Pray for future church planters and their teams.

We need to begin and continue to pray faithfully for future church planters within our movement! Pray that God would guide them and open the doors that He wants them to step through. Pray that God would begin to place a burden and a call on these men and women, and that they would find the process (as developed by the Multiplication Team) to be empowering and inspiring.

Pray for core leadership teams to rise up around church planters. We pray for people who believe in the visions God has placed in the heart of the planters. Pray for the leadership teams to help protect, guide, and grow those visions into full fruition of God's greater plan. Pray for unity, grace, and provision.

Pray for financial provisions for future church plants.

It takes financial support to start a church as well as a lot of faith and sacrifice. Pray that God provides financially for every church plant. We pray that they will walk in wisdom as they strive to be good stewards of those resources. Pray for provision for the families of the church planters.

Pray for unity within our movement in regards to church planting.

It is our belief that church planting will be the means by which our movement grows. We desire to impact a generation that is slipping away from the truth of God's Word with the truth of the gospel. Pray that every church, every pastor, and every heart would become united in God's mission. Pray that our pastors would catch the vision for planting churches. We desire for our pastors to become excited and passionate about planting new works and that their passion would generate the same excitement and passion within the churches.

Pray for an abundant harvest!

This isn't just about growing EFC-ER as a denomination; rather, it is about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world! We deeply desire to see EFC-ER grow because of new conversions and people giving their lives to the King of Kings. Church planting is one of the most effective ways to grow! So let's do it!

Pray that our established churches begin to see an abundant harvest of new souls coming into the kingdom. We pray that our future church plants would experience a miraculous outpouring of evangelistic spirit in order to reap an incredible harvest!