EDOLA News | June 2020
Volume 14, Issue 5
Announcements from the Bishop's Office
COVID-19 Guidelines: Stages for Reopening Church Buildings for Worship

We continue to pray for you and your safety during this difficult time. Throughout these last few weeks a team of individuals, including healthcare professionals, have worked to draft guidelines for reopening the churches in the Diocese of Louisiana. This will take places in "stages" guided by directives from federal, state and local authorities and will roughly mirror the "phases" of a state's movement.

Every church in the Diocese of Louisiana has received this document. Clergy and vestries are working on plans to reopen churches in a way that best fits the needs of their congregation and communities following the guidelines issued by the diocese. Please stay in touch with your church as they announce plans to hold in-person worship once again. 

If you would like to view the "Stages for Reopening Church Building for Worship"  issued by the Diocese of Louisiana and other resources regarding COVID-19, please visit our website at  edola.org/guidelines-for-the-coronavirus-covid-19/ .
A Pastoral Note to the Diocese of Louisiana and Resources for Difficult Times 

From "Finding God in All of This Disorder" A Pastoral Note to the Communicants of the Diocese of Louisiana" from the Rt. Rev. Morris K. Thompson, Jr.: 

We find ourselves in the midst of so much chaos: COVID-19, the absence of being able to gather together for worship, another senseless killing of a black man by a policeman, and peaceful demonstrations that have transformed into burning cars and buildings. There are now two storms in the Gulf potentially headed for Louisiana. Where can we find God in all of this disorder?

I believe that God is found in the silence of our hearts. No matter how out of control these days may seem, God is in the midst of it all. 

Prayer Resources in These Difficult Times: 

Prayers for Social Justice
Ordination of Benjamin Jerome Nobles to the Sacred Order of Deacons

By the Grace of God, 
The Right Reverend Morris K. Thompson, Jr. 
Eleventh Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana 
will ordain
Benjamin Jerome Nobles
to the Sacred Order of Deacons
in Christ's One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
on Wednesday, June 10
two thousand and twenty
at six o'clock in the evening.
The service will be live-streamed from
Christ Church Cathedral
Harris Memorial Chapel
New Orleans, Louisiana
Your prayers and virtual attendance are requested.

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season began on June 1. In fact, while this email is being sent, the third named storm of the season has formed and the National Hurricane Center is projecting for it to head to Louisiana and make landfall on Monday morning. We urge you to take the time now to prepare for this storm and the possibility of any others this season.

There is a mantra we say when we talk about hurricane preparedness: Get a plan; build a kit; be informed. 
  • Do you know where to turn for critical information in the midst of a disaster?
  • Do you have a plan for when the power goes out? 
  • Do you have a one-week supply of non-perishable food and a 30-day supply of prescription medication? 
  • Do you know the contact information for your state, parish, or city's office of emergency preparedness? 
  • Do you know the facts about hurricanes and the dangers they can impose in your community? 
  • Do you know your evacuation route? 
  • Can you quickly gather your important documents? 
  • Do you know where to go to receive assistance after a hurricane? 

Here are a couple of websites to help you make your hurricane plan:

Ministry Stories
Serving Others in the Days of the COVID-19 Pandemic

[Photographs from Facebook Pages] Churches in the Diocese of Louisiana are reaching to help feed neighbors who are struggling after losing employment during the COVID-19 pandemic or are feeding front-line healthcare workers.  

Top row from left to right:  St. Anna's, New Orleans; St. George's, New Orleans; St. John's, Thibodaux. 

Bottom row from left to right: St. Mark's, Harvey; Trinity Loaves & Fishes, New Orleans; Trinity Church, Morgan City.
News from The Episcopal Church
Top Headlines from the Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs

Here are the top headlines from the Episcopal Church Office Of Public Affairs. To view all press releases,  click here.

Out and About (Virtually) in May
Diocesan Ascension Sunday Service

May 24, 2020: Diocesan Ascension Sunday Service

We are grateful to everyone who participated and watched the Diocesan Ascension Sunday Service. Contributions to the service were made from one end of the diocese to the other. We are especially grateful for Lluvia Peveto, communications director of St. James, Baton Rouge, for assembling the video.

Photo of the Month
Pentecost Sunday

[Screenshot from a Facebook Live Video on the St. Margaret's, Baton Rouge, Facebook Page] Several churches, following strict safety protocols, held an outdoor in-person worship service on Pentecost Sunday. St. Margaret's, Baton Rouge, held their service on the front lawn of the church. 
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