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February 2021 Newsletter

The JACE® 8000 is a compact, embedded IoT (Internet of Things) controller and server platform for connecting multiple and diverse devices and sub-systems. With internet connectivity and webserving capability, the JACE 8000 controller provides integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management. It streams data and rich graphical displays to a standard web browser via an Ethernet or wireless LAN, or remotely over the internet. VYKON Enterprise Security is a Niagara AX-based application that runs on the JACE 8000. VYKON Integrated Analytics 2.0 is a data analytics extension to the Niagara Framework® available on JACE 8000 controllers


Energy Equipment Controls is now offering LUX thermostats thanks to their partnership with Johnson Controls. 

The LUX CS1 Smart Thermostat is all about accessibility. The price point, approachable design, and intuitive technology make it one of the most affordable, feature-packed smart thermostats on the market.  This Energy Star® certified LUXCS1 is priced below comparable thermostat models to make the benefits of smart technology more accessible to both homeowners and building operators.

The LUX CS1 combines traditional thermostat functionality such as large digits with advanced features including geofencing powered by the LUX App. For smart technology beginners and veterans alike, it is the perfect gateway to connected comfort, control, and savings.
  • Minimal set-up - flexible installation that uses a power wire, C-wire, or LUX Power Bridge
  • Intuitive design - instinctive interface, large digits, backlighting, and easy access to temperature and scheduling settings
  • Extensive compatibility - integrates with a wide range of heating and cooling systems to fit within most homes and buildings
  • Smart assistants - voice control with Amazon Alexa® and Google Assistant®
  • Smart app - compatible with the new LUX App
  • Energy Star certified
New LUX App

When paired with the new upgraded LUX app, released in 2020, you can use a variety of easy-to-use LUX CS1 features for effortless comfort, control, and savings. 
Use the new LUX App for the following features: 
  • Use your phone to change the temperature from any location
  • An informative concise dashboard has important details, such as weather highlights powered by AccuWeather
  • Home and Away Aware saves energy when you are away and delivers comfort when you are home
  • Alerts inform you when the temperature becomes too hot or too cold in your home, or when it is time to change the filter
  • Easy setup and schedule management with the intuitive scheduling interface
  • Runtime statistics show how much your heating or cooling system has been running
Koch Air Filters

Designed for commercial and residential use, Koch Filter's pleated filter products are ideal for maintaining optimal indoor air quality.

Multi-Pleat BOSS
  • Premium heavy duty construction
  • Heavy gage expanded metal backing
  • Highest dust holding capacity media blend for long life
  • Low operating resistance to airflow saves energy
  • High wet strength, moisture resistant beverage-board frame
  • Available in 2" and 4" depths
  • Available in MERV 8, MERV 11 and MERV 13
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Delivering exceptional capability and scalability

Johnson Controls® is pleased to announce a new bundled release for Facility Explorer (FX) Building Automation System. With many new and enhanced system components, this release maximizes scalability and system performances and streamlines installations. Key highlights at this release include the following:
  • All new next-generation FX Supervisory Plant Controller series to help maximize system performance and prevent unauthorized access
  • New models to expand the next-generation FX CG/CV series equipment controllers
    • New 10-point CGM04060 general purpose application control to provide a cost-effective option to control smaller or less sophisticated equipment
    • New 8-point CVM03050-0P VAV box controller with an integrated potentiometer to provide feedback of the VAV box damper's actual position
  • Three new XPM expansion input/output (I/O) modules to meet specific controls project requirements
  • New programmable Touch Advanced Display for quick insights

Introducing Facility Explorer Supervisory Family Software Release 14.9.1

The new additions and features of FX Supervisory Family Software Release 14.9.1 include auto tagging enhancements, TEC3000 color compatibility, cybersecurity fixes, and additional security and connectivity enhancements. Additional features include Single Sign-On (SSO) with internal identity provider (IdP), updated MQTT driver supporting Amazon® Web Services, and a new JSON Toolkit.

Introducing Next-Generation Supervisory Controller Series
The FX Supervisory Plant Controller (SNC) series is a brand-new family of hybrid controllers that combine both supervisory and equipment control functionality into a unified hardware and software offering.
  • New F4-SNC25151-0x/x models-40 I/O points with 25 inputs and 15 outputs. The F4-SNC25151-0H and F4-SNC25151-04H models have a display where you can view Alarms, Overrides, Equipment Data, and Trends.
  • New F4-SNC16121-0x models­-28 I/O points with 16 inputs and 12 outputs.
The SNC series performs a key role in Facility Explorer system architecture providing network management and system-wide control coordination over one or more networks of equipment controllers. These new supervisory controllers also support BACnet® Protocol Revision 18 for improved interoperability with third-party BACnet devices. Other features include onboard inputs and outputs, Ethernet ports to support daisy-chain IP networking, and the ability to add I/O modules and other devices through the SA bus provide additional options to cost-effectively meet controls project requirements.

