Image Description: Painting of Mary and Jesus against a purple background.
From Now On All Generations Will Call Me Blessed 1
A poem by Jocelin Thomas

I close my eyes and think of Brown Mary

She looks at me, beaming
She looks at me, and sees the whole of me
I can tell by how her eyes hold me
that she sees me in my entirety, and loves me as I am

She says to me, "my child, what is it you want to ask? What question is on your heart?"
Even though she already knows all that is in my heart, she is empowering me to speak
She wants me to know for myself that the answer is true,
She wants me to know it in my heart, in my head, in my soul, in my being, in my body

I ask her, "am I enough?"
She does not patronize me,
She does not ask me to validate myself,
She simply says:
"Yes, my child. You are enough. You have always been enough. You will always be enough.
Rest here, with me, and know that this is true."

1 Text from Luke 1:48

For more of Jocelin's poetry, you can follow her Instagram account @flirtwithmysoul or online at
Take Action

Immigration Support Network Expands to Advocate Across Southeastern Massachusetts

We are inspired by the emerging Immigration Support Network in Bristol County. They are showing us what is possible with a decentralized model of organizing. The network is breaking down boundaries between communities, engaging in interpersonal and systemic transformation, and bridging the work of community organizations to produce greater unity, sharing, and love in Bristol. Please read on for an update from two of the ally-identified leaders and an overview of ECM's Organizing in Bristol County from Lead Organizer Dax Crocker. --Carly Margolis, Organizing Fellow at ECM
Image description: volunteers from the Immigration Support Network gather around tables and talk.
Immigration Accompaniment and Advocacy

ECM is collaborating with the Canon for Immigration & Multicultural Ministries to support parishes across the Diocese to act for immigrant justice. There are two ways to act:

(1) Accompaniment - provide transportation, allyship, and spiritual and material support for immigrants navigating the immigration and criminal justice system
  • Boston - Join the Beyond Network:
  • Burlington - Join the Burlington Cluster: Contact: Pam Chester, and 617-484-6088
  • Metrowest - Join the Metrowest Immigration Solidarity Network: Contact:
(2) Advocacy - advocate in your community for the passage of the Safe Communities Act and Driver's Licenses for undocumented immigrants For more information about how to be involved in these campaigns, contact .

Recent News from ECM

Building Blessed Community Beyond Our Walls: Reflections from All Saints Brookline

This month, All Saints Brookline shared their insights from ECM's Prophetic Listening Program.

The parishioner who has been leading the parish into the PLP, Janelle Mills, commented, I really hope this work at All Saints can create a culture shift. I'd love to see deep conversation become a regular and ordinary occurrence. I'd love to unearth what is in our hearts in terms of mission and find ways we can share our passions, resources, and talent to do God's work in a way that fits who we are as a community. And I hope we become a community that listens first and then acts to build this blessed community beyond the boundaries of our walls.

Immigrants and Allies March from Framingham to Boston to Demand Drivers Licenses

Image Description: Three Cosecha marchers walk down the street in Boston while chanting. The image is captioned by a blue banner and white box with the Cosecha logo and gold text reading "SIN MUSICA, NO HAY MOVIMIENTO" ("WITHOUT MUSIC, THERE'S NO MOVEMENT")
On April 26-29, leaders from Movimiento Cosecha walked from Framingham to Boston to grow support for Drivers' Licenses for undocumented immigrants in Massachusetts. The marchers covered 25 miles over four days. Dozens of immigrants and allies joined the walk; leaders uplifted the message that everyone should be able to drive without fear of being arrested and deported -- and we are all safer when immigrants can legally drive, register, and insure their cars.

I joined the group at the very end of the March for a rally in front of the State House. I was struck by the joy I felt from everyone present. We were singing and dancing, we smiled and shed tears, and we greeted one another with warm hugs as we flowed in and out of roles as speakers, demonstrators, interpreters, and marshals.

It made me wonder what would be possible if more of our protests centered positive emotion -- the joy and power that we find when we join side by side and proclaim our values. --Carly Margolis, Organizing Fellow at ECM

Read the rest of the blog post here & learn how you can support the campaign here.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry Visits New Bedford

During a multi-day visit to Massachusetts, Bishop Michael Curry visited Grace Church in New Bedford to join a panel discussion with the Rt. Rev. Barbara C. Harris and House of Deputies Vice President Byron Rushing.

The Rev. Chris Morck of Grace Episcopal Church, who hosted the event, commented:
"New Bedford is a remarkable place. It has got challenges aplenty, socially, economically and in other ways, and I think many of us are aware at differing levels what those challenges are," Morck said. "But at the same time it seems to me it knowingly recognizes itself as a city built on the diversity of its waves of immigrant communities and this is part of its wealth. We need all voices to move us to journey together in conversation and challenge each other as well so that we can live out the way of love in ever fuller ways." Read the rest of the article in the South Coast Today .

ECM is Hiring!
ECM is hiring for three positions! Join our team  in this urgent moment in our country and exciting time in our organization's life.

Episcopal City Mission (ECM) is looking for a committed, energetic and high-performing organizer to work with our lead organizer, developing our leadership base across Episcopal communities in Massachusetts and organizing teams to take justice-based action.

Click here for a full job description

Episcopal City Mission (ECM) is looking for a committed, energetic and high-performing team member to manage all aspects of ECM's grants programs: Burgess Urban Fund, Parish Partnerships, Wider Community Partnerships and Amos Fund from publicizing availability to evaluation and follow up with grantees.

Episcopal City Mission (ECM) is looking for a committed, energetic and high-performing team member to develop and implement strong strategic communications. 

ECM Partners

Creation Care Challenge: Invest in the EDOM Fossil Fuel Free Fund

The Earth is the Lord's and all that is in it. [1 Corinthians 10:26]

In 2015, the Diocese created the Fossil Fuel Free Fund with the support of the Trustee of Donations. ECM and individual parishes have continued to contribute to this fund. Now in its third year, it has responded with a profitable annualized 13.3% return. The Fossil Fuel Free Fund is GROWING!

ECM and the Creation Care Justice Network invite you to consider moving some portion of your investments to this fund to match our contribution of $125,000. Will you work to "protect and restore the beauty and integrity of all creation" and accept the challenge? Click here to learn more about the Fossil Fuel Free Fund and other ways to take action beyond moving your parish's investments!

Coming Soon at ECM
JUNE 11, 2019 from 5:30 - 8:30 P.M. at BOSTON UNIVERSITY
This year's Annual Celebration will focus on the importance of finding hope in the now, through acting for change in a place rather than focusing on a lofty intangible hope that will manifest in the future.  The featured speaker is Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre, professor of Social Ethics and Latinx Studies at Iliff School of Theology, scholar-activist, author, and ordained Baptist minister. His books include
 Embracing Hopelessness  and  The U.S. Immigration Crisis: Towards and Ethics of Place .

This special event is free for all to attend. As ECM's annual fundraiser, we invite you, your parish or your organization to become an event sponsor. 

Praxis Groups: Studying the work of Miguel De La Torre
Praxis is a community of faith-rooted leaders who believe God calls us all to build liberating and joyful communities. To this end, we have dedicated ourselves to dismantling oppressive cultures of racial and economic injustice, such as white supremacy and individualism, by challenging dominant systems of power.

Praxis members meet monthly in small groups to both reflect on how they are called to lead and to commit to practicing courageous leadership in their various communities. This spring, Praxis groups will be studying the work of Miguel De La Torre. If you are interested in learning more about Praxis contact Dan Gelbtuch: Dan@EpiscopalCityMission.Org.