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January 5, 2020
New Restaurant Opens in EDo
Located at 300 Broadway NE, La Finca Bowls is a fast and fresh, build-to-order grain bowl concept with a strong focus on local produce and high quality ingredients.  
     Owners, Nathan and Mekala, started as a 100% local food truck in Puerto Rico, and are reinventing in Nathan's hometown, Albuquerque, as a quick-service restaurant with an inviting atmosphere. Offering endless choices like everything-seasoned salmon, seared shiitakes, lemony garlic pickled green beans, and house made roasted red pepper/cilantro aioli, La Finca Bowls delivers a delicious and creative menu. With dietary conscience options, 100% Gluten Free and a Vegan/Vegetarian friendly kitchen, their aim is to continue to grow the quick and healthy alternatives right here in EDo! Plenty of parking right out front on Broadway.
Nine Keys to Safe Downtown Streets
Albuquerque had the foresight in 2014 to hire Jeff Speck, premier urbanist, to research and publish a Downtown Walkability Analysis, adopted as City policy. Since that time, Albuquerque has chosen to ignore his recommendations in favor of the status quo. Not surprisingly, Downtown and the close-in historic neighborhoods continue to languish while other cities following Jeff's recommendations are seeing substantial progress in more housing, more businesses and jobs, safer and more enjoyable streets and public spaces.
     This article reminds us of Jeff's approach to building a better Downtown. We urge the Keller Administration and the City Council to get busy implementing the 2014 recommendations. 
New Mexico is Dangerous for Pedestrians
We're the 4th most dangerous state in the nation for pedestrians. Nothing to be proud of! Unfortunately, Albuquerque is a big contributor to the problem.
     We can talk about "Vision Zero," whose goals are zero pedestrian and bicycle deaths, but until we change street design by implementing our Complete Streets Ordinance (thank you Councilor Benton and others), nothing will change.
     We keep hearing a lot about "One Albuquerque." When is that aspiration going to apply to our citizens on foot and on bicycles, and not just to people in motor vehicles?
Americans Trust the US Postal Service
In a recent survey, 42 percent of Americans said they put "a lot" of trust in the Postal Service to do the right thing, the most trusted spot. Amazon and Google followed with 38.8 and 37.9 percent. Only 7 percent put the same trust in the US Government. 
     Here in EDo, we appreciate our mail carriers.  Thank you!
New Mexico Tries to Refashion Its Economy
A recent billboard showed photos of a pristine natural landscape with a river flowing next to one of fracking pump jacks in southeast N.M., with the question "Governor Lujan Grisham, which side are you on?" We think it's a fair question.
     Our State is collecting large revenues from fossil fuel extraction on the one hand, while implementing the Energy Transition Act to sustainable sources on the other hand. All somewhat schizophrenic.
Here's an idea from your editor, presented to Governor Bill Richardson in 2007 in the Governor's Task Force report "Querencia." (Your editor was the Vice Chair). We think this study is still a wise step for our State government to undertake, with the brightest economists and the best job creation specialists in the USA and elsewhere.  Is Santa Fe listening?
Portland Launches a Climate Justice Tax
In a local version of the Green New Deal introduced in the U.S. Congress, and following passage of a ballot initiative in 2018, Portland will raise $60 M per year from a new tax on big retailers. (There is no sales tax in Oregon). The money will be used to supply clean, efficient energy and jobs to the working poor of Portland.
     As discussed in the article, God and the Devil will be in the details, and in measuring the effectiveness of the program in achieving its laudable goals. In keeping with the previous article, other cities including Albuquerque might consider implementing progressive pollution and climate change taxes, while reducing other taxes - the goal being a reduction in pollution and an increase in clean economy jobs, without taxes increasing overall.
     As natural events around the world are showing, our ecosystem services on which we have depended but abused are starting to show the strain. Time to think differently!