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EES & PARENTS KICKING OFF A NEW SCHOOL YEAR! Moms and dads everywhere are constantly considering the  safety of their children. We believe developing an educational climate that creates  trust and security for teachers and administrators alike is a vital key in maintaining an advantageous learning environment! At Edwards Electronic Systems, Inc. we are proud to ensure the life-safety and security of both students and teachers through school security and fire alarm systems. During an emergency, you can trust our systems to alert the entire school population, as well as the local fire department. We have 3 Teams of Certified Technicians that are dedicated to performing annual fire inspections. Since 1997, EES has specialized in installation and proper maintenance of fire alarm systems used in schools and educational facilities all across North Carolina. If you would like more information on what we can provide for the security and life-safety of your local school, please call 919-359-2239. 

During the month of September, may we all take a moment to remember those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks. To the individuals who worked in the trade centers as well as those who gave their life trying to save the lives of others, they will never be forgotten. Furthermore, may we be an encouragement to those whose lives are still impacted by the loss of a loved one and the grievances of that day. It seems that every year on September 11th through friends, family, co-workers, social media, etc, we as Americans find the strength to come together as one, showing that freedom and democracy still stands strong in America! (Click here to watch an inspiring 9/11 tribute provided by May we always remember that we were not attacked by doing something wrong, rather by what we do right. Lastly, take a moment to tell your young children about the day that reshaped our great nation and the history of the world!


Michael Edwards, President and CEO
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