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July 2021 Newsletter

RTU solution

Traditionally, rooftop units are installed and ignored until something goes wrong. And building owners are challenged to curb energy costs. Climatix RT along with Climatix VFD are designed to monitor RTU performance and operate the unit more efficiently. Our independent testing results have demonstrated the ability to increase the integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER) by 20% with the Climatix RTU solution package and Climatix VFD installed.

Designed to make Contractors more efficient and faster - from installation to troubleshooting and basic service. 
The Climatix RTU solution is designed to be used with minimal interface. The kit you order includes the Climatix RT controller paired with room unit sensors for demand-controlled ventilation plus sensors for temperature, humidity and differential pressure. This kit addresses core RTU performance optimization. You have the option to include the Climatix VFD for enhanced efficiency and OpenAir damper actuators for reliable, long-lasting fresh air management.


Did you know that Energy Equipment Controls sells wire? We carry low-voltage wire and cable for the following markets:
  • Temperature Control
  • Security / Access Control
  • Voice / Data
  • Fire
  • and more!
Contact your EEC sales representative today for pricing and keep an eye out for special pricing coming in August!

EEC Training Room
495 Business Park Lane
Allentown, PA 18109

Participants will receive an overview of the Facility Explorer MSTP field controller system, create programs from standard tree systems using the Programmable Controller and Commissioning tool, then connect to Bluetooth® and Zigbee® connections and download code into the controllers after setting up the hardware and software to communicate properly.

Course Topics:
  • Intro To The Facility Explorer MSTP
    Field Controllers System
  • Application Creation
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Mobile Access Portal
  • Transferring Files 
  • IO Commissioning
  • Commissioning Programs
  • Zigbee® Wireless Communications
  • Logic Blocks
  • PRAC+ and PID
  • Sequencers
  • Hands on Labs

The course will be led by an instructor from Johnson Controls in EEC's training room in Allentown, PA.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided Monday through Thursday. Breakfast will be provided Friday.

Classes will run 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Class will end early on Friday at 11:30 AM.
The class is limited to 9 students. Please click here or call 1-800-360-3324 to register. 
Belimo Sensors Inc. Introduces Opera Gas Detection Product Range

Eddie Kelley, Product Manager of Belimo Sensors and Meters discusses the integration of Opera gas detection devices into the Belimo Sensor portfolio, and how these businesses became a match for each other.  Learn about the development of new sensing solutions and their applications.  

View this webinar and many others HERE
July Technical Training from Resideo
Honeywell Home Non-Connected Thermostats: Simple & Reliable
July 27, 2021 | 3:00 PM EST

Register HERE
Do you utilize any of these AX JACEs within your facilities?
If so, the Niagara AX platform has recently reached its end of life. As of July 1, 2021, replacements for all legacy JACES have ended, all AX licenses and license options have ended, and Niagara fixes for defects and cyber issues have also ended. There will be no future updates or security patches. With Tridium's conversion tool, adapting AX stations to N4 can be a seamless transition.

Contact Energy Equipment Controls today for guidance on your N4 transition plan!