beyond our imagination. Truth will surface, it does not need defending and stands on its own merit. In the days to come all that is said here and more will unfold to the awakened masses. Permission granted to pass it far and wide.   

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"The Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity"

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James' Clearing Technique
1. Close your aura by visualizing a white or
gold light around you.
2. Call upon your chosen cultural
representative of God, be it Jesus, Buddha,
Babaji, Mary, Mohammed, White Eagle or
another one of the Beautiful Many Christed
3. Tell the entities they are healed and
forgiven, lifted and enlightened.
4. Tell them they are healed and surrounded
with the Christ light and the Christ love.
5. Ask your chosen representative to take
them to their perfect place.
6. Ask that all negative thought forms and
limiting mental concepts be dissolved and
lifted in the light of truth.
7. Ask that all psychic bonds be severed, and
close their auras to all but spirit of the
highest vibration.
Repeat this process until you feel clear. There
may be more than one healing to do.
Remember your word is very powerful, and
what is spoken on their level manifests
instantly. Many enlightened ones use this
process before opening.
It creates a clear and safe environment, and it
also lifts the one who is doing the healing. Intent
is nine-tenths of the law. If you intend to serve
and heal, you will draw to you entities of like
mind. If you intend to coerce or manipulate, again
you will draw entities of like mind. It is the law of
At times, discarnate spirits will come to your
light like a moth to a flame. Do not judge
yourself, simply heal them. They are the ones
in trouble, not you. They are seeking your

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