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Volume 13, Issue 2
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Read the Bishop's Lenten Book Study Reflections: Autopsy of a Deceased Church 

Throughout Lent, Bishop Thompson is studying and writing reflections on Autopsy of a Deceased Church by Thom S. Rainer.  The fourteen chapters detail congregations that have experienced a downward spiral and struggled with how to respond. You can read the reflections here.

Upcoming Diocesan Events

Monday, April 15 at 11 a.m.
Chrism Mass
Christ Church Cathedral, 2919 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans

May 17-18
132nd Annual Gathering of the ECW
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, 243 Barrow St, Houma

May 17-18
Deacon's Conference
Solomon Episcopal Conference Center, Loranger
More information: https://seccla.org/secc_events
June 13-15
Missional Voices National Gathering
Christ Church Cathedral, 2919 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans
More information:  www.missionalvoices.com

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News from Around the Diocese
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"Episcop-aliens" Invade Southdowns Parade
by Fr. John Tober, Curate, Trinity Episcopal Church, Baton Rouge

On the Friday before Mardi Gras, 34 teenagers and adults, and 1,000 pounds of throws boarded a float to ride in Baton Rouge's Southdowns parade. The parade, composed of 19 floats and various walking groups kicked off from Glasgow Middle School at 7pm to wind its way through Baton Rouge's Southdowns neighborhood, passing Trinity Episcopal Church and School, before the floats and groups dispersed at the head of Cloverdale Ave. The parade is widely acknowledged as the most family-friendly of the Baton Rouge season, and the deanery's float was fourth in line behind the dignitaries' entries.

"This was one of my proudest days as a priest in the Diocese of Louisiana," Fr. Tommy Dillon of St. Margaret's Church said. "It was a wonderful opportunity for Episcopalians to be a witness about who we are, and to come together in witness to the community."

The parade entry was a grass-roots effort that brought people from five area communities (Trinity, St. Patrick's, St. Margaret's, Grace, and Camp Hardtner) together, sharing costs and providing staffing and supplies for the evening.

"The parade was an easy win for us to incorporate into the community. All it took was a little outside-the-box thinking and a bit of work to make it happen" Fr. John Tober said. He continued, "For the cost, it was a phenomenal team-building opportunity for deanery youth, and the public-relations opportunity to witness to the community eclipsed the material costs involved-especially when shared among a number of parishes."

The theme of the parade was "Science Fiction: Resistance Is Futile," and the Episcopal "Koinonia Krewe"-a Greek word meaning "Fellowship with other Christians or with God"-decked out in matching t-shirts for the event. These "Episcop-aliens" reveled in the Episcopal Church's return to the Southdowns Parade after a 10-year hiatus.

"Participating in the Southdowns Parade was a lot of fun. We often forget that Mardi Gras began in the church. Riding in the parade is an exciting way to teach our youth about the traditions of the church while also giving them an opportunity to share the Good News of God," Fr. Ashley Freeman said; "It's a great reminder that being a Christian doesn't mean you can't have fun. Rather, this event was a great way for the Episcopal youth from around Baton Rouge to remind people of the Joy we find in God through Christ."

Look for us again at next year's parade!

Three Churches Celebrated Their 175th Anniversary in March

Photo from the St. John's, Thibodaux, Facebook page.

Happy 175th Anniversary to Church of the Annunciation, New Orleans, St. James, Baton Rouge, and St. John's, Thibodaux. All three celebrated their dodransbicentennial in March. 

St. John's kicked off a yearlong celebration on March 15. You can find video and photographs from the weekend on their Facebook Page here.

Church of the Annunciation held a service followed by a party on March 24. You can find photographs from the evening on their Facebook Page here.
Serving & Preserving the Environment

Thank you to all who attended Serving & Preserving the Environment at St. George's on Saturday, March 16. Speakers at the forum included the Rt. Rev. Mark Andrus, Bishop of the Diocese of California; Professor Mark Davis, Tulane University ByWater Institute; and Helen Rose Patterson, Restore the Mississippi River Delta. We learned about the role of faith communities in the work of environmental care, environmental issues impacting Louisiana, and partnerships between non-profit organizations and congregations in the work of restoring our coast. We also heard from representatives from several churches in the diocese who spoke about the work they are doing in environmental care.

To learn more about the Environmental Commission of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana, click here
Men's Retreat

[Photo by Mark Berry, Christ Church, Covington]

Men from Christ Church, Covington, and across the diocese and beyond gathered for their annual retreat at the Solomon Episcopal Conference Center on March 22-24. The keynote speaker was Scott Stoner of Living Compass.
Photo of the Month
Springtime at Grace Memorial, Hammond
[Photograph from the Grace Memorial Facebook Page] Enjoy the beauty of the Japanese Magnolia outside of Grace Memorial. 
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