In This Issue:

  • 2018 Board Executive Officers
  • New ECI E-Communications Options
  • Board and Committee Pages
  • Volunteer Spotlight - Jim O'Tousa
  • Trainer Committee - New Chair and Vice Chair
  • Technical Committee Restructuring
  • Student Outreach Program
  • Why ECI Certifications Are Relevant
  • Initial Brand Analysis
  • Informational Newsletter
  • New ECI Products in Online Store
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  • MAC-IECA Conference September 18-20
2018 Board Executive Officers
EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI), Board of Directors elected the following officers for 2018:

Past President: John Peterson , PE, CPESC-Fellow

President: Robert Anderson , PE, JD, CPESC, CESSWI, CPISM, CPSWQ, CPMSM

Vice President /Treasurer: Mark Goldsmith , CPESC, CESSWI

Secretary: Mike Chase , CPESC, CESSWI, CPISM, CPSWQ

New ECI E-Communications Options
In an effort to facilitate more effective and streamlined communications, ECI has divided communications into three (3) categorized email addresses.  The following presents a summary of each of the categories:

  • ECI Policy Updates / Changes
  • Organizational Updates
  • Organizational Announcements

  • Upcoming Conferences and Events
  • Newsletters
  • General Questions about ECI and Certifications

  • Environmental / Industry News and articles
  • Permit and Ordinance Information
  • Industry Resources
  • PDH Opportunities
  • Job Listings and Career Opportunities
  •  Other important industry information

In this manner, all Applicants and Certified Professionals can select which ever categories they wish to receive. Of particular importance is the email. These email notices will contain essential information about the organization, including applications, renewals and related actions. It will be the responsibility of all Professionals to ensure they maintain current contact information and properly manage their certifications. Therefore, we highly recommend that all Applicants and Certified Professionals carefully track this particular category of emails.
Please let us know if you have any questions about this operation.
Board and Committee Pages
ECI Board of Directors agendas, meeting minutes, and financials can now be viewed on the BOD page of the ECI website. If you are interested in viewing these documents, please visit

Committee pages are under development; agendas and minutes for committees will be available when these pages are launched.
Volunteer Spotlight - Jim O'Tousa
Over the past year and a half, Mr. Jim O’Tousa has served as Chair for the CPESC Program Committee, which was initially tasked with revising the Scope of Practice for CPESC and is now working in conjunction with the Technical Committee on revisions of the General Principles Review Manual. Because of his hard work and contributions to this committee and his demonstrated leadership, Mr. O’Tousa has been recently appointed to Co-chair the Technical Committee, along with Mike Chase, who is also a member of the ECI Board of Directors.
Mr. O’Tousa is a Professional Geologist and Certified Engineering Geologist, licensed in California, and has over thirty (30) years of experience. He is currently the Geologist for the County of Ventura and has specialized expertise with slope movement processes and erosion control. He was recently profiled in California in a local news broadcast for his work in response to the mudslides that occurred in Southern California as a result of the Thomas Fire, which is now the largest wildfire in modern California history. To see Mr. O'Tousa's interview, click Social Conscience .
He holds certifications as a Green Belt Practitioner, Qualified Stormwater Designer/Practitioner (QSD/P), and Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC #7927). According to Mr. Rob Anderson, ECI President and Executive Director, “Although he is relatively new to the organization, Mr. O’Tousa has made tremendous contributions to the CPESC Program Committee and has demonstrated exemplary leadership that will be a great asset to the Technical Committee as it works towards achieving the lofty goals set by the BOD and staff.  We see Jim as a leader in this organization and will be for years to come."

Please join us in congratulating Mr. O’Tousa for his recent appointment as Technical Committee Co-chair and in thanking him for the significant contributions he has made to ECI.
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Trainer Committee - New Chair & Vice Chair
Mark McCabe, CPESC 2833, CESSWI 290, CPMSM 170
Allen Oertel, CPESC 3930, CESSWI 520
EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI) is excited to announce that Mr. Mark McCabe, CPESC 2833, CESSWI 290, CPMSM 170, has agreed to assume the leadership position and has been appointed Chair for the Trainer Committee. Mr. Allen Oertel, CPESC 3930, CESSWI 520, has agreed to assist as the Vice Chair.

Mr. Mark McCabe is currently a trainer/presenter for ECI for both the CPESC and CESSWI certifications and serves as Co-chair of the CESSWI Program Committee. He became a CPESC trainer in 2006 and a CESSWI trainer in 2010.

Mr. Allen Oertel currently serves as Chair of the CESSWI Program Committee and has been a trainer for CESSWI since 2010 and CPESC since 2011.  He is a licensed professional engineer and has both the CESSWI and CPESC certifications. 

