Advent Blessings from the ECO Staff
"It was in Jesus' very nature to empty Himself for the people He wanted to redeem."
- A word from ECO Synod Executive, Dana Allin

Confession time. For the first few years of my pastoral ministry I did not enjoy preaching during Advent. I have always liked to preach through a book in the Bible and felt as if Advent interrupted the book I was working through with my congregation. Plus, to have to preach four weeks AND Christmas Eve on concepts all relating to the preparation for and birth of Jesus was challenging to keep fresh and new, year after year. I knew it was powerful that God became flesh in Jesus, but in my evangelical mindset, the power of the incarnation was primarily... Read More

Global Engagement

God is Transforming the Muslim World, and ECO Churches can be Part of this Story

- A word from ECO Executive Director of Ecclesiastical Support, Nate Dreesmann

"I grew up as a Muslim and have lived in this Muslim country all of my life. One day, Jesus came to me in a dream and revealed himself as the Messiah and Lord. I was afraid because becoming a Christian would cost me everything-it would cost my relationship with my family, my job, and perhaps my life, but I knew that was what Jesus wanted from me. I was able to find a copy of the New Testament that had been passed through many different people. As I read it, I understood that Jesus loved me. I wanted to follow Him. My family has disowned me and I lost my job, but Christ is with me and I trust in him..."

When a group of ECO church leaders recently traveled to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and London, we heard countless versions of this story as we met with believers from Iran and the Arab Peninsula. Their testimonies of how God, through the persecuted church and His glorious power, is leading Muslims into...  Read More

ECO National Gathering

Hurricane Relief Shirt Update

Flourish Resources

Check out our three new Flourish Resources: 

Becoming a Flourishing Church
This course focuses on both discipleship and diagnosis. It helps session members and other church leaders focus on their individual growth as disciples. This course will help leadership teams uncover how God is calling them to grow and move forward in ministry. 
Flourishing Disciples
This course will train and equip an initial group of congregational leaders to grow as disciples, disciple other around them and help to establish a disciple-making culture in their church as a whole. We're all in this together. 
Flourishing Leaders
This course is a journey to embark on with your fellow church leaders (elders, lay leaders, committees, staff) to facilitate your Spirit-led transformation as a leader, and reveal more effective ways to lead a Flourishing church together. 

Mission Affinity Groups

Hello, my ECO Peeps! As you're hustling and bustling with Christmas to-dos, or as you're pondering in your heart the coming of our Lord through this Advent season, 
I have a quick plug for the upcoming National Gathering in Houston where we will have
great breakout sessions focusing on MAGs:
  • MAGs: Let's Get It Started is designed to help any churches and leaders who are still not sure what MAGs are about or how to get engaged in the work of MAGs. 
  • MAGs: This Is How We Do It will include a panel of leaders from across ECO who will share stories about what they've learned and experienced in MAG groups, and why you should be doing MAGs too!   

If you have any questions about either of these sessions, please let me know! You can attend these breakout sessions even if you did not mark them on your initial registration. 

I look forward to seeing your sweet faces in Houston in January!! 
Many blessings,  Anna Kent ( ). 

Welcome New ECO Churches!

We are delighted that FPC Newport has joined ECO as church #358!   Their transitional pastors, Kimberly and Paul Merrill, will begin December 17th. Join us in praying for this new ECO church.
City Church Houston, TX "We're thrilled to be part of the ECO family because it is so outward-facing and gospel-centered. This will help us make City Church a safe place for those  outside Christianity to explore it." 
Leo Schuster, Lead Pastor
"We are extremely excited to officially be ECO at West Point Presbyterian! Being part of a Gospel centered movement that values the sufficiency of God's Word and seeks to empower local congregations for ministry is both refreshing and inspiring! We truly look forward to working together with ECO to build up God's Kingdom in our little part of the globe!" Jerry Ledbetter, Pastor

ECO Staff Transitions

From the Texas Presbyterian Foundation

Book Review - Emboldened by Tara Beth Leach

Advent Opportunities - From Frontier Fellowship

Christmas Gift Catalog
In this 2017 gift catalog, you'll find giving opportunities that make a tangible impact on the ministries of our partners around the world. They're faithfully serving in often difficult contexts, introducing Jesus to those who don't yet know Him and working for the holistic transformation of their communities. 

Advent Devotional
Click the link below to follow along with daily readings on  Frontier  Fellowship's blog, written by Frontier Fellowship staff, board members and ministry friends. We pray it helps you journey through Advent with renewed hope and joy, reflecting on the Good News ushered in with Jesus' birth and the promise of His future coming Kingdom.

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