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Welcome to EFC-ER's Weekly Encourager. We trust that this will become a bright spot each week in your emails. The purpose of the Weekly Encourager is to provide up-to-the minute information about region-wide events, prayer requests and helpful resources from the local churches. We will close each email with a quick quote and/or survey to gather helpful resources from leaders to share with our wider Friends family. 
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Yearly Meeting is only 1 week away!

Yearly Meeting Brochures, Posters and more have been mailed to every church... watch for materials and join with Friends for a great time of worship, business and good fellowship!



A couple of Yearly Meeting reminders:


1 - Executive Board Members, please RSVP to Julie Jenkins if you and your spouse will be attending the dinner on Friday after orientation.


2 - Pastors, please submit your delegate list to Julia Barber (jbarber@efcer.org) if you have not done so.
<<  What's new  this year at Yearly Meeting - 
        What exactly is a "Missionfest?"       >>>
Saturday Evening's traditional "Missionary Banquet" is being updated with a new venue and location. We will be meeting all together at Malone University's Osborne Hall for one event.
Last week's summary of Missionfest (posted below*) brought a few questions.... let's answer those now.
1 - There will be plenty of tables with seating for all as we enjoy the variety of foods. Those unable to carry their plates or with limited mobility will have help from younger volunteers.
2 - Osborne Hall is Malone's gymnasium and it's large enough to hold everyone. A portable, commercial grade cooling system will be used.
* This year's Missionfest will feel more like a wedding reception with international foods and plenty of time for folks to share laughs and highlights of their year with friends they only see once a year. Here's what we envision:
Like a wedding reception, friends come to celebrate & be together.
- There's time to stop and re-connect.
- People can mingle throughout the evening.
- There won't be a long speech, only short interruptions to share
     mission moments with the whole group.
- Everyone can enjoy the varieties of food at their pace.
- Those new to the family are warmly welcomed and have the
     chance to meet new friends, and share about their lives.
>>> Now that you know a little more about Missionfest, register today! 
<<<What can you expect during Monday afternoon's Pastor's Think Tank?>>>
 We'll look at two separate areas of ministry: 
1 - RE-Imagine Leadership support for Pastors 
      and Churches.
How can we best use our pool of leadership resources to support the local pastor and church?
Wayne, the superintendents, EP & E Board members and others will share in a discussion about ways to best support and build up our local church families.
2 - Re-Imagine... Missions Promotion at the 
     Local Church:
     Traditionally, we've sent Missions Month promotional materials to churches annually. Now is a good time to evaluate which materials you've found most helpful and explore new ideas.
     A short survey will be circulated and then we'll open the floor for discussion and ideas. The superintendents along with Donna Neff, Communications Director, will be there to listen and take your suggestions as we work together to provide the best and most effective materials to promote missions at the local church level.  

5K/ 1 Mile Walk for Missions - 


(T-shirts will not be guaranteed for registrations after today)


THIS EVENT IS FOR EVERYONE! New this year, we're adding some special incentives for our pastors to participate and for all participants to initiate sponsors for their participation.

There will be a prize awarded for the first pastor to finish the 5K plus we are encouraging all participants to gather sponsors for your racing/walking. All proceeds will go to missions. There will also be a prize for the person who raises the most support. Registration forms available on line. (http://www.efcer.org/ym2014/5k)


Attention Pastors! Details on a Marriage "Prepare/Enrich" Seminar (7/23/14) have been sent to every church.

to be held the Wednesday following Yearly Meeting at the WOC. This is the perfect time, while you're in Canton, to take an extra day for certification or refreshment of skills and tools available to help prepare couples for marriage and enrich the marriages of folks in your church.

Click here to review the flyer sent to every church.

Registration and payments are due by July 15th.

Trinity International University Graduate is looking for pastors to participate in research project:
Paige Cunningham, with the Center for Bio Ethics and Human Dignity at Trinity International University, is looking for pastors who are willing to take part in a survey about pastors' awareness of health issues within their congregation.
Interested pastors simply need to take an on-line survey here (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SMV2LPP)
The survey will close on Monday, July 14, 2014.