Introducing the System Configuration Tool (SCT) 14.1

Johnson Controls is pleased to announce the release of SCT 14.1 with supervisory device package files for Facility Explorer devices. You can use SCT 14.1 in all phases of engineering, installation, and commissioning devices such as the F4-SNC for use within a Facility Explorer system. The SCT package files contain the software used to create the F4-SNC system database and includes:
  • System navigation
  • Field bus configuration
  • Management of Facility Explorer field controllers
  • Configuration of extensions such as trends, alarms, and totalizations
  • Configuration of schedules
  • Trunk utilities allows for mass configuration sub-ordinate Facility Explorer field controllers
Facility Explorer tools suite offer features to streamline software management and reduce configuration time for customers, control engineers, installers, and technicians.  Detailed information of complete SCT 14.1 functionality can be found within the SCT help files. 
New models and enhancements to next-generation controller family
We are expanding the next-generation equipment controller family to include one new general purpose application equipment controller model, one new VAV box controller model with position feedback, and three new expansion I/O modules. 
  • New CGM04060 model-10-I/O, general purpose application controller that is smaller than, but similar to, the CGM09090 model, and provides a cost-effective option to control smaller or less sophisticated equipment; a functional replacement option for the FX-PCG16 series controllers.
  • New CVM03050-0P model-8-I/O VAV box controller with an integrated potentiometer to provide feedback of the VAV box damper's actual position.
  • Three new XPM expansion I/O modules-expand I/O interfaces of both legacy and next-generation controllers and provide both a cost-effective option to meet specific controls project requirements and a functional replacement option for the PCX series expansion I/O modules.
We are introducing several enhancements to the controller family, including:
  • The CV series controllers will begin shipping with a pre-loaded set of 14 of the most popular JCI-designed and tested VAV box control applications, that enables the CV series controllers to be fully operational without the need to create a custom program. These applications can be field selected by MAP Gateways that run Map 5.0.2 or later.
  • Integral real-time clock, which enables the controllers to monitor and control schedules, calendars, and trends, and operate for extended periods of time as standalone controllers when offline from the Facility Explorer system network.
Introducing the Johnson Controls Touch Advanced Display (TAD)
The Johnson Controls TAD is a comprehensive series of freely programmable operator interfaces that features both BACnet IP and MS/TP communication and colorful, graphic displays with touch-screen interface. TAD displays feature bright TFT widescreen (16:9) displays of different sizes 4.3 in., 7 in., and 10 in. with a fully dimmable LED backlight and resistive touch interface. The integrated HTML5 web server grants remote access whenever you connect the units to an accessible IP network.

The TAD Series offers an unprecedented price to performance ratio to meet challenging applications requirements from offices to control rooms. They combine state-of-the art features and top performance with an outstanding design. The TAD Series is the ideal choice for User Interface (UI) applications that enable an intuitive and easy interaction with the building automation controls and equipment.

Tools bundle to simplify ordering and streamline software management

The FX tools suite offer features to streamline software management and reduce configuration time for customers, control engineers, installers, and technicians. Additionally, you can benefit from a more cost-effective approach when you purchase a bundle instead of individual tools. The tools bundle provides a perpetual license for each product included, and a one-year subscription to keep technicians up to date with the latest enhancements and features.
Tool Bundle includes the following tools and features:
  • Controller Configuration Tool (CCT)
  • System Configuration Tool (SCT)
  • Application and Parameters Loading Tool (APLT)
  • EasyCAF
  • Field Controller Packages
  • One year subscription
Do you utilize any of these AX JACEs within your facilities?
If so, there are only 252 more days until the Niagara AX platform reaches its end of life. As of July 1, 2021, replacements for all legacy JACES will end, all AX licenses and license options will end, and Niagara fixes for defects and cyber issues will end. After this date, there will be no future updates or security patches. With Tridium's conversion tool, adapting AX stations to N4 can be a seamless transition.

Contact Energy Equipment Controls today for guidance on your N4 transition plan!


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