Today, August 29, Wellmark's new IFP (Individal & Family Plans) Quoting & Enrollment system is up and running for ACA business.    
As the new system goes live, you may experience intermittent outages.  Please try back later if you cannot get logged in.  
Other changes that will also go in effect as of today - August 29:
  1. Form Changes
  2. Processing change request for ACA business
  3. Faxing documents instead of emailing
  4. Call-center changes
  5. Billing Changes
  6. Participant guide to the new system
  7. Future Improvements
(1) Form Changes

Form Number Form Name Form Changes
All Forms All Forms The Meaningfull Access and Non-Discrimination (MAND) Notice and Taglines will be added to all forms
N-53290 (IA) Individual and Family (IFP) Application
N-5432 (IA) ACA Contract Change Forms These forms will be retired and changes involving contract changes will now need to be handled over the phone
N-5428 (IA) GF/GM pre- ACA Contract Change Form -Revised layout
-Billing information questions revised
-Effective date languate in Section H revised
-Addition of Required Federal Accessibility and Nondiscrimination Notice

N-5707 Direct Pay Information Change Request Form (IA) This form will be retired, as it will no longer be necessary
N-57190 ACA Tobacco Declartion Form (IA) This form will be retired, as the process will now be handled over the phone

(2) Processing change request for ACA business

You will no longer submit change forms if you need to make any updates or changes to a plan.
Instead, you will need to dial 800-819-0893 and make changes over the phone. The current
change forms will be retired, as outlined in the above chart in the "Form Changes" section.

(3) Faxing documents instead of emailing

Documents will no longer be accepted via email. Instead, you will need to fax them to this
number: 844-820-0939.

(4) Call-center changes

When you or a member calls Wellmark for a billing, enrollment, or claims issue at 800-819-0893, the menu you hear will be different than the previously heard options, so please pay attention when listening to the prompts. Here is a quick guide for your reference:
  Option 1: For payments, balance, and payment history, press or say 1.
  Option 2: For claims, forms, or to order an ID card, 2.
  Option 3: For new coverage or policy renewals, 3.
  Option 4: For plan changes and all other questions, 4.
  Option 9: To repeat, 9.

(5) Billing changes

There will be several new features and updates to the billing process for members. These include:

New billing features. Including:
  • New billing statements.
  • Access to the Member Portal with better experience and functionality.
  • Several new letters and eNotes that will be sent from the system.
Automatic account withdrawal dates will change. For roughly 5,924 members, funds will
now be pulled on the fifth of the month instead of the first of the month. This change will
take place with the member's September payment, and the impacted members have
been sent letters to notify them of the change.

Billing addresses will change. Today Wellmark stores up to three different addresses for a
  • Physical address - used for rating purposes.
  • Mailing address - used for mailing all member correspondence (i.e. claim letters,
  • EOBs, etc.).
  • Billing address - used for mailing member bills to a third party.
When members are moved to the new system, only two addresses can be stored -
physical and mailing. Beginning with the September bills (which were already sent out),
bills will be mailed to the mailing address instead of the billing address. This change
impacts roughly 600 members, who have all been notified.

(6) Participant guide to the new system

You can expect to see educational materials and a guide for the new system sent out this fall.

(7) Future Improvements

On Aug. 29, when the new system is available, if you email a quote to a member you won't be
able to return to that email to retrieve information. On Tuesday, Sept. 6, you'll be able to go
back and retrieve information. As we move forward, more features will also become available.

Please continue to watch Blue Briefings newsletters & Partners Health Insurance newsletters for future updates and improvements.  Contact your assigned Account Rep with any questions.


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