President and Executive Director Mr. Robert Anderson stated, “We have really come to realize what an essential ingredient the Trainers can be in the organization. There was a time we explored eliminating this program as part of the accreditation process. We have re-directed this strategy towards accreditation compliance, so that we can maintain the Trainers, as they serve as a front-line ambassador for the organization.”  Mr. Anderson went on to say, “We have directed more resources and support to the Trainers and Training Program, and Mark is an important element. We have even built a dedicated web page and blog to promote Trainer communication so they can share ideas.”  Mr. Anderson continued when asked specifically about Mr. McCabe’s selection, “I first worked with Mark about five (5) years ago on the CMS Committee, and then had the pleasure of working with him as he provided training for the organization over the past four (4) years. He is viewed as one of our elite trainers. I believe Mark has demonstrated the leadership and numerous qualities that will help ECI in the role and direction of the Trainers and Trainer Committee."

These gentlemen are among our most respected and highly qualified trainers and have been an integral part of bringing leadership to our organization. Please join us in congratulating them and welcoming them to the Trainer Committee.

If you have questions for Mr. McCabe regarding the Trainer Committee, he can be reached at . All approved trainers will receive additional information in a subsequent email. 

If you would like to read more detailed biographical information about Mr. McCabe or Mr. Oertel, please see ECI News, Issue 7 .
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Technical Committee Restructuring

The ECI Technical Committee has undertaken a significant expansion to accommodate the comprehensive objectives that staff and the Board have set for the upcoming 2-year goals. As everyone reading this topic will see, ECI staff and ECI volunteers are extremely busy and have been putting in countless hours, and we would like to thank them for their continued hard work. Anyone interested in getting involved in any portion of these efforts are welcome to contact ECI. We welcome any assistance!

Mr. Mike Chase, CPESC 2133, CPSWQ 278, CESSWI 12, CPISM 2 and Approved Trainer (also a current Board Director) and Mr. Jim O’Tousa, RG, CEG, MBA, CPESC 7927 have been appointed as Co-Chairs to lead the Technical Committee. Past newsletters have outlined Mr. Chase’s extensive involvement and leadership in the organization. Mr. O’Tousa, while relatively new to the organization, continues to take a significant leadership role and substantial impacts in furtherance of the technical development (see Volunteer Spotlight herein).

The current Program Committee Chairs will now serve as Assistant Technical Chairs on the Technical Committee. This will provide subject matter expertise and communications across all the professional certifications.  

CPSWQ:   Jonathan Smith, PE, CPSWQ 48, CPESC 4111
CPMSM:   Ruth Wallace, CPMSM 258
CESSWI:   Allen Oertel, PE, CESSWI 520, CPESC 3930, CPSWQ 233
CPISM:   Rick Hajas, JD, CPISM 3, CPSWQ 1013, CPESC 7852 and Mike Chase , Jr. , CPISM 7

ECI has appointed three (3) at-large Vice Chairs and the following International Vice Chairs.

At-Large:  Kee-Hwee Ngiam, PE, CPESC 2756, CPISM 5, CPSWQ 116
At-Large:  Tony Aguilar, EIT, CPESC 7851, CPISM 4, CESSWI 3269, CPSWQ 1015
At-Large:   TBD
International Australasia:   Mike Frankcombe, CPESC 1351
International Ibero-America:  Francisco Urueta, PE, CPESC 4595
International Malaysia:  TBD
International Canada:  TBD

The following presents a summary of the status for each certification:

CPESC:  A consultant was hired previously to assist ECI in the preparation of the update. The Steering Committee unfortunately found the delivered content to be antiquated, inadequate, and substandard. Further, the content failed to meet the international standards that ECI demands for the CPESC program. At this time, the Technical Committee is preparing an updated draft this spring. ECI will have the draft vetted by a wide and diverse group. ECI has initiated discussions, with several universities to also provide peer reviews. ECI expects an updated manual by Winter, 2019.  

CESSWI:  The Technical Committee has developed an updated and expanded outline for this program. The program is being re-scoped and expanded to further address hydrology and drainage basics, erosion and sediment principles, and to then expand municipal, industry, illicit discharge, and post construction inspections. Geosyntec Consultants has been selected to assist ECI with the initial re-scoping of the manual. Ms. Andrea Braga, Vice President at Geosyntec, will serve as the project manager. This work is currently underway and ECI expects an updated manual by the end of the year.

CPSWQ:  The Technical Committee has developed an updated and expanded outline for this program. CPSWQ program will include and expand sections on Soil Science and Soil Mechanics, Hydrology and Drainage, Pollutant transport, treatment, removal, and post construction designs. The updated outline is being further reviewed and vetted by the Program Committee as to possible revisions and then how best to proceed.

CPMSM : The CPMSM Program Committee, led by Ruth Wallace, has done an outstanding job of working on manual updates. ECI expects to see an updated manual and presentation by the end of the year.

CPISM:  ECI has hired Clean Water Technologies (CWT), led by owner/project manager Nathan Hardebeck, to prepare the Industrial Review Manual and General Principles presentation. ECI expects to see a completed manual and presentation by Fall, 2018.

