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Pruning - Lessons from Some Guy's Garage

In this month's article Bob Osborne, EFCA West's director of church health, takes a thoughtful look at the mess in some guy's garage and applies it to life and to church leadership. 

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Healthy Churches Stand on the Authority of Scripture | Partners with the President with Bill Riedel.

As you’ll read in the following article, credible signs point to evangelicals and the larger body of Christ moving away from the authority of the Scriptures. To have a healthy church community, a commitment to the Scriptures must be the bedrock of that community. The same is true for our movement of churches. So, how do pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders lead the people of God to stand on the authority of the Scriptures in their lives for their good and God’s glory? 

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Are you curious about the role of an interim pastor? Do you wonder if you might be a good fit for the role? Leading churches through transition to the next season of ministry takes a seasoned pastor. One who can help churches navigate hurt, instability, and uncertainty. One who provides hope and care in the face of discouragement. Learn more about the unique and valuable role of an interim pastor.

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New Church Plant in San Gabriel Valley

Pray for David and Mimi Park as they prepare to plant a church in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County this year. If you would like to know more about this EFCA West church plant, send David an email: david.park@efca.org.


Generosity Within the EFCA West Family

In 2022, churches and individuals from our District had the opportunity to unify in an effort to exercise generosity accomplishing a couple of large financial needs within our constituency. 

Payson, AZ - In the middle of winter 2021, Pastor Miguel Chaparro and his wife Norma were celebrating their wedding anniversary and mission trip in northern Mexico when they received the alarming news that their home in Payson, AZ had been completely burned down in middle of night. Their daughter, who was sleeping in her room, barely escaped the house with her life intact. 

As we heard of this sad news, the EFCA West District established a GoFundMe account to give all of us an opportunity to contribute. The goal was to raise $15,000 for immediate financial assistance There were 41 donors who answered the call to participate for a total amount collected of $21,890. By Spring of 2022, their house was finally built, and they were able to move back in. Miguel and his family are now enjoying a brand-new house. They are very thankful to God and you for loving them.

El Paso, TX – The seasonal Monsoon weather got the best of the roof of one of our Hispanic churches in El Paso. The “Centro Biblico La Luz” church building suffered heavy roof damage and flooding throughout the whole building. Their Insurance Company covered the damages to the roof, however, the replacing the central cooling/heating system was not included. This church had a new roof but no functioning air conditioning.

The congregation faithfully met every Sunday that summer enduring temperatures of 95 degrees in the sanctuary. As soon as were made aware of this situation, we put together a campaign to fund a new cooling/heating system for this church.

Several of our District churches came along side “La Luz” to contribute with an amount just under $15,000 for a brand-new central air system. Then an added blessing came in June 2022, when a donation was given by one of our churches to provide 60 new chairs for their main auditorium. Pastor Carlos Cheu and his congregation are thankful to God and you for loving them.  


2023 EFCA Theology Conference

February 8-10, 2023 |Deerfield, IL

This year, the EFCA Theology Conference will focus on the doctrine of God, grounding our focus in Article 1 of our EFCA Statement of Faith.

All of our plenary messages will arise from what we confess and profess in this Article. D. A. Carson, Gavin Ortlund and Fred Sanders will be joining us.

The pre-conference, beginning on Wednesday, February 8 at 9 a.m., will be around the theme A Theology of the Body and Human Sexuality: God’s Divine Design and “Did God Actually Say?”.


Healthy Missions


Jan 16 - Feb 14, 2023

Online Event


Disability & Special Needs

Ministry Webinar

January 26, 2023

Online Event


Campus Pastor Gathering

February 27-March 1

Christ Community Church

Laguna Hills, CA


2023 EFCA One

June 20-22, 2023

Fullerton, California



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