EHC & Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
A Rundown of Your Options

A majority of electro-hydraulic control systems (EHC) and fire resistant (FR) hydraulic fluids are created utilizing phosphate ester base stocks. Phosphate Ester fluids are inherently self extinguishing, have high ignition temperatures, high viscosity indexes, excellent oxidation stability and low vapor pressure. These factors have made them the go-to for high heat and fire applications for years. On the other side of the coin, phosphate ester fluids have their fair share of nuances; they react and degrade when moisture is present, there are potential seal compatibility issues, and they are expensive.

We have compiled a quick guide below on how you can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership and increase system reliability.
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Topping Off
If performing a system change out is not an option, AIS can provide you with a compatible top-off fluid at a very competitive price. See the table below for options:

Shell Turbo DR 46 -> Fyrquel EHC N
Shell Turbo S5 DR 46 -> Fyrquel EHC
Shell Turbo S5 DR 46 -> Fyrquel EHC Plus
Shell Turbo S5 DR 46 -> Fyrquel EHC S
Note: The fluids in the above table are compatible, however, the compatibility of used fluids should be assessed.
Change out / Refill
When the time comes to change your EHC/FR fluid we have a few options for you to choose from depending on your system requirements.

Shell Turbo DR 46 - Tri-aryl Phosphate
Shell Turbo S5 DR 46 - Tri-aryl Phosphate
ACT EcoSafe EHC - Polyalkylene Glycol
All of our EHC/FR options have FM approval.
During your next outage and fluid change out, we can provide you with a turnkey EHC/FR system service to perform a High Velocity Flush , Chemical Flush , and Confined Space Cleaning of your reservoir. This will ensure that your new fluid will last as long as possible.
Maintaining your EHC/FR fluids is key for long and issue free service life. Below are a few ways to keep your system running at the optimum reference state.

  1. Keep the moisture out- EHC/FR fluids react with misture to cause varnish, acids and degradation.
  2. Regular sampling & analysis.
  3. Filtration & acid removal system installation.
  4. Regular system flushing and tank cleaning.
  5. Varnish mitigation system installation.
AIS can provide you with the right solution in any of the above areas. Our partners; Schroeder Industries, Hydac, Fluitec, ACT, & Shell Lubricants are here to help.
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