ECO is excited to announce two new resources for our churches this fall, developed through our ministry resource arm, Flourish. We are launching the Flourishing Disciples course to help your congregation grow a church-wide discipleship culture, and the Flourishing Leaders course to recalibrate your leadership and embrace Spirit-led transformation in every layer of church life.

A church's journey through the Flourish resources will usually begin with your Session committing to the Becoming a Flourishing Church course. Flourishing Disciples and Flourishing Leaders build off the material and structure introduced in Becoming a Flourishing Church. However, both of these new courses may also be used independently.

If you would like to receive more detailed information about these resources, click on the flyer images below or email info@flourishmovement.org.
Churches often want to focus on what they need to do to become vibrant congregations, yet neglect both the overall vitality of the congregation and the personal discipleship of their leaders. The premise of the Flourish resource materials is that flourishing churches are led by flourishing leaders who are flourishing disciples.
Becoming a Flourishing Church focuses on both discipleship and diagnosis. It helps session members and other church leaders focus on their individual growth as disciples. An ECO-appointed coach and a church health assessment will help leadership teams uncover how God is calling them to grow and move forward in ministry. Access this course on the ECO website, or email info@flourishmovement.org if you have further questions.
Flourishing Leaders (formerly ELI) is a journey to embark on with your fellow church leaders (elders, lay leaders, committees, staff) to facilitate your Spirit-led transformation as a leader, and reveal more effective ways to lead a flourishing church together. This resource is designed to be more than just informational, but can help you recalibrate your leadership teams, centered on being connected with Christ as you make decisions as spiritual leaders. We have individual growth exercises, communal experiences, and practical teaching grounded in theology to help your leadership team understand how God wants you to lead.
Flourishing Leaders requires an open mind and heart, leaving behind "how we have done it for decades," and being open to leading the church in new ways. In ECO we believe that our primary call as church leaders is to abide in the Lord's presence and invite others to join us there, which forms the foundation of a flourishing church. This resource will help you move towards creating a disciple-making culture in your church. For more information, please email info@flourishmovement.org.

Flourishing Disciples (formerly Discipleship Initiative) is a resource that we have designed to take your leaders and your church on an intentional journey towards disciple-making, personally and corporately. We believe that discipleship is much more than just knowing information. Discipleship is about the ongoing, life-long transformation of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others.  
Flourishing Disciples will train and equip an initial group of congregational leaders to grow as disciples, disciple others around them and help to establish a disciple-making culture in their church as a whole. For more information, please email info@flourishmovement.org.

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