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What's happening at ECO-FIRST
We offer tank cleaning services
ECO-FIRST offers tank cleaning services for both under ground tanks (USTs) and above ground tanks (ASTs) of all types.

Whether your need is for a one-time clean out or routine cleaning to keep your system operating at peak performance, ECO-FIRST would be happy to assist you with any tank cleaning services needed.

From fuel storage to agriculture and mining applications, ECO-FIRST can help!
Scrap metal and debris hauling
ECO-FIRST is now assisting commercial and industrial clients with specialized freight, debris and scrap metal hauling services - in addition to our wide realm of environmental services.

Scrap metals, contaminated soils, construction, and demolition debris is all in our realm of capabilities, and we have a fleet of modern and reliable trucks and trailers ready to serve your transportation needs.

From dump trailers to tankers, lowboys, and dry vans, ECO-FIRST is here to help.
Need on site water treatment?
ECO-FIRST offers a full range of groundwater treatment services to our customers throughout our service area.

From bag filter applications to complex pump and treat systems, including carbon filtration, ECO-FIRST has the equipment, supplies and manpower to set up and operate your system, or simply rent you the equipment should you desire to do it yourself!
Meet Stephen Brown
Stephen "Woody" Brown has joined ECO-FIRST as an environmental specialist in our waste management group.

Woody brings more than 20 years of experience to ECO-FIRST. His past work experiences have included everything from chemical management to several careers related to paints and pigments.

Feel free to reach out to Woody for any environmental service via email at
3 Harvest View Drive
Lesage, West Virginia 25537
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