As this public health crisis ramps up once again, it is imperative that management ensure a safe working environment for all our members! That includes Safe Staffing, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and ensuring management follows all health & safety guidelines as prescribed by OSHA and the Department of Health.

JNESO is aware that management at your facility continues to experience staffing shortages due to many reasons including employees testing positive for COVID. Please continue to fill out short-staffing forms if you believe staffing is not adequate on your shift and please contact the NJ Department of Health Complaint Hotline: 1-800-792-9770.

Give a copy to your supervisor, keep a copy for yourself and send a copy to your JNESO Labor Rep. (below). Check the JNESO website for resource numbers for OSHA & DOH. Please report any safety concerns or lack of PPE.

JNESO will continue to ensure management at your facility ensures a safe work environment for our members as we enter the third year of this Covid public health crisis.

Please continue to Stay Safe! For questions or concerns, contact a Local Officer or your Labor Rep. Victoria Pacheco (below).
Labor Representative Victoria Pacheco:
[email protected] | (800) 292-0542 x128