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(A) Questions on Equal Opportunity in the Workplace
Historically, enforcement of E.O. 11246 was how the Department of Labor (DOL) broke the glass ceiling for other minorities and women.  But Asian Americans, AsAms, continue to face the lowest chance for promotion to management among all groups.  See:
(1)  If elected, will you issue an executive order to direct DOL to examine the data it collects from Federal contractors to identify the contractors that are discriminating against Asian Americans in promotion to management, and to order these contractors to remedy discrimination or face debarment?
(2)  If elected, will you issue an Executive Order directing the federal agencies to recruit and promote qualified Asian Americans to Senior Executive Service?  
(B) 1 Question on Equal Opportunity in College Admissions
                AsAms face the lowest opportunity to be admitted to elite colleges, given their qualifications. 

See . T he Departments of Education and Justice are investigating complaints of discrimination against Asian Americans by elite universities, including Harvard and Yale.
(3)  If elected, will you issue an executive order to withhold Federal funding from any college that your Departments of Education or Justice or the Supreme Court have found to have systematically discriminated against Asian Americans in college admissions?
(C) 1 Question on Equal Justice
AsAm scientists are frequently targeted for racial profiling.  Most recently, Chinese American scientists have faced targeting after FBI Director Christopher Wray stated that the U.S. must take a "whole of society" response to threats from the Chinese government.  See

(4)  If elected, will you create a special office in the White House, whose director will have the equivalent rank of an Assistant Secretary, while having the direct access to the Director of FBI, to receive complaints from Asian Americans regarding being racially profiled? 

(D) Questions on Equal Empowerment

(5)  If elected, will you direct the Chair of your Transition Team to seek 80-20's input regarding Cabinet and sub-Cabinet appointments involving the issues raised in the above questions? (e.g., the Department of Justice and Department of Education officials in charge of investigating discrimination against Asian Americans in college admissions, or the Department of Labor official(s) in charge of investigating Federal contractors for discrimination against AsAms.)
(6)  If elected, in your 3rd year as our President, will you host a meeting at the White House to review with a group of Asian American national leaders, put together jointly by 80-20 and your administration, the progress on the issues above: equal opportunity in the workplace; equal opportunity in college admissions; and protection against racial profiling? 

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