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ECORP is excited to announce that our Landscape Restoration Department has expanded their service offering to provide Landscape Architectural Services including landscape site planning, construction documentation, landscape planting and irrigation plans, visual analysis, urban landscape design, and park master planning. ECORP's newest service, Landscape Architecture, compliments the full suite of environmental services, from initial scientific studies, permitting, environmental analysis and reporting, environmental planning, landscape architecture and design, construction documentation, and long-term environmental landscape management.  


Jacqueline Higgins, who has been with ECORP for over five years, recently earned her professional license in Landscape Architecture. Ms. Higgins, PLA #5971, is experienced at designing, budgeting, and managing cost-effective landscape projects. She has 12 years of project management experience, with 10 years of experience in the field of horticultural landscape and irrigation design, with particular emphasis on ecological restorative systems design. Ms. Higgins excels at managing and working with interdisciplinary teams to create holistic enduring project solutions.  Her graduate studies during her Master of Landscape Architecture degree focused on a system-based approach to sustainable and regenerative ecological and environmental challenges.

Initial Site Assessment Photo of the
Del Mar Saltmarsh Restoration Project

Recently ECORP supported the 22nd District Agricultural Association at the Del Mar Fairgrounds by designing the restoration of over nine acres of saltmarsh and transitional upland habitat. ECORP is also working with the San Diego County Water Authority to complete construction documents for wetland mitigation in the Tijuana River Valley which was initially scoped at over 40 acres of wetlands. ECORP provides the City of Poway with many environmental services and recently worked with the City to complete the redesign of the ephemeral tributary to Rattlesnake Creek Streambank Stabilization Project. ECORP leveraged their specialized environmental expertise to support the City throughout the entire process by providing: initial biological studies, environmental regulatory permit compliance consultation, CEQA documentation, bioengineering and restoration design solutions, landscape architecture, vegetation removal monitoring, and cultural resources monitoring.


Poway Streambank Stabilization Project Construction Photo


Landscape Architecture Services is another link in the chain that continues to allow ECORP to provide the soup to nuts environmental suite of services from initial planning through design and construction, and long-term environmental monitoring.

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For more information on Landscape Architecture Services, please contact Jacqueline Higgins at (858) 279-4040.  


November 2013


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