September  2016
This month's summary starts with Ben, an aged mule from Amish country.  He worked hard his entire life and was afforded no retirement.  Instead, he was sold directly to a killbuyer in PA.  ERN raised funds and found Ben a home that offered a soft-landing and provide him with the love & care he deserves.  
She cleans up well!....The "before" photo shows this mare at the Bastrop Killpen.  Days after this picture was taken, the man riding her in this picture was arrested for Animal Abuse.  The mare arrived with an eye injury that has now fully healed.  She has a good attitude and will soon not be head shy anymore!
DONKEYS!  The following seven donkey were saved in collaboration with  Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue .  They  were owned by the killbuyer at the Bowie Killpen and went to the  Humane Society of Northern Texas for rehoming.  

China uses donkey hides in common medicines.   They have consumer over 80,000 donkeys in 2016 which created a international shortage for donkeys.  Therefore, rescuing donkeys is more difficult as supply & demand drives up prices..

ERN's two weanlings loading to head to the quarantine facility in Texas.
37 Yearlings were dropped off at auction, and 11 sold to a killbuyer.  

ERN volunteers worked to find homes  plus ERN purchased two weanlings that are now in quarantine.  Still looking for homes....

If we can find a registration number or a registered name, we can look up the breeder and owners through the AQHA registry database.   In this case, we found one breeder was responsible for all 37 weanlings.  So we called him!  Next,  we called the Welfare Committee Chairman for the AQHA.  

Most AQHA members are responsible horseman, but not all.  The AQHA Welfare Committee is working with us to help all breeders be responsible and accountable.
More quarter horses - All 7 were rescued by ERN and rehomed with approved MicroResuers. A yearling with a damaged eye, and three sets of mares & foals.  (Shown Below). 
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In September, we see many Camp Horses and Polo horses at auction after the season has ended.  We saw this camp horse and sent him to an approved MicroRescue Home in Pennsylvania.  
Four MORE lives saved from Bastrop, LA.  One of the most a notoriously awful killpens in the United States.  Known for unhealthy horses, abusive handlers, and violent behavior.  [Learn More]  - these four are all in the quarantine barn in Boxford, MA.  
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