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watch the recorded ECO Resource Webinar

Over the last year ECO has been partnering with some wonderful outside organizations, as well as developing and retooling some valuable resources for our congregations. We are excited to give an overview of these resources in the recorded webinar. 

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ECO Resource Webinar November 9

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Five resources covered in the video:
  1. Succession Planning- Churches with a pastor within five years of retirement can gain from our partnership with Will Heath at Auxano to provide this important succession planning process for ECO's congregations. Will has studied hundreds of transitions to determine the elements that help churches set up well for transition, and we are very grateful to
    gain from his expertise. 
  2. Assistance with Pastoral Search - ECO has partnered with PDPworks to create a process to help Pastor Nominating Committees (PNCs) clarify a measurable behavior profile and style desired in their next pastor. We also offer services to profile candidates and help PNCs ask the best questions of candidates (and their references) in order to make an informed hiring decision.
  3. Church Transformation Cohort - We are currently finishing the first Church Transformation Cohort in Western Pennsylvania. Paul Borden introduced this process at our 2017 National Gathering, and we are seeing tremendous success from the churches in this initial cohort, and are now ready to offer the cohort across the country via a combination of virtual and face-to-face engagements.
  4. Flourishing Disciples - We have created a resource to help churches develop a disciple-making culture, reworking the former Discipleship Initiative.
  5. Flourishing Leaders - This resource helps elders, as well as other leaders and ministry teams, experience Spirit-led transformation and learn more effective ways to lead a flourishing church together, fulfilling God's desire for their congregations. We have reworked aspects of ELI (Elder Leadership Institute) to make it more applicable to ECO polity and ethos. 

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