The mission of ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians is to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.
- A word from ECO Synod Executive, Dana Allin
Last year I was at a meeting for all of the denominational leaders who are part of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). We met right after the election. As a result, there was significant dialogue about how the words evangelical and evangelicals have had negative associations. One denomination was even removing the word evangelical from their website because they didn't want the negative publicity. Unfortunately, the word evangelical has continued to have negative associations with the rise of groups like the alt right movement, the extremely conservative racist group, some of whose members might claim to be part of the evangelical church. Read more.
- A word from ECO member & RENOVATE attendee  
Jane Filkin  
I'm surprised by how much I look forward to our National Gathering every year. I'm eager to be led in worship - for my soul to be nourished and stretched. I'm excited to reconnect with friends from around the country and see the pastors in my covenant group.  
I'm hungry for biblical teaching, practical training, and resources we can bring home. There are so many gifts that God has given to me through late night conversations, quality time with elders, insights into Scripture, the sharing of ministry practices, and new friendships.  
And this year, I'm so curious what God will do as we all gather in Houston - a city that has experienced so much suffering. I'm thankful to be part of a movement that is discipling leaders that we might be sent by God to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.

- Jane Filkin | Pastor of Discipleship & Community, FPC Boulder, CO
- Update from Jason Pridmore, Director of Youth Ministry | Palm City Presbyterian Church, FL  
We spent a few days in the Florida Keys going house to house removing fallen trees, telephone poles, and a variety of debris (natural and manmade). It is a devastating landscape - might be more reminiscent of a third world country or even a war torn country. It is heartbreaking.
Along with our youth team, we were able to take several hundred pounds of supplies in addition to offer people power there.  We are planning several more short trips down as it seems as though clean-up will be ongoing for at least the next year, maybe more.  
Please continue fervent prayer for the Florida Keys!  
- A word from ECO Director of Mission Affinity Groups, Anna Kent
One of the blessings of our growth in ECO comes with the multiplication of our presbyteries. And because our presbyteries are multiplying, it means that we are living more fully into the idea of smaller, more relational presbyteries. Read more. 
 - A word from ECO Director of Global Engagement, Jen Haddox 
We live in a globalized world, where cross-cultural mission is nearer to our doorsteps than ever before, and the ends of the earth don't seem so far away. Even so, 2 billion people in the world do not have access to the Gospel and many suffer injustices from poverty and war. When we engage in mission together, we grow and God's Kingdom flourishes. Read more.
Join us at the January 2018 National Gathering Global Engagement pre-conference for another rich Global Engagement encounter, networking with other ECO missions leaders and being challenged by Pastor Sameh Hanna of Egypt's largest church, Phill Butler on Kingdom Partnerships, and Cindy Wu sharing about work with refugees.
 - A conference summary from ECO staff member, Mandy Abbas  
The Connecting Mission Leaders conference at the end of October was a wonderful gathering of mission leaders from ECO and other denominations. The Antioch Partners, Frontier Fellowship and The Outreach Foundation organized an impactful schedule of speakers, including Miriam Adeney, our delightful keynote addressee, who shared moving stories of God's work around the world in unexpected places and in individual lives.
Tharwat Wahba updated us on the Evangelical Presbyterian synod in Egypt with the work of the seminary and the church, and explained ways the church in America can partner with the church in the Middle East. Breakout sessions on inviting millennials to mission (mission experiences might be their first entry point into a desire to be part of the church), church planting, churches sharing their experiences and expertise in ministering to refugees and immigrants, engaging small churches in mission, engaging with Muslims, and more.
We were warmly hosted by First Presbyterian Church San Antonio, heard from two local pastors, and had plenty of time to network, sharing ideas and experiences.
- A word from ECO National Church Planting Catalyst
This past October, we held our second annual ECO Church Planting gathering in Houston, TX. We were thrilled to have 40 attendees from across the country. It was a wonderful time of sharing, prayer, worship, and equipping.
ECO has some wonderful church plants and planters reaching new communities for Christ. One such plant is Hope Community in Wilmington, NC, led by Nate Stratman. In late August of 2016, Nate and a few families began to start a church that desired to connect people to God, His people, and His mission. They launched in 2017 and have already begun to make an impact in their community and growing both numerically and spiritually. To find out more about Hope Community and to support their ongoing mission, please check out their website:
As well, we are beginning to see more "incubator" churches starting church planting residencies to train potential church planters. For instance, First Presbyterian Church of Houston, under the leadership of Jonathan Ramsay, have developed a church planting residency program and have three planters in their pipeline (Chris & Rebecca Harrison, and Emmanuel Paulpeter).
As we look to the New Year, there is much to be thankful for, but much work to do. 
Please continue to pray for the plants and planters in ECO as well as the new ECO Church Planting Steering Team (Becky Lahna, Wes Barry, and Keith Case) as they seek to lead our church planting efforts.
Thank you for your prayers and support! Subscribe to our mailing list to receive prayer requests and updates about ECO church plants across the nation or visit our website.

Trends in Philanthropic Giving: What You Can Do Now to Impact the Future
by Stefanie Marsden, Relationship Manager at TPF
Have you stopped recently to explore what's happening in the world of philanthropic giving? Our donors, what they give, and how they give are constantly changing. So, what's happening now? How does this impact your stewardship and fundraising efforts? 
Click HERE for more on current trends in philanthropic giving, as well as thoughts on how you can use them to encourage generosity and impact your mission in the future.

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