EHF History Hub
August 2020 | Issue 6
School supplies at the Anderson Store Museum
Helen Hoeppner Sohns
(courtesy of Karen Ekberg)
EHF Celebrates Teachers
"Be Somebody"
"I always stressed that each of my students should work towards some goal in their life, whether it be a farmer or doctor, but be somebody. What gives me a wonderful feeling is hearing of my boys and girls attaining their goals in life, coming from this one-room schoolhouse in Ephraim. I feel I did my job the very best I could."

-Helen Hoeppner Sohns, Ephraim Teacher

This quote is gleaned from the life and times of teaching in Ephraim as recorded around 1960 by the remarkable Helen Hoeppner Sohns. Helen taught at the Pioneer Schoolhouse from 1936-1945 and in Ephraim's new school from 1951-1961. She later assisted in kindergarten.

Leave it to a teacher to get things done through collaboration and steadfast determination! In 1947, the Schoolhouse was in disrepair and about to be demolished. Mrs. Sohns took action and persuaded others to join the cause. The Schoolhouse was saved and consequently, the Ephraim Historical Foundation was established in 1949.
´╗┐Three cheers for teachers!
Ephraim in Fall (photo by Tad Dukehart)
Music in the Pioneer Schoolhouse