New Microgrid/Renewables Subcommittee

Sunny Days and Cool Nights

In addition to packing your boots and bandanas for the closing reception on Tuesday night, please be sure to pack some warm sweaters and coats. The temperatures in Bernalillo are forecast to drop into the 30s at night.

The New Microgrid/Renewables Subcommittee will Debut After the Government Relations Committee (GRC) Meeting. 

Hot off the presses, attendees, take note! The EGSA Microgrid subcommittee will start immediately after the Government Relations Committee adjourns at 3:00 p.m. on Monday afternoon!

Under the leadership of David Stringer (DEIF, Inc.), this meeting will be held to establish the level of interest that our members have in setting up a standalone committee in the near future. The meeting will focus on how current diesel and gas distributed generation technologies can integrate with renewable energy resources including battery storage, solar and in some cases wind, to form a hybrid microgrid. The session will focus on both islanded and grid-connected microgrids.

We have an exciting speaker line-up for this sub-committee that will make attendance worthwhile! Take a look... 

  1. The first guest speakers will be Andy Kruse from Homer Energy who will discuss the state of the microgrid market. Andy will also discuss Homer Pro, their microgrid sizing and optimization software and how it can help size and optimize a microgrid to suit different scenarios and objectives. Homer Energy has been heavily engaged with many generator OEMs as most microgrids being built today have a reciprocating engine as the backbone of the power system.
  2. The second speaker will be Mike Murray from Ageto Energy, a microgrid controls company. Mike will work through a microgrid sizing example from Arizona showing how renewable power can save a site money, while still leveraging the genset as an integral energy resource. 

With gensets being a key component is most microgrids being built today, the EGSA members are uniquely positioned to reap great benefits from the microgrid and renewable power market. Join us for this important trial run and come prepared to learn something!

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