Looking back on 2017.
The new year is well underway and we're excited for what's to come. In the spirit of celebrating progress, we sat down and had some fun compiling this list of major projects accomplished in Kandiyohi County in 2017. Enjoy the highlight reel below!
West Central Steel
is currently building a 90,000 square foot facility west of its current operations. The permit value is $6.8 million, excluding paving and site work. The building peak is 38 feet! Learn More
Rice Memorial Hospital & ACMC
are currently working together to construct the new Willmar Surgery Center. This 29,000 sq. ft. $11 million facility is more than double the size of the old one. There are over 90 staff, including 37 surgeons, that will move into the new facility when completed.  Learn More
Schwieters Chevrolet
is constructing a 28,220 sq. ft. building on the former Hawkinson property south of Willmar Avenue adjacent to the bypass. The permit value is $4.5 million, not including site work, paving, lighting, storm water improvements.  Learn More
Lakeland Elementary
the new elementary school constructed off Lakeland Drive encompasses 102,180 sq. ft. of space on the north side of Willmar Avenue and opened in January 2018. I believe the construction cost is approximately $27.8 million. It will house 600 students.  Learn More
Magnum Trucking
based in Fargo, constructed a 14,000 sq. ft. facility in the southwest corner of the 4th Addition of the Willmar Industrial Park (kittycorner from Jennie-O). To facilitate the project, the City of Willmar reduced the price of the 7.5 acre site from $405,000 to $270,000 based on number of jobs created and capital investment.  Learn More
Destination Playground
was a community-wide initiative and build project completed in May 2017 and is located in Robbins Island. It was a nearly $900,000 project that involved over 3,700 volunteers between the ages of 10 to 82. 
Other Notable Projects 
  • Legacy on First: a 7,600 sq. ft. space planned for retail, office and a restaurant with the second phase of 3,000 sq. ft. planned 
  • Kwik Trip: confirmed its plans to open three locations in Willmar in 2018
  • Kandi Mall: renovations and strip mall addition, including Starbucks and Aspen Dental 
  • Kandi Entertainment Center: up for sale - finishing planned banquets 43,000 sq. ft. with two commercial kitchens
  • Dooley's Petroleum: completed 10,000 sq. ft. corporate office building and 12,000 sq. ft. maintenance facility
  • Willmar Industrial Park: added paving, lights and installed power