Weekly Missive | April 23, 2021
Online Worship Best Practices
Friday and Saturday
Friday at 11:00 – Valley, Green Valley (Moderate Level): Valley’s worship is a combination of in-person and online, using one of the least financially expensive means.

Meeting ID: 294 281 2414    Passcode: Heaven
Friday at 12:30 – Community, Pinetop (Beginner Level): “Church Online” is an online worship tool that is easy to use for those who are not tech savy. 
Meeting ID: 998 9614 0532  Passcode: 065556
Friday at 2:00 – Trinity, Tucson (Advanced Level): Join Sheila Croteau of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona as she takes you through their live stream journey which began in 2017 with a video encoder and camcorder to the advanced level of live streaming they do today that utilizes a Blackmagic Television Studio switcher, PTZ Optics camera, BoxCast video encoder and Easy Worship software on a computer.
Meeting ID: 856 9646 4661
Friday at 3:30 – Immanuel, Tucson (Moderate Level): Immanuel's pre-recorded online worship is an "alloy worship" service, meaning it brings together two expressions of worship, traditional and alternative, creating not a blended experience but something entirely different..

Meeting ID: 881 5477 0706  Passcode: 398004
Saturday at 10:45 – Presbytery Worship and Worship Design Studios: Trinity, Prescott choir director, Kellie Walker Hart, will introduce the concept of “layering” liturgy to deepen the experience of worship.
Meeting ID: 824 5984 6015 Passcode: 024750 (This is the same as the presbytery meeting zoom link.)
Saturday at 1:00 – Hybrid Worship: Former GA Moderator and pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto will introduce ways to create a worship experience in which the online and in-person service is the same for all.
Meeting ID: 824 5984 6015 Passcode: 024750 (This is the same as the presbytery meeting zoom link.)
Call to the Integrated Stated Meeting of the
Presbyteries of Grand Canyon and de Cristo Via Zoom
Worship Hosted by Trinity Presbyterian Church, Prescott, AZ and Presbytery Staff
Saturday, April 24, 2021
TO:      Clerks of Session, Minister Members, Elder Commissioners and Other Presbyters
FROM:  Bob Schulz, Stated Clerk/Associate
DATE:   April 10, 2021

The Presbyteries of Grand Canyon and de Cristo are hereby called to meet for the Stated Integrated April Meeting on Saturday, April 24, 2021 via Zoom with the Call to order scheduled for 9:00 a.m. There will be an opportunity for Zoom training particular to the Presbytery meeting beginning at 8:50 a.m. This meeting will occur via Zoom because of continued health concerns for social gathering due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
To be able to attend the Zoom meeting each commissioner (Ruling Elders, Teaching Elders, and Commissioned Ruling Elders) we ask the Clerk of Session to identify commissioners to attend the meeting so that we can send the zoom link directly to them. Guests may find the zoom link through their pastor or Clerk of Session.
The presbytery staff is helped if we know by name, church and email who the Ruling Elder Commissioners will be. We also need confirmation of Teaching Elders and Commissioned Ruling Elders planning to attend the meeting to assist with the logistics for Zoom meetings.
Highlights for this Meeting are the following:
  • Bruce Reyes-Chow will present a workshop on exploring the new normal for worship
  • Worship/workshop by Kellie ‘Walker Hart with focus on strengthening online worship
  • Voting on revisions to Bylaws and Manual of Operations
  • Examination for ordination for Ben Crelin, a Grand Canyon Ordination Candidate, via zoom from England
  • Montlure Report on reopening the camp
  • Update on the de Cristo Presbyterian Campus Ministry
  • Status of the SWERV program in de Cristo and possible extension to New Mexico
The complete packet will be posted for downloading on Friday, April 16 on the Presbytery websites www.pbygrandcanyon.org and www.presbyterydecristo.org. Commissioners are responsible for printing their own materials.
The Imbalance Reports (number of Ruling Elders representing congregations) for each Presbytery for the remainder of 2021 are attached to this Call and will be posted to the websites.
For an excused absence: you will need to send a letter or email to the Stated Clerk pbyclerk@gmail.com , or you may send an e-mail to the following address at the Presbytery office: pbyoffice@gmail.com .

Questions? contact Sue Houser at pbyoffice@gmail.com or 602-468-3820
Please keep in prayers:
The family of Dave Wasserman as he and his family grieve the passing of Dave's wife Marney. Mary was the Pastor in Presbytery de Cristo at Trinity Presbyterian Church for many years. Dave was, at one time, the Interim Presbytery Pastor for Grand Canyon.
Presbytery News
Native American Church Property Improvement Group
The Presbytery of Grand Canyon (PGC) has developed a plan for helping the Native American Presbyterian churches get assistance for building and chapel repairs, plumbing, water, roof, any type of necessary work that should be done for the health and safety of our Native church members.
Identifying work that needs to be done requires a process for getting that information to the Resources Committee if Presbytery funds will be requested for the work. A work request/financial aid form has been developed by the working group so the church leadership can identify the need, whether financial aid is requested or not, and we want to know about any type of work that needs to be done by a contactor, a local person or church member.
A database has been created that will house the information about church leadership, church property, work requests, contractor's contact information, and will house this information for all Native churches in the Presbytery. The database will allow the information to be used a variety of ways by setting up customized reports for a specific church, the type of work requested over time, the amount of funds requested from the Presbytery, and a list of contractors that have been used.
The request form will be ready to send out to the churches by the end of March. If you would like to receive a work request/financial aid form, please contact a member of the working group.
The members of the working group are:
Bob Schulz, PGC – pbyclerk@gmail.com
Mary Lynn Walters, Resources – nanaml@cox.net
Rev. Martha Sadongei, Central Presbyterian – mdsadongei@aol.com
Joyce McAfee, Blackwater – jycmcf@msn.com
Rev. Norma McCabe, Kayenta – nfmccabe@hotmail.com
Milinda Benallie – tuskbenallie@hotmail.com
Clyde Parks, working knowledge of the properties – cwparks@aol.com
Laurie Porter, Moderator – laporter53@gmail.com
Every member of the working group is willing and able to answer questions about the project, and will assist the churches by sending out and/or filling in the work request form for the churches. This is a new working group and we are focused on learning the best practices for this project.
Please include our working group in your prayers.
Laurie Porter, Moderator
Leadership Openings
Publications Coordinator - Northminster/Tucson
The Publications Coordinator serves as an integral part of the Northminster Presbyterian Church’s Communications team, producing printed materials and digital resources that disseminate key information, supports church ministries, and motivates others to participate in the life and mission of Northminster church.

Resumes may be sent to klee@npctucson.org and the link to the job description is HERE: https://npctucson.org/about-npc/careers/