Did you know that Pelham Friends Youth were invited to sing with Toby Mac on stage during his concert in Canada? Be sure to ask someone from Pelham about it during Yearly Meeting next week.
Pastor Matt Sandler of Bellefontaine (OH)  Friends Church married Stacey (Bazzle) Sandlin on June 28, 2014. 
An update on Friends Church Transitions:
The following churches have recently filled pastoral positions:
* Goshen Friends (Western Ohio District) welcomes 
    Richard Wayne Downing as pastor.
* Penn Friends (new affiliate, pending delegate approval) welcomes
    Greg Compton as pastor.
* Salem Southeast Friends (Northeastern Ohio District) welcomed
    Craig Henry as pastor, beginning June 1, 2014.
Please continue to pray for the following churches as they seek the Lord's leading in their next pastor.
* Mt. Carmel Friends (Western Ohio District)
* Raisin Valley Friends (Michigan District)
* Shiloh Chapel (Western Ohio) - NOTE: Russel Zinn is serving as
    interim pastor until someone is called to fill the position.
* Springdale Friends (Eastern Ohio District)


Weekly Encourager for July 9, 2014
FREEBIES  from the EFC-ER Office!
During the upgrades at the WOC, we've sorted and found some duplicate and slightly used items we'd like to share on a "first to come and pickup" basis.
Contact Julia Barber 
(jbarber@efcer.org) or phone the office to confirm a good time to pick up your goodies! 
- chalkboard
- "aged" Canon video camera
    (needs repair) and bag
- Dell computer monitor
- 4 and 2-drawer file cabinets
- plastic office chair floor mats
- fire extinguisher container
Donations Requested:
- 2 glass wall-hanging shelves
- TV wall hanger bracket (Sanus)
- Sony hand-held video camera
- zip drive materials
(There are a few more pieces of internet equipment and stereo components available. Details will be provided by Julia Barber upon request.)
An Update on Youth Summer Activities from Quint Bryan:

Summer is a great time for Mission Trips. Many churches are on trips, planning trips, or recovering from trips. Please add safety and good health to your prayers for our Friends family as many experience Summer Mission trips. 

Below is an update on EFC-ER's Youth Board Mission/Work Trips:

1 - Aliquippa update:

* Dates: July 15-18

* We have around 100 kids and leaders registered!

These kids will leave Aliquippa in time to arrive for the FY United experience during Yearly Meeting. Please pray for good health, safety, and energy levels of the leaders who are with them!
2 - Trip to Navajo Reservation
"Our Dine' ministry trip with Salem First young adults went very well. We helped prepare for a revival event to be hosted by Rough Rock Friends next week. The youth interacted with the four dine' (Navajo) churches throughout our time as they worked, prayed, worshipped and were immersed  in the community and culture. The group definitely knows the taste of mutton and dry bread now."
SPECIAL NOTE: A few of our friends from the Navajo Nation will be with us at Yearly Meeting. Please help to make them feel welcome if you see them.
Don't miss hearing 
John & Sangi VanLal from Nepal!

John and Sangi Vanlal are available to speak during the month of August. John is an excellent presenter and would bring an insightful look into the Evangelical Friends work in Nepal. John and Sangi would need transportation from Alliance, Ohio. 

Contact Julie Jenkins (jjenkins@efcer.org) to schedule them in your church or small group Bible Study. 

World Outreach Center
5350 Broadmoor Cir., NW
Canton, OH 44709
Donna Neff, Editor

LET'S MOVE INTO THE DIGITAL AGE... but not leave behind those without digital skills.
Please be sure to print out copies of this newsletter for those without access to a digital copy. Printable pdf versions of this are available at our website:

Moving into the 
Digital Age... means keeping current with the EFC-ER website. 
* Invite your church to go to the website, bookmark it, and sign up for the Weekly Encourager. www.efcer.org 

 A Little Extra.... QUOTE FOR THE WEEK:
"We're all in this together." 
~Kathy Hardee
"That on the day of our Lord Jesus you will boast of us as we will boast of you." 
(2 Corinthians 1:14)
We hope you've enjoyed catching up with news from the EFC-ER office.
More information and news will be coming each week.
Please send Donna any of your suggestions and/or ideas for this weekly encouragement.
Stay tuned.... we've just begun!

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