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Boca Raton, FL - September 13, 2018 -  EGSA Remembers Glynn Burchette, our 1993 EGSA President -  Active Member 1977 through 2000

It is with sadness that EGSA reports the passing of our 1993 EGSA President, Glynn Burchette of Libby Corp.

Glynn began his career in power generation as a young engineer in 1951, after graduation from NC State. He grew up in Winston Salem, NC, although originally from Louisville, KY. Right out of the gate, Glynn knew he loved to work on the mechanical side of things, starting with small gasoline engines, then motorcycles, and later on cars.

He started attending meetings at EGSA in the mid to late 70s and was very active on the Government Liaison Committee and the EGSA Board of Directors, becoming EGSA President in 1993 and an EGSA Lifetime Member in 1996. Glynn and his wonderful wife, Emily came back on several milestone occasions, including EGSA's 50th in 2015.

Glynn retired from the government in 1984 and was hired by the Libby Corporation as the Vice President of New Program Development. Shortly thereafter, he was voted onto the Board of Directors at Libby. Glynn held this position for 16 years and retired again in 2000, after accumulating over 50 years with engines and electrical generator sets.