Welcome to EFC-ER's Weekly Encourager. We trust that this will become a bright spot each week in your emails. The purpose of the Weekly Encourager is to provide up-to-date information about region-wide events, prayer requests, and helpful resources from the local churches. 

Pastors, we encourage you to attend this year's Mini-Conference! It is a great time to connect and worship with other pastors. Spouses are especially welcome to this day of fellowship. Childcare available in the North from 9am - 12pm but please let us know if you need it. We will hear from Mike Clifford of the Apprenticeship Institute as well as devotions from pastors Alex Feldman (North) and Mike Barnes (South). Registrations may be sent to the World Outreach Center c/o Julie Jenkins.
Upcoming Events:
* December 1 
- Northern Pastors Mini Conference
at Church of the Savior in Wooster, Ohio.  
Check the website for details.
* December 3 
- Southern Pastors Mini Conference
at Brian's Steak House in South Hill, VA.  
Check the website for details.

As You Look Ahead to 2016:  (may be subject to change)
* January 22-24 - Youth Awakening
* February 11 - Grand Board Retreat
* April 19-22 - Pastors' Conference (MAB recording interviews April 19)
* April 29 - May 1 - Men in Missions Retreat
* May 7 - Malone Graduation in Canton, Ohio
* July 22-26 - Yearly Meeting 2016
* November 1-4 - EFM and EFC-NA in Ohio
* November 11-13 - Youth Explosion at Friends Church: Willoughby Hills

We trust that every church is sharing these prayer requests within their local prayer community. Here are this week's requests: 

1 - Our prayers and sympathy to the family of Mark Barnes (former youth pastor at West Gate Friends) as he passed away last week.
2 - Please pray for Peggy Luff (wife of Karl, pastor at Martinsville Trinity) who had a stroke last week but is improving. 
3 - Keep Jean Steel, wife of Pastor Thomas Steel at Peniel, in your prayers as she had back surgery Tuesday afternoon.
Celebrating Stories with Friends! 
Friends Church: Willoughby Hills hosted Youth Explosion 2015 in Cleveland this past weekend. They have held Youth Explosion since 1987 and have reached tens of thousands of young people over the years. This year it was attended by over 1,000 youth. YE featured speakers Reggie Dabbs and Spencer Centuolo and artists NF, Colony House, Derek Minor, 321 Improv, Brian Johnson, and Zach Loomis. 
  Together under the leadership of Pastor Jim Davis, the staff and members of the church put together yet another incredible event. Wayne Evans (General Superintendent, bottom right) was able to attend as well as Malone on the Road (top right). Thanks to all who attended and made this event possible! 
Over 80 years ago, Everett Cattell passed out scarves with maps of Nepal sewn on them. They were given as a reminder to pray that one day we would be able to enter Nepal to do missions. If you happen to have one of those scarves, or know someone who does, please contact the World Outreach Center. Thank you for your help!  
Missions Updates

The EFM Christmas Catalog online store is now open! For more information and a letter from Director Dan Cammack, visit www.friendsmission.com.
Keeping It Fresh: Monthly Communication Tips
The Communication Board would like to offer you possible ideas of how to follow up with visitors:
  • Pastor letter the same week they visit.
  • Guest reception every quarter.
  • Response card for their experience.
  • Phone call following letter sent out from pastor or assimilation ministry.
  • Small gift sent following repeated attendance.
  • Invitation sent to come to a small group for new attendees.
  • Information packet given upon visit with information of the church's ministry and history.
  • Personal visit from pastor or elder following repeated visits to the church.
  • After visitor attends, keep track to see if they return, if not send self-addressed postcard for feedback.
  • Send a calendar of events in a mailing following the pastor letter.
  • Pastor, lay leaders, elder, or assimilation ministers invite for a coffee date.
At Yearly Meeting in lieu of the CE Board giving out curriculum materials this year, they have gifted each church with a $25 gift certificate to Lion & Lamb Bookstore. These gift certificates need to be used by Monday, December 28. You can either visit or call the store (330) 332-8501 to make your order. Even if you don't need it until January, you can still make the purchase, pay now, and receive it in January. 
World Outreach Center
5350 Broadmoor Cir., NW
Canton, OH 44709
Julia McDonald, Editor
A Little Extra.... QUOTES  FOR THE WEEK:

"Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice. 
I can choose to be grateful even when my emotions and feelings are still steeped in hurt and resentment. 
It is amazing how many occasions present themselves in which I can choose gratitude instead of a complaint. 
I can choose to be grateful when I am criticized, even when my heart still responds in bitterness. I can choose to speak about goodness and beauty, even when my inner eye still looks for someone to accuse or something to call ugly.
- Henri J. M. Nouwen

We hope you've enjoyed catching up with news from the EFC-ER office.
More information and news will be coming each week. 
Please send Julia ( jmcdonald@efcer.org ) any of your suggestions, quotes,  and/or ideas for weekly encouragement .