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EEOC Updates Employer Guidance on Coronavir us and the ADA
On May 7, 2020, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued additional answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about how employers should comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) while also observing all applicable emergency workplace safety guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic. The new FAQs were added to guidance that the EEOC previously issued on March 18, 2020, and updated on
April 9, 17, and 23, 2020.

Compliance Matters: Layoffs, Furloughs, and Recalls
If you missed  ThinkHR’s “Compliance Matters: Layoffs, Furloughs, and Recalls” webinar, it covered key compliance considerations to better inform employers making tough decisions about their workforce. The agenda included:
  • Layoffs: Termination Tips and Traps
  • Furloughs: Employment Limbo
  • Recalls: Paperwork and Deciding Whom to Bring Back

It had such valuable information that we are including the r ecording and slides f or your access when convenient.
A reminder that the RMV is still e nforcing a strict no walk-in policy. The only transactions that will be processed are those that the RMV considers 'essential' - obtaining a commercial driver's license or commercial learner's permit to assist with the supply chain during the State of Emergency declaration, registering a newly purchased vehicle as your primary mode of transportation for employment or obtaining medication and other necessary treatments, or transferring your license or registration from another state for residency requirements. Appointments are needed to complete 'essential' transactions, and reservations
can be made on-line . Visit the RMV website for more information.
Pandemic Training Courses
ThinkHR's learn platform provides training solutions to help on-board new employees, keep your team in compliance, and retain your top performers. It includes:
  •  Interactive, high quality training videos available on an unlimited basis
  • Training courses suited for both employees and managers
  • Certificates of Completion available for successfully completed courses
  •  A Learning Management System that enables you to easily assign courses to employees with due dates and automatic reminder notifications
  • Valuable content on topics of Harassment, Workplace Safety, Professional Development, Compliance & Legal, Environment & Climate, Human Resources and Customer Service.
View their course catelog.

This is made available to Toole client's at no cost. Contact us today if you need assistance accessing your complimentary ThinkHR account.
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