You said that you wanted more face-time with Specifying and Consulting Engineers, Purchasers and Operators. 

The EGSA Conference Planning Committee, Michael Pope (EGSA Education Director), Paul Feld (2019 EGSA President) and myself, have developed an education track, coined EGSA-U: Knowledge is Power.
EGSA-U is geared to your end-users and customers and will take place on  Tuesday, March 5 from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.   

We are asking for your help to get the word out. 
The downloadable flyer describes the program and includes a registration form. The EGSA-U program is a one-day separate educational track exclusively for qualified attendees, defined as specifiers (including specifying engineers), purchasers and operators of onsite power generation systems.  Anyone who fits that description may register for EGSA-U, and they also have the opportunity to attend the full conference at the reduced member rate if they wish!
This is a valuable way for you to reach out and touch your regular customers with something of real value.  However, as an additional inducement, we're providing something of real, tangible value to make it worth your while.  All EGSA members who assist us in reaching out to our target market, and who are successful in bringing in attendees, will be recognized at the conference as "Promotional Sponsors".  We'll know who was successful because, if you notice at the bottom of the registration form, there is a line to put in who referred them. All you need to do is send this form to your qualified targets and "nudge" them to come and join.
To make this a little more interesting, we are going to count how many referrals we get from each member and they will be listed in that order on the sponsor recognition material at EGSA-U.  If you get the most referrals, then you will be at the top of the list!  You don't want your competitors to be first on that list, right?
I have one more suggestion that might make this even more successful for you:  Consider sponsoring your key customers and paying for their attendance.  

Thank you for helping us make this event a success!

Dennis Roundtree
2019 EGSA Immediate Past President

Is your company registering multiple customers?  
Download this Excel spreadsheet to register a group instead of filling out multiple forms.  We can invoice you for the entire group.  
Email the completed spreadsheet to