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Welcome to EFC-ER's Weekly Encourager. We trust that this will become a bright spot each week in your emails. The purpose of the Weekly Encourager is to provide up-to-the minute information about region-wide events, prayer requests and helpful resources from the local churches. We will close each email with a quick quote and/or survey to gather helpful resources from leaders to share with our wider Friends family. 
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A few follow-up points to Yearly Meeting

1 - If you'd like to watch the complete videos of the 

     Yearly Meeting sessions, 

      everything is posted on-line. 


2 -The completed copy of the Delegate Packet (including the Outgoing Epistle) is available in digital format through the following link:


3 - The 3 minute video shared during the closing service is available through the following link:

4 - If you appreciated the One Page Bible or One Page Book of John, copies may be purchased through their website: www.onepagebible.net The original price for the One Page Bible is $429 but it is available to Friends for only $275. Simply enter "FRIENDS" in the coupon code toward the end of the transaction.

Below is a short summary from Theresa Mabry 
about the 2nd Annual 5K Run/1 Mile Walk:
It was exciting to hold the 2nd Annual 5K Run/1Mile Walk during Yearly Meeting.  The event took place on Sunday, July 20th at 7:30am at Malone University.  There were twelve participants, two walkers and ten runners.  The walkers stayed on the Malone track the whole time and the runners started and finished at the track while running around campus to fill out the 5K. 
Our overall 5K men's winner was Caleb Knighten and the overall 5K women's winner was Emma Knighten.  Our first pastor to finish the 5K was Mark Condo from Colony Friends.  The person to raise the most money through sponsorship was Pastor Scott Rose from Mt. Pleasant Friends.  Each participant received a shirt and all the extra money raised will go to EFM (Evangelical Friends Missions).  Each of our top four winners, Caleb, Emma, Mark, and Scott will have $25.00 donated in their name to the EFM Orphan Project.  
We would love to see more people get involved in this great event and raise more money for missions.  See you all next year!

We're looking for stories from our churches!
Has your church experienced a great mission trip, VBS, outreach project or hosted a memorable event lately?
We'd like to hear about it and share it with our wider Friends family! Please send your pictures and stories of Mission Trips, church events, etc. to Julia Barber: jbarber@efcer.org.
Weekly Encourager for July 30, 2014

Kathy Johnson 
is in need of a 
Hospitality Chairman
 for this year's retreat.
Responsibilities would include table decorations 
for Saturday evening banquet and stage decorations for weekend. For more information in these areas, please contact Kathy Johnson directly via e-mail:
or cell phone: 330-853-5288. 

LOST & FOUND during Yearly Meeting:
Several of our translation receivers were not returned at the close of Yearly Meeting. These are actually a little pricey to replace. If you accidentally took one home, please send it back to the W.O.C. as soon as possible.
One Bible written for the deaf was found following Yearly Meeting. If you know someone missing their special Bible, please contact our office. We'd love to re-unite it with it's owner. Thank you!

LET'S MOVE INTO THE DIGITAL AGE... but not leave behind those without digital skills.
Please be sure to print out copies of this newsletter for those without access to a digital copy. Printable pdf versions of this are available at our website:

Moving into the 
Digital Age... means keeping current with the EFC-ER website. 
* Invite your church to go to the website, bookmark it, and sign up for the Weekly Encourager. www.efcer.org 

World Outreach Center
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Donna Neff, Editor

 A Little Extra.... QUOTE FOR THE WEEK:
What a great time at the EFC-ER's Yearly Meeting
Dr. Wayne's Monday evening sermon included this statement: 
"There is no substitute for our personal pursuit of the Lord. 
Methods are not what make the church grow. 
God makes the church grow."

 "But I [Jesus], when I am lifted up from the earth, 
will draw all men to myself." (John 12:32)
We hope you've enjoyed catching up with news from the EFC-ER office.
More information and news will be coming each week.
Please send Donna any of your suggestions and/or ideas for this weekly encouragement.
Stay tuned.... we've just begun!

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