to our Spring 2019 Newsletter

As we approach the final stretch of the Spring semester, it is a time to prepare for a relaxing summer but also a time to reflect on the great accomplishments of our students and faculty. 

Faculty and students continue receiving international acclaim. Most notably, Professor Tsividis was elected to the National Academy of Engineering; Professor Lipson was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and was awarded the National Academy of Sciences' Comstock Prize.

Continuing our long tradition of excellence, our faculty engage students in forward-looking research. Professor Mesgarani translates brain signals into speech. Professor Khodagholy develops novel ion-driven transistors that enable real-time sensing and processing of body signals. Professor Preindl develops a machine learning model that can more accurately estimate a Li-Ion battery's charge level.

We are delighted to share these Spring updates, and on behalf of Columbia's EE Department, our best wishes and enjoy the summer months!