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March 22, 2017
ART Construction Update
The Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) is a bus rapid transit system for Central Avenue, including the 1/2-mile section in EDo and Huning Highlands. After years of planning, construction began in October 2016. City officials expect the system to begin preliminary operations in August 2017.
     The EDo Neighborhood Association and the Huning Highland Historic District Association have supported ART, with conditions. Those conditions involve such design specifics like pedestrian-first crosswalks at all intersections, on-street parking to protect pedestrians from moving vehicles, a covered shelter at the ART station, and proper stop locations and shelters for the 66 bus operation, which will continue.  
     Board Members for both associations continue to meet with City officials on our recommendations for small design changes that make the ART project better for all of us. These changes have been suggested by Peter Swift, a nationally prominent transportation engineer who believes - as we do - that pedestrians are the lifeblood of successful neighborhoods, transit systems, and local economies. If crossing the street remains difficult for pedestrians, who will ride the ART? 
Central Avenue - Good to Great
Using a federal grant for transit-oriented development planning, the City recently hired a team of 20 specialists in urban design, land use and transportation planning, engineering, and economic development headed by PlaceMakers. In a series of meetings and workshops, the team gathered public input regarding development opportunities at 9 future ART stations on Central from Louisiana west to Coors, including the stop in EDo at Walter and Central. Their final presentation may be found here.  
     Two issues of greatest importance to EDo and Huning Highlands are one, maintain or enhance all development entitlements from the EDo Master Plan approved back in 2005 by the City Council. Two, fully share the on-street parking in the neighborhood by both residents and customers of local businesses. At the current time, the neighborhood parking permit program is preventing this common sense use of a shared public asset. A 2004 parking study, still valid today, showed that about 75% of the almost 1,000 on-street parking spaces within a 5-minute walk of Central (not including Central) are vacant at peak residential use hours. 
Tim Keller for Mayor
We are supporting State Auditor Tim Keller's efforts to qualify for the October 3rd ballot for Mayor of Albuquerque, through 5,000 registered voter petition signatures. We also support his efforts to qualify for public financing of his campaign through get $5 donations from 5,000 registered voters. That money goes to the City of Albuquerque. You can assist in this effort at
The Right (and Wrong) Approach to Stormwater Management
Our City engineer has been contacting a number of land owners in EDo and Huning Highland, announcing that their property may be acquired by eminent domain by the City for stormwater management facilities. Bad idea! First, buying those lots costs taxpayers lots of money.    Second, buying those lots mean they will not be developed to support our economic and fiscal gain, or support our new ART system. Third, doing this won't solve the stormwater problem. 
     Here's what they're doing in Los Angeles. Less expensive. More effective. Green infrastructure. C'mon Albuquerque, look around for better ideas!      
Lobo Rainforest Building - Coming Soon to EDo
Innovate ABQ is being developed as the hub of the Innovation Central district at Broadway & Central in EDo. The first phase, the Lobo Rainforest Building, operated by UNM, is scheduled for completion in early August of 2017 and will feature 155 2-bedroom graduate and Innovation Academy student apartments, as well as the UNM Innovation Academy, STC.UNM, Air Force Research Laboratories, a Nusenda Credit Union electronic branch, and a small cafe. Further development on site will include business incubators, startup spaces, and community spaces focused on job creation and economic development.
Qbrik's Daily General - Opening Soon
Coming this May to EDo at 300 Broadway Boulevard NE - Qbrik's Daily General Store! Your neighborhood source for snacks, candy, home goods, kitchenware, bathroom essentials, personal care, micro-pharmacy, and unique items from local-Albuquerque merchants and merchants around the globe! Qbrik's mission is to function as your go-to retailer for all non-perishable household items.
     Qbrik's Daily General will feature Albuquerque's own Theorem Organics - a brand new and unique line of uber high-end organic, toxin-free household cleaners & personal care items. If there are any specific brands or home goods items you are interested in Qbrik's carrying, please feel free to reach out to the owner, Brian Gage -
     And please support the other EDo businesses adjacent to Qbriik's at BelVedere/Urban Courtyard Living - Hartford Square Cafe and Revelry Salon.
Oakland's First Pedestrian Czar   
Walkable and complete urban neighborhoods across the country are proving their advantages. Significantly higher economic activity per developed acre. Significantly higher tax collections per acre for local government.  Higher property and resale values. Higher transit ridership. Better public health and public safety.  
     EDo and Huning Highlands continue to work toward their goal of being Albuquerque's most complete and walkable neighborhood. Public policies through two consecutive Mayors continues to work against our efforts. Here's what Oakland is doing to make their city better, and more profitable for all their citizens. 
More ...
In the Neighborhood  
Congratulations to The Grove Cafe & Market, Hartford Square, and Hotel Parq Central for their recent positive recognition in Bon Appetit Magazine. It's all our local businesses, in EDo and elsewhere, that make Albuquerque unique and memorable!

"Planting Spirit, Sowing Seeds," this year's art and writings exhibit by the students of the Gordon Bernell Charter School at the Metropolitan Detention Center, comes to the Special Collections Library at 423 Central Avenue NE from April 17th through May 18th. There is an opening reception on Thursday, April 27th from 4:00-6:00 PM, including some local tasty treats. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!