Preparedness Packs
Needed for ECHOS Families
Dear Friend of ECHOS,

With the community spread of Covid-19, our families more than ever will be in need.

Many will have to self-isolate and avoid large crowds to be safe. Others will be impacted financially by the loss of jobs, lack of income and children will be missing out on the meals they get at schools during spring break.

There will be more demand for certain items, and we need your help to ensure our families do not go without these critical items. We are preparing stay at home boxes for our families to give to them when they come to the Food Pantry.

We already feed more than a thousand families each month. (6,500 individuals have been fed in the food pantry through February alone this year, many of whom are children under the age of 18.)

With the economic impact that is occurring everywhere our families will have increased needs.

This is a great opportunity to teach your children about the blessings of giving. Or a project your congregation can participate in.

When shopping for the items please remember not to buy glass containers or give expired foods.

You are encouraged to enclose an uplifting message or prayer for the family who will receive the bag/box! Also, if you want to include coloring books for children to keep them entertained at home please do so.

Be prepared, and be safe.

If you are unable to shop for items, there are other ways to participate. You can order from Amazon and have it delivered to ECHOS. Just let Kathy Eckhardt know it is coming so we can acknowledge your generosity.

Or give a gift online if you would prefer.

If ECHOS determines it needs to close its doors, for any reason, we will inform partners like yourself. Be prepared and be safe.


Cathy Moore
Executive Director