Your Next Flourishing Step

"Our primary desire is that every church would identify where God is calling them forward and take the next active step in that direction. "

- by ECO Synod Executive, Dana Allin

I hope and pray that you all had a wonderful Lenten season and Easter Sunday celebration of the powerful impact of the Resurrection on our lives and in our churches. One of my favorite books in the Bible is Acts, with it's great recounting of how the resurrection changed the whole trajectory, mission, and orientation of the disciples. Acts begins in the same way that the book of Matthew ends: A commission is given to the disciples who are going to be witnesses to every region and to every person in the world.  I can imagine the disciples who heard the words of Jesus were likely excited about the possibilities, and perhaps overwhelmed at the enormity of the task. I know if I had been a disciple in that room I would have asked, "Ok Jesus, so what is the next step I need to take?"... Read More


National Gathering

We are no longer meeting in the East and West....  we are now having just ONE 2019 National Gathering!

January 28-31, 2019
First Presbyterian Church, Colorado Springs

More details coming this summer - we can't wait to see you there!

2018 National Gathering Worship Videos

Ministry Information Forms

Thank you to everyone who submitted your church's
ministry information form by the March 30th  deadline!

If you have not submitted your 2017 MIF yet, please
do so as soon as possible. All church pastors and Session clerks received emailed instructions in February. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please email


Mission Affinity Groups Serving Christ Together!

Three churches from a West Texas MAG (FPC San Angelo, FPC Amarillo, and FPC Midland) got together this spring break for Hurricane Harvey relief.  What an awesome way for MAGs to serve Christ and those in need, while connecting with each other!

Healthy Leaders Lead Healthy Congregations!

"We encourage Pastor Covenant Groups to consider six areas of health when they connect together:  Spiritual, Relational, Emotional, Vocational, Congregational and Physical."

- by ECO Mission Affinity Group Director, Anna Kent

I remember John Ortberg making this simple, intuitive, yet very important statement at one of our first ECO gatherings.  It has stuck with me since then as I continue to repeat it time and time again when asked to speak about our covenantal accountability.  One of the major premises behind ECO's Pastoral Covenant Groups (PCG) and Mission Affinity Groups (MAG) is the idea of promoting a sense of health among our leaders.  We encourage PCGs to consider six areas of health when they connect together: Spiritual, Relational, Emotional, Vocational, Congregational and Physical. These areas of health offer excellent points of thought and reflection for all of our leaders in ECO. Read More


Global Engagement

Sharing in Grace and Mission 
- by ECO Director of Global Engagement, Jen Haddox

Earlier this spring I called together a group of mission leaders in Franklin, TN, to collaborate and connect about how to further strengthen ECO's Global Engagement. At the conclusion of our two-day consultation, I was overwhelmed by how energizing and productive our time had been. We had discerned priorities and mission practices together and generated ideas for what we could do in partnership that we could not accomplish as individual congregations or organizations. The synergy was tangible! And beyond the ideas and action steps we generated, we all were energized by the relationships that had formed and deepened during our conversations over ideas and around tables at meals.  Read More

 Kairos Moment at the Presbytery of Texas   Meeting

by Rev. Susan Finck
Pastor, El Calvario Presbyterian Church
There are two words for "time" in the New Testament:
chronos - the time on your watch, and kairos -  when God's time intersects the regular course of events, infused with His holiness and purposes. On behalf of all of us at ECPC Waco, we are thankful that God came near in a true ' kairos moment' during the Presbytery of Texas meeting this past January.

This expression of God's kairos time resulted in His kingdom's advance in multiple ways. When the "business" of the presbytery is truly God's business, there is structure and order but also a Spirit-led flexibility.  Read More

Church Plant Spotlight: 

Interview with River Cross Church Plant, Visalia, CA
Rev. Karl Schafer, Pastor

What is the vision for RiverCross?
The vision of RiverCross is to make relationships with Jesus real. We want to see everyone changed and impacted by finding or deepening their relationship with Jesus. We say that this means everyone must step into relationships with Jesus.

  - For people just now getting to know Jesus, we hope         they step into that relationship.

  - For people who already have relationships with Jesus,     we want to see them step further into those                       relationships.

This idea of "stepping in" is important to RiverCross because that's how we see God began the church, and it's how we see God continuing to move us. Our story is tied to the Bible's story about Joshua, specifically when he was leading God's people into that destination they had dreamed of for decades. Standing on the far banks of the Jordan River, they were poised to enter and yet at the same time wondered how it was possible. Looking at an overflowing river, it seemed impossible to take those last steps that would help them realize God's promise. But God called them to step in and cross the river anyway. When they stepped, God moved. Our church planting team agreed that God was calling us to step in, and when we did, God formed RiverCross Church.  Read More

Welcome to our newest ECO Church!

Vintage Faith Church
Santa Cruz, CA

"When we are with other ECO leaders it feels like we are stepping into the book of Acts. It  is so refreshing and energizing to hear discussion about mission, churches 
multiplying, and churches taking risks in order to reach people who don't know Jesus. It feels like we are home with kindred Kingdom builders knowing that in today's world mission is at the forefront of all we do even as ECO is rock-solid committed to the unchanging truths of Scripture amidst an ever changing world."   Dan Kimball, Pastor

Legacy Planning Opportunities with ECO & TPF

ECO and TPF can help you create a lasting legacy. Together, we offer a carefully developed collective of planned giving solutions that exist to enable and expand mission. Whether it's Donor Advised Funds, Endowments, Charitable Gift Annuities, or Charitable Remainder Trusts, we will work closely with you and your church members to ensure you continue to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ. As these options can be complicated, we have created a detailed guide designed take the mystery out of planned giving. Which option is best for you? We're happy to help you answer this question.

Visit our Legacy Planning Opportunities Website to order your complimentary and educational booklet online today.

If you prefer not to use the Internet for ordering, and/or have special instructions, please call Martha Ingrum at 800-955-3155 or email her at

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