EDItion July 2015  
Message from the President

Don K

Dear EDI Customers and Industry Partners, 

Welcome to our summer 2015 EDItion Newsletter. We hope you have plans for an enjoyable and relaxing summer. I personally have already had quite the adventure, albeit to some it probably doesn't sound all that relaxing. I put my name on the wait list in March 1995 for a permit to float the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon on a private, self-guided trip. My ticket was finally punched and 15 friends and I launched at Lee's Ferry on June 21.  We arrived at Diamond Creek 225 miles and 16 days later. I look forward to sharing some experiences and photos from our trip in our next EDItion.



2015 got off to a great start for us and so far shows no signs of slowing down. We continue to be blessed with awesome clients and even better employees. Since our last newsletter in December we have added 4 new employees - Rich Jordan and Kyle McGee in Atlanta; Raven DeVault and Stephanie Anderson in Denver. Rich is a seasoned data center operations veteran with nearly 30 years' experience operating and maintaining large enterprise data centers. Raven is an experienced business development professional. Both Kyle and Stephanie are recent college graduates. We are excited to have them join our team. Learn more about Rich, Raven, Kyle, and Stephanie below.


Our relationship with Memorial Sloan Kettering continues to grow and we appreciate that ongoing engagement. We were recently selected for a new project in Washington, DC that we are very excited to tell you more about in the future. We are also excited to continue relationships with St. Jude's Children's Hospital and All Children's Hospital. Our client, Genesis HealthCare in Zanesville, OH, recently finished their last patient relocation into their newly renovated and expanded hospital! Congrats on your new facility!


In this EDItion, Mark McComb shares some insights about low "e" glass,  its impact on cellular phone reception, and the growing need for distributed antennae systems in office buildings as a result. Carl Emery shares some thoughts on the growing need for technology program management and EDI's experience in this arena. Rich Jordan shares some thoughts and ideas on data center operations.


I hope you enjoy reading the information below. Have a great summer!



Don Kinser, PE, MBA, CPHIMS

Chairman, President & CEO  


New EDI Team Members!
Raven DeVault joined EDI on January 12 th  as the Vice President of Business Development for the Western Region. Raven will be responsible for the overall sales effort to grow EDI in the region and continue our "Count on Us" value of providing superior technology consulting and design. Raven brings 15 years of sales and business development experience to the Denver office. Raven previously served as Vice President of Sales for the Denver-Boulder Better Business Bureau. She holds a BA in Business Management from Metropolitan State University of Denver and is a member of ASHE, HIMSS, CAHED, and SMPS. 
Kyle McGee recently joined EDI as a Consultant out of our Atlanta headquarters. Kyle will provide BIM and CAD design services to support the low voltage technology systems EDI designs in the Eastern Region office. Kyle graduated in 2013 with Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Alabama and is a recent 2015 graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Originally from Vestavia Hills near Birmingham, AL, Kyle is excited to call Atlanta his new home. In his free time, he enjoys saltwater fishing, hunting, golf, rugby, basketball, football, hiking, skiing, and playing the guitar. 
Stephanie Anderson recently joined EDI as a Consultant out of our Denver office. Stephanie will provide BIM and CAD design services to support the low voltage technology systems EDI designs in the Western Region. Stephanie recently graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Physics. Originally from Tallahassee, she grew up in Coral Springs, FL but now calls Denver her home. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, archery, and practicing violin. 

Rich Jordan recently joined EDI as a Data Center Consultant in our Atlanta Office. Rich has over 25 years of experience in technical real estate property management and over 15 years in data center facilities design-build and operations consulting. His experience includes data center site selection, design, management, evaluation, and construction. In his career, Rich has served as an owner's rep for projects totaling over $145 million CAPEX. 

Technology Program Management
Carl Emery, VP Business Development Eastern Region

With over three decades of experience, EDI places extreme importance in staying abreast of the innovative technology solutions and project delivery methods necessary to ensure our clients receive the technology systems and the state-of-the-art facility they envision.  We have begun to see a new trend developing to respond to the huge challenge of planning, designing, procuring, and integrating technology systems on substantial hospital construction projects.  It is increasingly apparent to owners and program managers that Technology Scope Gaps can and do occur on their projects to the detriment of the budget, schedule, and ultimately their     new hospital. To Continue, Click Here
Tales from a Data Center Owner 
Rich Jordan, Data Center Consultant 


Data Center Facilities Management is a role that I wouldn't wish on the inexperienced and unprepared. After 25 years of operating these power hungry, heat belching monsters, I've learned that even 125 years would never be enough time to say you've seen it all. I can say without reservation, that I've seen enough to know that Murphy's not so distant and more data center-minded cousin, is always lurking nearby and eager to ensure that we don't enjoy even the occasional quiet day. It was a night, just like this ...To Continue, Click Here


The Impact of Low-E Glass on Your New Building
Mark McComb, EIT, Managing Principal Western Region

One key element of building communications and technology system design within a building is the trend for people to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This not only impacts a client's wireless network, but their ability to support cellular service within a building. There is an expectation with today's workforce that their smartphones will receive full coverage within any building. The problem we are encountering is the increased use of energy efficient glass in most new building construction to manage solar heat. 

Low-emissivity (low-E) coatings are microscopically thin metal layers that are deposited on a window surface to help keep heat on the same side of the glass from which it originated. This is great news for energy conservation, but horrible news for cellular signals. 
To Continue, Click Here
Project Updates

Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU - Richmond, VA - Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU's new patient pavilion is under construction. The structure is topped out and the interior fit out is proceeding. EDI designed all the low voltage communications and security systems for the 640,000 SF Outpatient Pavilion and integrated parking garage. For more info, click here.

Genesis Healthcare System - Zanesville, OH - On June 27th, Genesis Healthcare System completed its last major relocation of patients from the old Good Samaritan Hospital into the newly renovated Genesis Hospital. There is some ongoing small renovation work to be completed by November. The new hospital, with all private patient rooms, includes 47 emergency treatment rooms, 12 operating rooms including hybrid OR and cardio OR, and a state of the art cancer care center. For more info, click here.