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EGSA Presentation Skills Webinar

Do you make presentations? 
EGSA can make them more effective!
You want your message to get across and for it to be remembered. Most people in the business world are competent and good presenters but that does not necessarily mean that their message will be fully understood or retained by their audiences. 

This  online 90 minute educational webinar will give you insight into common presentation pitfalls to avoid and how to maximize your presentation's effectiveness.
Webinar Title:
Adult Learning Principles & Presentation Skills

Friday, April 20, 2018
3:00 - 4:30 pm EST

Here are a few things your fellow EGSA Members had to say about the webinar:

"Very professional presenter and presentation."
Anthony Sharp, Stewart & Stevenson

"Excellent Presentation with an outstanding lively discussion. Great tips for the first time presenter to the seasoned vet." 
Matt Bentley, MTU Onsite Energy Corp.

"I found out I was doing a few things correctly (totally by accident) but could improve in several areas.  Since this class, I have spoken at three events to as many as 100 people at a time.  Next week will be closer to 300 at one time.  Understanding the typical attention span of adults, the importance of stories to convey ideas, and the need for audience involvement, all helped in my delivery and feedback ratings.  I can quantify this because for the last five years we have surveyed our class attendees.  I have typically done well, but the scores have improved since the webinar."
Richard Knittel, Prime Power Services.

"Excellent presentation, very relevant for instructors and a phenomenal instructor.  Bill was able to keep the attention of the audience and left lasting impressions. We have already implemented changes in a few presentations as a test and will be re-evaluating our entire course offering at the end of the year. I am working with the instructor to arrange a multi-day workshop later this year.
Michael Sanford, Cummins Power Generation

Anyone in your company that makes presentations can benefit from this program, including top management, sales people, engineers and technical trainers.

Don't miss a great opportunity of improving your presentation skills! It will only take 90 minutes of your time and you won't have to travel away from your desk!