EFILive Newsletter, March 2013

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Diesel Power Challenge - 2013    

Have you checked out the contenders for the 2013 Diesel Power Challenge in the April edition of Diesel Power Magazine?

Out of the 10 Dodges selected, 4 are running EFILive.
Out of the 10 Duramax vehicles selected, 9 are running EFILive.

Those 6 Dodges and 1 Duramax not tuned with EFILive can't be tuned with EFILive - we don't currently offer tuning support for those year models.  So that's a 100% selection hit rate! 

If you haven't voted, send in your voting forms by April 2nd.  Congratulations to all competitors for being selected, and good luck with the voting process.    
Duramax LML Flashing Support  

The Duramax LML comes close to the top of the list for customers asking for support as EFILive has historically
been 'the' tuner to run for Duramax owners.  Since hitting the Dealers' lots in 2011, we've held many discussions with many people on the pros and cons of supporting this platform whilst keeping a close eye on the struggles the European tuning market has gone through with their own versions of the EDC17.

The issue has bee
n, and continues to be, that EFILive traditionally requires customers to read their ECM via the OBD2 port to generate the file to be edited and then re-flashed.  The OBD2 read restriction in place from the factory effectively prevents this first critical step and simply cannot be bypassed, serious LML development never commenced based on this issue alone.  

As we discussed in our January newsletter,  EFILive plans on expanding our structure for adding additional controllers where customers create their own tunes with external software and simply use EFILive as a convenient way to deliver tunes to customers, much like the read/write functions that already exists in our software for the GM V6 Bosch ECM's (E55, E69 & E77) even though EFILive offers no mapping for these ECM's.

The Duramax LML will be the next ECM to be supported in this fashion as EFILive has been busy adding LML flashing functionality.   With advancements in third party tools, our historical stance has changed.  Given the OBD2 read restrictions, customers will be required to physically open their LML ECM, solder a wire to the PCB and read out their stock file using external hardware/software, then create and edit their own maps using third party map editing software.  EFILive will simply provide the OBD2 flashing mechanism through our V8 software and FlashScan V2 and AutoCal hardware, giving tuners a familiar and consistent way to deliver tunes to their customers.  Most importantly the V8 software will also implement checksum corrections to the LML files so they can be externally edited via other software and fixed ready for programming. Enhanced scantool data is already available for the LML.

Given the cost and complexity that needs to be invested to obtain and edit the LML file, this solution is clearly designed to provide those professional tuners who already support, or plan to support the LML via ECM exchange program rather than an individual looking to tune their own vehicle.

Our first release will not include any mapping, and EFILive will not offer any map finding services, however we 'may' consider offering basic mapping support for the LML in the future.   
EFILive does not plan on offering any hardware solutions for reading the files out of the LML nor are we able to provide stock tunes for customers, we have however created a file import function for one of the European JTAG read/write hardware solutions.  

Early indication suggest that a full setup for read hardware, software, along with mapping programs will cost in the vicinity of $10,000 USD.  This is NOT a cheap proposition and is definitely targeted at high volume workshops, not individual tuners. 
There are already several vehicles running custom tunes programmed with EFILive LML Flashing support.  Further beta testing will commence shortly across a wider range of vehicles and public release will follow in the very near future. 
Software Updates    

Are you running our latest software release?  The latest EFILive software is now available as Release Candidate 1 (March 1, 2013) for all EFILive customers.

EFILive encourages customers to use this release in their production environments.
This release is scheduled to become the official public release.

Release candidate software is available for download from our forum, web page links will be updated once this is deemed a public release.