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  • A Note from the Principals
  • Materials Pick UpDate
  • Mark Your Calendar

A Note from the Principals...

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Thank you for everyone who attended (in person and virtually) the first Town Hall and PTO General Meeting last night. It was great to share the State of the School and the exciting things we are up to at Highlands.

For those of you who were not able to join, Click HERE to see the video of the event.

-Katie Mahoney, Principal


Do you need additional support?

Please respond to this form to let us know if you need additional support or not. Please fill out the form either way. What do we mean by additional support? Here are a couple of the areas we can help with...

Breakfast and Lunch - We have free breakfast and lunch available to pick up for those in need of it. Please let us know if this is something that your family is in need of.

PE and Art Materials - If you need supplies for Art or PE we can provide that for you in next week's materials pick up.

-Sean Beverson, Assistant Principal

Materials Pick UpDate

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Next Materials Pick Up Date...

Wednesday, Sept 22

Come between 8:00-1:00. The bags will be in the vestibule at Highlands on tables. Come on take your students bag and you are good to go!


Picture Day


Sept 21

EEVP students are welcome to come to have their picture taken between 8:00-1:00.

After the pictures are taken, you will receive an email with instructions on how to review them and make purchases. Your student DOES NOT need to order or bring money ahead of time.

Retake Day is Oct 26

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Thursday, September 23rd

This year Curriculum Night will be virtual. Watch your child’s classroom video to get informed about the amazing year ahead. Then come to the Virtual Google Meet Townhall meeting at your grade level/CP family’s assigned time.

  • 4:00-4:30 - 4th, 5th, Virtual 5/6, all CP
  • 4:30-5:00 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Virtual 1/2, Virtual 3rd
  • 5:00-5:30 - Kindergarten, Virtual K/1

Look for links for classroom videos in next week's newsletter.

Great Gathering

It’s time to gather together again! 

The 2021 Great Gathering is moving up to November 5th to take full advantage of the amazing Braemar Clubhouse (inside and out) to make this year’s event as safe as possible. There will also be plenty of ways to support the school virtually by bidding on the silent auction or signing up for small gatherings!

We have the date and the place - now we need your help.

Please consider signing up to volunteer and donating a Small Gathering. Your generosity is truly what makes our gathering great!

From the Media Center...

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How to put books on hold using a Chromebook (Grades 3-5) Click HERE

How to put books on hold using an iPad (Grades KG-2) Click HERE


Want to join Site Council?


Highlands Site Council will be meeting next Monday, Sept 23rd. If you are interested in helping make Highlands an even better space, we have leadership and volunteer opportunities available. If you are interested please Click HERE to fill out the form and we will reach out to your shortly.

Highlands PTO

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PTO Dues - if you have not done so already, please pay your PTO dues and update your family information in Membership ToolKit here or on the app. 

Volunteer Opportunities – we have many great opportunities to volunteer right away! Check out the Membership ToolKit where these opportunities are posted for sign ups: 

               10:30-11:30am Kindergarten - 3rd grade lunch shift

               11:30-12:30pm CP and 4th/5th grade lunch shift

Highlands Together - Join Today!

Highlands Together is a small confidential support group for the HL community. How it works: When the principal or social worker has a need to support a student or family (school supplies, winter gear, snack, etc.) they will reach out to the point person for Highlands Together and make the request. Then that person sends an email to the confidential distribution list requesting the items or assistance with the need and gives directions on how to drop them off in the office for the social worker, Addie Hakes.


It’s a fantastic way to give and support Highlands and it’s kids! If you would like to join the distribution list please send an email to with Highlands Together in the subject line.