Additional Notes:

On-Line Exams:  All In-training and Full U.S. Exams are now on-line through PSI. The International SI exams for CESSWI, CPESC, and CPSWQ are currently available in English. Ibero-America Spanish CPESC exam is currently in beta testing. CESSWI and CPSWQ will be converted to Spanish this summer. 

On-Line Training:  All CPESC and CESSWI modules have been recorded except for Rules and Regulations, which is currently being completely re-written. CPSWQ and CPMSM programs are expected to be completed in March and April, respectively.

Manuals:  All manuals have been updated under the current versions for the U.S. Most of the SI updates have been completed and are being finalized (QA/QC review). Canada will be forming a Canadian Program Committee to make edits and updates that pertain to Canada. ECI staff (Jaime Ambriz) is leading the efforts to convert the manuals and presentation into Spanish.

Rules, Regulations, and Code of Conduct and Ethics:  With the exception of a few key issues, following the Board of Engineers in all 50 states, the Board of Directors has agreed with ECI staff’s recommendation to make these topics a separate exam, that candidates can do independently on-line. This will be an open book and open note exam. ECI is reaching out to a couple consultants to coordinate these efforts.
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Student Outreach Program
EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI) is exited to announce the launch of our new ECI Student Outreach Program. Throughout the past ten (10) years, various professors/instructors have been teaching our CPESC/CESSWI subject matter at colleges and universities across the U.S. and we have had an overwhelming response to these efforts. As a result, the ECI Board of Directors has adopted this program and will reach out to over 200 colleges and universities across the U.S. to establish a formal In-training (IT) program for all five (5) of the professional certifications currently offered through ECI (CPESC, CESSWI, CPSWQ, CPMSM, and CPISM).

Upon completion of their degree, students participating in this program will receive an In-training (IT) designation, which will set them apart from their peers and other graduates as a certified professional. ECI has initiated conversations with several universities to kickoff this program.

We are excited about the introduction of this program and look forward to partnering with colleges and universities as we get this project up and running. More information and updates will be forthcoming as this project progresses.
ECI, in partnership with our affiliate ESCA Canada
will be attending the

National Water Resource Conference

Victoria, BC
May 29-30, 2018
Why ECI Certifications are Relevant
EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI) is an international, accreditation compliant, certification body recognized throughout the United States and over twenty (20) countries. With more than 21,000 certifications awarded over forty (40) years, organizations should consider ECI Certified Professionals because:
  • ECI professional certifications ensure the public that the professional has demonstrated a standard of knowledge and experience within the environmental profession.

  • ECI administered professional certifications demonstrate the professional possesses a breadth and depth of skills that increase value to employers and clients.

  • ECI’s professional certifications recognized and utilized by numerous builders, developers, and national organizations.

  • ECI certifications are included in numerous construction, municipal, and industrial, Federal, State and local general permits as qualified professionals. This includes the Federal EPA General Permit.

  • ECI certifications establish a standard of professional competence and minimum threshold recognized throughout the industry.

  • ECI professional certifications elevate credibility in courts of law and other legal proceedings.

  • Creates a community where knowledgeable professionals connect with one another from around the world to attack and solve complex and ever-changing ecologic challenges.

  • These certifications demonstrate a commitment to excellence and promotion of community core values and the ECI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

  • With over a forty (40) year legacy and worldwide foundation, ECI professional certifications cultivate and enhance a standard of leadership within the industry.

  • Individuals earning professional certification demonstrate excellence in technical achievement and are recognized by peers, colleagues, government agencies, present and prospective employers, and clients.

  • Stormwater and related environmental fields involve constantly evolving technology and standards. ECI requires continuing education to ensure our professionals advance scientific understanding of these evolutionary trends.

  • ECI certifications foster development of the individual’s capabilities through realization of long-term career goals.

In summary, EnviroCert International, Inc. establishes and influences national and international standards that promote and influence growth and competency of the certified professional.
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Initial Brand Analysis

EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI) is in the process of conducting a brand analysis in order to perfect ECI’s brand to facilitate the achievement of long-term goals while strengthening internal identity, cohesion, and staying true to ECI's Purpose of elevating knowledge and inspiring conservation of the global environment through professional certification. 

As part of this analysis, ECI will be conducting a survey that will address the importance of ECI Certifications. Upon receipt of the survey, please take a few minutes to answer the questions and submit your responses. Your insight and knowledge are invaluable to the organization and we encourage and look forward to receiving your candid answers to the survey questions.

A brand analysis planning workshop, led by ECI staff member, Lori Moore, Public Relations Assistant, will be held in late summer. We thank you in advance for your patience as we take on this lengthy project. 
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New Informational Newsletter

ECI is in the process of compiling an informational industry newsletter that will spotlight environmental topics and resources including:

  • PDH Resources
  • Career Opportunities
  • Environmental Articles of Interest
  • Permit and Ordinance Information
  • Conference Information
  • And Much More...
New ECI Products

We have added several new items to the ECI store, including ECI logo portfolio, briefcase, and lapel pins.

To view these and other products, please visit our online store.